My book of choice at the moment is The Power Of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowels (Beyoncé’s lesser-known sister, probably).

I’m a spiritual MO’FO and have always loved rocks… Sedimentary, metamorphic and the other one.

But, for the past few years, I’ve also been into crystals. I don’t know if they have the power to heal, as this book suggests, but I do believe that the placebo effect has worked for me in the past.

If you believe it’ll happen, you’ll feel it.

What is my favourite rock? I have a lapis lazuli ring that I cannot live without. I actually lost it after just two weeks once, and was so panicky but the lady at the shop I bought it from kindly replaced it with another, free of charge.

According to her, if you lose the stone or it breaks/shatters, that means the rock has served its purpose. She was reluctant that I should replace the ring after losing it, but I told her that I wanted to out of choice.

Each stone has a different meaning or purpose. This book teaches you about all of them and how to cleanse them, if you’re into that.

I do believe they work, but as I said – just as a placebo thing. It’s more wishful thinking than anything… Other than that, they’re just really pretty to look at and pair with an outfit.

Oh, and there’s a stone for every birth month. Mine is opal, I think. I’d suggest looking into which ones represent yours, it’s fun to know and maybe try wearing it and seeing if it works for you [and you’re into that kind of thing]?

As I said, it might not, but if you’re into pretty and unique looking stones, you’ll love these.

I also like that they’re affordable. A small piece costs £3 depending on type and/or rarity.

Another thing, there’s a stone for every chakra. So, you don’t need to do yoga every week to strengthen yours.

Fun fact: when I first the word “chakra”, I thought it was a misspelling of Chaka Khan. 🙈

I am someone who’d collect the pebbles on a beach if it wasn’t unhygienic. So, these rocks are the next best thing. No, I don’t expect them to change my life. I just think they’re pretty and can work if you believe they will.

Does meditating with them work? I find that sometimes just wearing them is enough. I find it very hard to switch off, so meditating for me is a mission that I don’t always choose to accept. Simply because being alone with my thoughts is just annoying as heck! My mind never stops.

Where’s the best place to get one from? A specialist store. Avoid getting them from Amazon and the like as they might not be real. Also, if you’re really fascinated by them, they work best when chosen from a sea of others.

If you’re ordering online, you don’t get a sense of which is best nor the opportunity to test them out. You can’t get drawn to it. Also, they all come in different forms, so apart from the particular stone you choose, the one that’s delivered is the one you’re stuck with.

Autumn is very much on its way and I cannot cope. I’m going to be 27. It feels like just yesterday that I was trying to jujitsu my way out of my mum’s womb…

So, do I have anything special planned for my 27th? Watching Aladdin with my besties and crying into my pillow at the sorry state that is my life – not Florida.

I’ll also be prepping to spend Christmas someplace else.

What does Autumn mean to me? Crisp leaves, beautiful trees… A dressing gown, wearing soft and fluffy socks around the house [instead of slippers] and boiling water infused with mint leaves, pretending it’s “pumpkin spice latte”.

Do I have any ideas on how I’ll be spending Halloween? I had a Wonder Woman costume in my wardrobe [which I was going to wear when I take the kids in the neighbourhood] that has somehow done a disappearing act… So, Halloween is now cancelled. I’ll just do what I’ve done every other year: watch Thriller by MJ and reenact it in my bedroom.

Oh, and I’d probably like to carve my own name into a pumpkin.

This foundation is sensational. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Next time you’re in need of a good foundation, visit INGLOT!

This hypoallergenic foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discolouration or any other imperfections. The product ensures natural, flawless finish adjusting to each skin tone and preventing excess shine. Enriched with white truffle extract, it keeps the skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin.HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is carefully packaged into an airless 35 ml bottle that keeps the product safe and will let you use it till the last drop.

If you’re in need of an alibi, this one’s got you [and your face] covered!

Things I love about Inglot HD: it’s cheaply priced but feels luxurious. I wear it and get so many compliments (I hope), with people saying it looks like I’m not wearing any makeup.

So, if you’ve ever heard of the term “second skin”, this one has that effect in buckets.

Also, this dries matte, meaning you don’t need to finish it with powder. I usually wear it alone, with a quick brush of Benefit’s Hoola for added cheek-contour.

It comes in a range of shades and can be purchased online or in store.

Finally there are special pigments in this foundation that will make you selfie-ready. So, you don’t even need to say “cheese” to look good.

Wooooooow! I am in love with a body scrub. Y’know what I mean!?

Literally, in love. This scrub is the best scrub I have ever used and/or tried.

Baija’s royal scrub is EVERYTHING you’ve been looking for in the bathroom…

Packed with honey and soothing shea, this scrub is perfect for sloughing away dry skin. With 97% natural ingredients, it gently exfoliates whilst adding moisture back into your skin, leaving you smooth and supple for longer.

I love scrubs in general, but sugar scrubs are delightful-er! I showered half an hour ago and still smell like the sugary, caramelised sweet goodness. TASTY AF!

If you want a comparison, it’s like the sugary lip scrubs that you can find in Lush Cosmetics, but shower-worthy.

I cannot express how nice this smells, and how amazing it actually is. It leaves skin smooth, glistening and smelling sweet.

What else is there to say?

Apply it on your skin in the shower, wash it off, dry yourself and walk around smelling like sweet sugar. You don’t even need deodorant, it’s THAT good!

So, there you go. Enjoy!

Oh, and you can buy it from Birchbox for like £14. But, I got it sent to ‘Mii courtesy of Birchbox.

Rating: 7865,000,000*