It’s time… To read… My Magical Moringa review…

If only you knew how long I’ve been putting this post off for out of fear that I won’t be able to explain exactly how awesome it actually is. How do you describe something as beautiful as this? Impossible. I’m almost never speechless, but this got me. There are no words.


Lush: Enzymion

Guys, dolls, cats, dogs, birds, and aliens… You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Lush‘s Enzymion!

A gentle face cream to replenish moisture without oiliness, leaving a matte finish. We use a whole fresh lemon in every pot to stop your skin looking shiny, popped in fresh papaya, and blended in light oils and cocoa butter. Fresh fruit contains enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells and help to stimulate and brighten.


L’Oréal’s Nude Magique BB Cream

I know L’Oréal Paris knows that we’re all “worth it”    but I hope they realise that they too are worth it! They are worth every penny that I’ve spent on them because their products are in a different (affordably-priced) league to any other high-street brand that I’ve tried.


Republican’s Donald Trump vs Democratic’s Hillary Clinton

To the beautiful citizens of America,

I notice that your National election day is coming up… I’d like to remind you that your votes in this upcoming election count.

The U.K. suffered a travesty recently over #Brexit – after some British voters chose to vote for a result which they thought “would lose“, making it a wasted vote. I don’t want the same to happen to you.

What is #Brexit? The moment when U.K. chose to leave the E.U.

The people’s #Brexit vote ended up counting and their “side” won. Now, the British pound has dropped and we’re feeling its wrath. The politicians which fought for #Brexit even ended up standing down because they weren’t prepared for it.

As you’ve probably seen or heard, the U.K. is currently feeling the aftereffects of a dwindling economy, a rise in grocery costs and the loss of brands such as Unilever which provide stock to supermarket chains like Tesco. The biggest loss to come out of Brexit though is that soon European citizens would be refused entry to work or live in the UK without a visa. Prior to #Brexit, citizens from other countries that make up the European Union could come over to live or work in the UK, earning a satisfactory wage for their families.

Brexit promised a crack down on immigration and a surge of money into the National Health Service (NHS), neither of which have as yet come into fruition.

So, I urge you – as somebody who’s witnessed a shocking result brought on by irresponsible logic – to really think about who you want representing the USA as President. Your vote counts and your voice will be heard. Don’t vote for who think “might lose” as you may end up regretting it and that’s a price your country will have to pay for years  to come (until the next election).

All you have to do is research each candidate, their views, beliefs and offerings – choosing the one you think would best benefit you and your country. It’s a matter of opinion, personal opinion. Do you stand with the Democratic or Republican party? Do you want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President? It’s really that simple…

Voting shouldn’t be taken lightly – it’s not a bet. However, if done on a whim, it could become a gamble. 

The US’ National Poll will take place on the 7th of November, with results counted and verified thereafter.