Hey guys and dolls,

I’m back and wanting to blog about a brand that I’ve been testing out for a while…

I’d like to assure you that this review on ‘Juice PLUS+‘ is 100% honest, and that I’ve not been asked to do this by anyone that works for or with the franchise.

Okay, so – without further ado (#ShakespeareDay), let me get posting and you to get reading about my journey before and after Juice PLUS+!

I have had a problem with weight since a very young age. When I was younger, I always classed as underweight. I was healthy in that I ate all my fruits and vegetables, but I never was able to put weight on — until I turned 18 years old!

In sixth form, after years of suspicion, I was clinically diagnosed with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovaries Syndrome). That was when I started noticing a difference in my weight… I noticed that I started to put on weight and would desperately try to lose it to no avail. I was never classed as overweight but I knew that I’d been somewhat petite up until that point and needed to get back to that.

I started trying various different diet plans and still nothing worked… At the age of 22 I discovered weight-loss tablets and protein shakes and took a really toxic combination of the two and ended up unwell. I did not turn to weight loss tablets because I was lazy, I turned to them because my exercise routines weren’t working and I couldn’t see any other way. So, I exercised whilst taking lethal weight loss pills and shakes in a bid to beat the bulge. I’d like to mention that I did see results when taking the tablets and shakes but I suffered with plenty of side-effects. That’s why I’m writing this post now… I do not want people to take weight loss tablets and/or shakes *unless* they are natural and are 100% beneficial.

At the age of 24 (after years of yo-yo dieting and exercising) I realised enough was enough… The diet pills and shakes were a NO-NO and exercise wasn’t enough, I needed to invest in something more. Enter Juice PLUS+!

Boy did it take a while getting to this bit… Alas (#ShakespeareDay) I’m hoping you haven’t fallen asleep by yet… Do yourselves and me a favour by staying awake to at least the next paragraph, yeah?

Juice PLUS+ capsules, take x3 of each per day

It’s your Life. Make it Complete.
You love life. And you love yourself. That’s why you only want the best. For your life. For you. And for your body. No time to lose. Always take the direct way. That’s your motto. You want to feel great. Always. It’s your decision. Your Juice PLUS+ Complete. Everything you need.

My friend and beautician, Natalie, introduced me to Juice PLUS+ after I explained to her how all of the crash diets, weight loss pills, shakes and exercising which I tried were failing so she suggested that I research Juice PLUS+ and its benefits and make my own mind up…

I went online and saw people calling it a “fad” and saying it’s a rip off, but I also saw people who said that it changed their lives and that they’re happier than they’ve ever been… Who did I want to listen to? The critics or the success stories? I chose the success stories.

Juice PLUS+ booster sachet to be taken x3 daily before meals

I ordered the boosters and capsules and started my Juice PLUS+ journey with a positive feeling that I’d get the right results gradually and that I will be noticing a difference.

*NOTE* I had tried the Slendertone and various other weight shifting treatments but couldn’t see myself getting past 72kg; considering I had been at my most happiest at a size 8, being a 12 (June of this year) wasn’t what I personally wanted for myself. I’m sure size 12 looks great on others but I didn’t feel myself.

My capsules and boosters arrived a week later and I started taking them three times a day for three months straight and to my surprise and ecstatic(ness), I’d dropped 10kg! Obviously I was working out and eating healthily too but I was doing that for ages before I’d even started taking Juice PLUS+ and never saw such great results. Aside from that, not only did I start looking good, I felt it too… As a serial dieter, I’ve come to realise that that’s something rare when doing diets. Diets mean you’re ultimately restricting yourself from foods and are eliminating the fun from your lifestyle because you’re constantly worrying about calories or when you’ll be working out next. Juice PLUS+, on the other hand, isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life… You’re eating fish, chicken, meat, vegetables and the occasional treats e.g. chocolate, a cake (or 5 *NOT AT THE SAME TIME, OBVS!*).

The moral of the story is Juice PLUS+ actually saved me. It’s slowly helping me with depression (the natural way), has helped me shift unwanted kilograms – 10 of them to be precise, and has given me the confidence that I need to get dressed up and show up. I feel more energetic, better able to concentrate, and much healthier.

What are the proven benefits of JP+?

  • Appetite control
  • Reducing cholesterol
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Improved circulation and additional benefits
  • Appetite control (the National Office of Dietary Supplements state that Juice Plus reduces the risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and birth defects)

Who can take JP+?

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Pregnant women (provided that you have sought advice from GP)
  • Sufferers of chronic mental and/or physical illnesses

What are the benefits of JP+?

  • Clearer and healthier skin
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger and healthier hair
  • Drastic decrease in water retention related bloating
  • Better blood circulation
  • More energy, decreases depression and anxiety
  • Improved digestion, metabolism, thyroid function

What if I cannot afford it?

  • Pay in four monthly instalments

Would I recommend Juice PLUS+ to others? Heck yes! Also, the brand isn’t  just designed for weight loss… If you’re looking for a healthy, natural and whole-food alternative that will revive you, boost your mood, and make you healthier, choose Juice PLUS+!

Don’t want to take my word for it? … then watch this video to see what the ACTUAL Bear Grylls thinks of JP+.

Is that not enough? Check out what the doctors and nutritionists say about it…

It worked for me, and I’m pretty sure that with determination, patience and motivation, it’ll work for you too. Even if you don’t believe in this or similar “fads”, just be determined, patient and motivated and you’ll achieve what you set your mind to. I promise!

To find out more about Juice PLUS+ or to purchase your own visit the website: http://www.juiceplus.com/. Capsules and boosters not your thing? JP+ makes vegetable soups, shakes, chewy vitamins, and snack bars too (all of which can be purchased online)!

At the time of sharing this post I weighed 61kg. I urge you all not to be slaves to the scales. It is very damaging, but I did this to show you my results.


All the best,

Miamii 🙂 xxx