The Deerskin Airflash collection

Hello my beauties and handsomes,

I would like to draw your attention to the best makeup line I’ve ever tried! Christian Dior‘s Diorskin Airflash is one of the more pricey line of cosmetics products out there, but that’s only because it’s second to none!

I guarantee that you can search high and low for a flawless collection of make-up and you won’t find something this good!

The go-to solution for professional makeup artists, Dior’s Airflash is the first revolutionary spray collection that brings airbrushed perfection to your daily makeup routine.

I own the Diorskin Airflash CC Primer as well as the foundation and together they work like a dream! My selfies and videos have never looked so flawless nor has my skin looked or felt better!

Although the Diorskin Airflash CC Primer comes in a universal shade (001), I didn’t notice that pinky hue that a few reviewers have mentioned. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it matched it to a tee, and evened out my skin-tone as stated!

I tend to apply both the primer and foundation with a brush because spraying it directly onto the face means it gets in my hair. I also found that applying them both with a brush gave a more natural and even result.

Another pro of using Diorskin’s Airflash CC Primer is that it doesn’t affect my skin in any way other than to improve it. I wear it as a base for my make-up but have found that even after taking my make-up off, my skin feels just as radiant and soft as it did with it on! #ImSold

Now onto the Airflash spray foundation… No matter how far I stray, I always come back to this… It’s that amazing! It’s literally like liquid gold. The flawless second skin that it provides is hard to find, once found – keep it!

As I said, I apply it with a brush, spraying it directly onto one and shaking off the excess then using circular motions to blend it into my skin (exactly the same way as I would the primer or loose/compact powder).

Let’s discuss the packaging… Both the CC primer and foundation are presented in a sleek, silver package that looks like it could be worth over £30 (which they are). Once unwrapped, you’ll see a shaker bottle with roughly 70ml of product inside each one. The difference is the actual formula inside (obvs!) as well as one being packaged in a nude colour bottle (foundation), the other of which is in a  white coloured bottle (CC Primer).

The Dior Airflash CC Primer is £30 while the Airflash foundation is priced at £33(depending on where you purchase them from).

Yes, I’m aware that there’s also a Matte Touch powder spray in the Airflash collection but sadly that’s only available online at Dior.com and I’d rather test it before buying to see if it’ll work for me. I’ve visited various Dior stalls in department stores and haven’t been able to find it. If you know of one, hook me up – please and thank you?

However, a Dior make-up artist informed me that you can set the makeup with the primer too… So, in essence, we don’t really need the matte powder spray.

If you’ve tried these products before, let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading and good night!

Miamii x

P.S. I’ve recorded a video of me applying both of these products underneath the rest of my make-up and I’ll be posting it soon onto my upcoming YouTube channel!