Guys and dolls,

Beauty Bae has an extremely exciting and absolutely amazing announcement! I’m proud to reveal that this blog will soon be sponsored by Harmony Life. Get the party-poppers out, lovers!  🎉

That lovely lot over at Harmony Life are sending me products to try in exchange for an honest review! 😍

Harmony Life chose to sponsor Beauty Bae because it’s “interesting” and “has a large following”. They’ll be featuring my blog posts on their Instagram and Facebook pages to over 40,000 followers, whilst keeping me in their Bloggers Circle! 😭☺️👍👏

This is the moment I thank all of you for reading, for commenting, for LIKING and interacting. You’re all LEGENDS! You’re all FAMILY (until we do a DNA test and find out otherwise). 💔 We’ll still be sisters/brothers, regardless!

However, my first post as a sponsoree (if that’s even a word) of Harmony Life will be published in a few months because it’ll focus on ‘Hair Jazz‘ (a lengthening  haircare line). According to the website, we should allow three months of continuous and consistent use before seeing maximum results – so I’m going to do as they say.

I’m so excited to try Hair Jazz because, as you may know, I’ve started 2017 somewhat bald (and broke) after my hairdresser trimmed* 65% of my hair off because it had gotten damaged by bleach.


At the moment, my hair is up to my shoulders in length but it was halfway down my back prior to getting it cut after Christmas… So, now is the time we put those party-poppers away and get those violins out, sweethearts… Let’s all play our best renditions of Für Elise as we mourn the loss of my luscious albeit spilt-ended locks! 🎻😭

Love & light,

Miamii xxx

It’s a Thursday and we’re five days into the New Year. Therefore, in keeping with my failure to adhere to my own resolutions long enough, I’m now proposing a detox to and for myself.

After purchasing my body weight’s worth of Ovomaltine (if you didn’t know what Ovomaltine was before reading this, I’m sure you’re penning a letter to Her Maj’ now, asking her to OBE or MBE me – after ordering yourself some from Amazon) just before the Christmas period, something’s got to give… I say this a lot but, one of life’s most unanswered questions is: “how have I not got diabetes yet?” The worst part is, I’m not actually joking… I love and rely on sugar to get me through the day. Sugar is to me what water is to you, I assume.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve gone “cold turkey” (whatever that means)… I am trying this method, even though I do not believe in because I do not believe ridding yourself off something completely (without having a plan of action and steps in place) will work. Alas, I’m trying it and what’s the worse that can happen, right? I am back on Juice Plus+ after taking a little bit of a break – so my body regulates itself.

It’s best to take breaks in-between more than a  3-month dose of supplements just so your body continues to reap the benefits of them.

As I said, I’m back on the Juice Plus+ boosters, taking the capsules (8 capsules per flavour, 3 flavours a day for three days), drinking plenty of water – my idea of “plenty” is somewhere between the amount found in the Sahara Desert and the amount of rainfall measured after a drought.

I sometimes think that I’m a human with camel-like qualities. 🐫  I wouldn’t be surprised if I was reincarnated into a human from a camel or visa-versa. 🐫 > 👧🏻

What I mean is, I don’t need much water to function. I drink a bottle (of wine 🍷 ? I wish!) before bed sometimes and hardly ever drink (wine 🍷? I wish!) during the day…

However, saying that, there are times where I drink too much water to the point where I struggle to stay out of toilets. TMI, much? 🤣

Woohoo! I’ve started a 14-day detox and it consists of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies (lunch and dinner) and a banana (for breakfast). I’m wanting to keep up with drinking lots of… (wine 🍷? I wish!) water and taking the Juice Plus+ capsules / boosters because I remember doing this last time and losing a little bit of weight. This time though, I’ll be adding regular gym sessions to the programme too. Of course, I’m still keeping up with those treadmill, cross trainer and Zumba sessions.

By summer 2017 I’ll be a new (LOL! Who am I kidding? The same…) woman! 👩🏻

Soap & Glory: A Brush with Greatness

Hahaha! 😂😂😂

Let’s all laugh together about the fact that my life has taken a turn whereby I’m here reviewing a FACE BRUSH!

No, you’re not in some sort of twilight zone. This is actually happening. Stop pinching yourself, it’s no longer the first of the month…

In case you’re wondering, I don’t mean some strange tooth, hair and eyebrow brush combined hybrid but an all-over FACE ONE!

You’re probably thinking: “a FACE BRUSH?!?” … “WHAT?!”

Again, no, I’m not doing it because I’ve run out of ideas for content (thank God Jeremy Kyle’s lie detector expert isn’t available out of hours because someone would fail but get a “full-house” regardless! 😜)

All jokes aside, Soap & Glory‘s Face Brush is a double-sided exfoliating and massaging brush. It’s similar to those electric facial cleansers that you can purchase from Braun or the like but manual; so you’ll have to use your wrist power which is good if you’re looking to shave off some £££ from your E-On, NPower, EDF or British Gas bill.

Face the day with radiant confidence. This double-action cleaning and massage brush gives you amazing face (while feeling amazing). Glow on, try it!

The exfoliation side has thicker and stronger bristles that really get into the skin, unblocking pores and cleaning the underlay of the skin. If you’re a sufferer of acne then don’t try this yet. Clear your skin using Kiehls, Lush or a medicated treatment first. Failing that – seek nutrition advice and then get it once the breakouts have reduced.

The massaging side is my fave! Now, I’m not a fan of massages but I reckon that I give good ones using this thing. I’ve found my calling, guys… I’ll become a Soap & Glory(fied) Face Massager. Prices start at £50 per minute – unless you’re after Deep Tissue (Kleenex only costs £1.50).

This massage brush has converted me. It just feels so good on my skin. I apply some oil or cleanser onto my skin and then I rub it in with gentle strokes in circular motions. It feels so good!

I’m going to finish this review by saying I actually like this brush. It works well for me. I don’t enjoy scrubbing my face with it because that’d be really strange (even for me!) and I have pretty sensitive skin (and my skin goes a bit red afterwards) but it does the job of giving my skin a deep clean. I’ve even felt my skin feeling a lot firmer in recent months since using it. Ingrown hairs, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples are all a thing of the past since I’ve had this.

I love Soap & Glory, and their exfoliating face brush is wonderful. Top marks, Soap & Glory!

img_3511I’ve entered 2017 as somewhat of a broke bottomed female pooch. Let’s not beat around the nonexistent and imaginary bush (if you’ve a warped imagination, I cannot and will not help you).

All I’m saying is: “roll on end of January (or February)!”