Jane the Virgin

‘Jane the Virgin’ is another one of my favourite shows. Although it returned for a new season last year, I’ve yet to watch more than one episode of it. That’s bad – isn’t it? 😆 Thing is, soap opera dramas drag on like dragons and I can’t be dealing with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was hooked on the first two seasons (before she married) but a third season felt like it had run its course. What I mean is, what do the directors/writers want? Do they expect her to stay a virgin forever? They’ll have to change the name of the show at some point (unless they want a ’40 Year Old Virgin’-esque show),

Sadly, Jane didn’t get her happy ending [at the end of season two] because Michael was shot by his detective accomplice. As I mentioned above, I watched episode one of the latest season and although I was happy to see Michael recover, i just felt like I couldn’t watch it anymore. She’s married and was going to do the deed – that’s it.

Wait, I love how I’m chatting like you guys know the show – when you probably don’t… 😂

Okay, so Jane is a young lady who dreams of being a writer and pursues her dreams. GO GIRL! She’s dating a cop (police officer) but had a crush on a guy who owns a hotel chain previously. They somehow end up meeting again, she goes to the gynae and she gets artificially inseminated by his own sister. WTF?

I know what’s going through your mind right now: “you watch these type of shows?!” I assure you it’s not the storyline that had me hooked… It’s the humour, the comedy (which is another word for humour) and the abundance of love that appealed to me.

OMG! I can’t believe that it took me to write this blog post before I realised a major flaw in the show. I’ve just thought of something – how could she get artificially inseminated if her hymen is in tact? I don’t know… I was refused a smear because of it but she gets pregnant? What?! How?!

Back to the plot we go, she gets pregnant and stays with Michael the cop but breaks up to get with Rafael the baby daddy (who was married to Petra – a crazy psycho beach*).

* Margate, UK probably

Oh, yeah – Jane ends up giving birth to the cutest baby boy ever called Mateo (or “Mr Sweetface” for short). She also gets hitched to Michael at the end of season two but I, like plenty of others, thought she suited Rafael better. Don’t get me wrong, Michael’s a great guy – I just felt there was more of a chemistry between her and Rafael. Then again, there’s an emotional bond between her and Michael, so maybe that’s why it’s stronger.

Overall, the show has its fair share of twists and turns, drama, murders, partner swapping etc. but it’s hilarious even if overly dramatic… Sometimes too dramatic to the point where it looks farfetched and made up.

However, we’re all hooked on it. Aren’t we? [if you’re yet to be, have a word with yourself]

I used to tweet about it so much that a few of my friends have ended up watching and enjoyed it! I tweet about other stuff now, though. 😆

Although I haven’t watched season three in full (in case you didn’t know 🙈), I’ve seen a couple of previews and suspect that her and Michael are no longer married because she’s crushing on someone else? 😳

She, like she always was, is still torn between staying a virgin until she gets into a *proper* marriage or losing it beforehand. Her grandmother plays a major role in motivating her to stay celibate. I love her nan, she’s a proper traditional grandma! 💖


Are you ready for the Holy Grail of waxing? Wax on. Wax off. Ruby Wax. Wax lyrical. Don’t fax, wax. Wax. Bloomin’ wax! Not ‘shine’ wax – hair removal wax… Did I mention: “wax”? Pay tax. Wax. Alright, enough! I won’t be mentioning the word ‘wax’ again.

Veet. Easy *** strips are just the be-all-and-end-all of a soft, smooth and hairless life… Listen, I’m not going to beat around bushes (probably ’cause I don’t have any after using these strips) but I love them.

They’re cheap, can be bought from anywhere (within reason); I mean, a WINE merchant might not stock them, but Boots and/or Superdrug will.

Aside from the fact that they’re cheap and easily accessible, they’re also very easy to use and relatively painless [if you don’t have much hair]. I mean, if I were to let my hairs overgrow, this’d be a completely different review! I’d probably be slating it for being too painful… 😝

If I had to give constructive criticism, I’d say the results are REALLY sticky. Smooth, good results at a price of sticky. Look, I know what you’re thinking: “it’s hair-removing ***!” [you thought I’d forgotten about the word ban, didn’t you? 😉] I get it, I do, it’s just the wax shouldn’t stick to your face after you’ve ripped it off – should it? Also, should your PJs be sticking to you even after you’ve showered? No, didn’t think so.

I’m not a *word that rhymes with Basement Jaxx* connoisseur but I just didn’t expect it to be that sticky. Having said that, it’s probably* down to the fact that didn’t apply anything prior to waxing. All I did was wash my legs and tapped them dry beforehand.


After finding out more, I now realise that talcum powder works better underneath, ’cause it makes it less sticky.

That’s it.

I don’t have much to say except from the fact that they have ones for the face as well as body… Although I don’t use the face ones, I am sure they exist. The ones (pictured) are the type that I own and are suitable for use on those with a sensitive skin-type.

Disclaimer: after using these strips, you’ll feel as though you’re the star of one of their adverts. Trust me! The results are that good.

Tip: don’t overuse them. Wax in general can damage the skin.


Ladies, I want to discuss something with you that might cringe you the heck out. However, it’s something that needs to be discussed: feminine hygiene.

I have been using femfresh for so long and I can honestly say it’s the best female cleansing product on the market. I’ve got everything – the wipes, spray and wash/cleanser.

We know that most girls have hundreds of lotions and potions to care for the different areas of their bodies, but what about their intimate skin?

Often this very special skin gets overlooked, using either an everyday body wash, which can in fact strip the very sensitive skin of it’s natural defences, or water which is great, but some of us girls prefer to feel a little extra love when it comes to the most intimate skin.

femfresh has been specially designed to care for the unique pH of your intimate skin, because it’s different to the rest of your body. All of our products are also gynaecologically and dermatologically tested so they’re safe and gentle on this sensitive skin.

If you’d like to join the millions of women who care for down there, look no further.

Do you know how important it is to stay sanitary and hygienic – especially “down there”? The lack of hygiene/sanitariness will without a doubt lead to infection (if not careful). So, one piece of advice: ‘keep clean and look after your nethers’.

Also, don’t be one of those who only does it because they have a boyfriend/partner/husband; do it for yourself! 

Honestly, you’d be surprised the amount of times I’ve heard people say they go that extra mile in cleanliness and hygiene just ’cause they’ve got someone. What? Stay clean – whether you’re single or not – focusing mostly on the areas that matter most.

If you’ve visited femfresh’s website or looked them up,  you’d know that femfresh’s products are “specially formulated to care for intimate skin”. Their products are specifically designed to give it that extra clean and/or “pampering” feeling.

Look, I’m going to be honest, unlike the lady in the video,  I don’t see Femfresh as being a pampering product – it’s just something that I clean with. I’m not crazy enough to treat it to masks. As far as I’m concerned, just stay hygienic. Don’t start buying masks, moisturisers/toners etc. That’s just weird!

Look, cleaning with water is fine, but does it get rid of the bacteria? No. Yes, there are shower gels and stuff but they’re too harsh on sensitive/intimate areas. Also, if you read up on it, you’ll notice that shower gels/washes (that are not formulated for those areas) have been proven to be too strong – with some even leaving a burning sensation… Femfresh isn’t like that, it’s cooling and cleanses really well. The scent isn’t anything spectacular, it just smells fresh and/or clean, like it should.

Get to know 'Mii

1. Who are you named after? Less “who” more “what”… The city, apparently. 👍

2. Last time you cried? A few days ago when watching ‘A Bridge to Teribithia’. The bit where his best friend dies ruins me. 😭

3. Do you like your handwriting? I mean, yeah – the normal amount… I’m not obsessed with it or anything… I do have a ‘thing’ for men’s handwriting though! 😍

4. What is your favourite lunch meat? Seeing as ‘fish’ isn’t a meat, I’d have to say chicken.

5. What is your favourite color? Gee… I dunno… The one that rhymes with you ‘flew’?

6. Longest relationship? The first and only relationship I’ve had began towards the end of last year… It moved very quickly and ended in the same way. It just didn’t work out.

7. Do you still have your tonsils? You want me to check? Wtf?!

8. Would you bungee jump? I’m really scared of heights, so probably not. However, I wouldn’t mind indoor skydiving…

9. What is your favourite kind of cereal? Coco Pops. It’s life. 😋

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Mate, I can hardly find time to brush my own head hair and you’re asking me about my shoelaces?! Come on now!

12. Favourite ice cream? Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup. 😋

13. What is the first thing you notice about a person? Eyes, smile, laugh, whether he’s funny (and can make me laugh)… I like good guys, nice guys, and rare guys.

14. Football or baseball? I’m as mad about Madden as I am about FIFA.

15. What colour pants are you wearing? The ‘none of your business’ coloured ones… 😘

16. Last thing you ate? I’m not even going to pretend it wasn’t M&S Pad Thai. I’m obsessed!

17. What are you listening to? The sound of myself thinking of what to type in response to these questions… Oh – and Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ is ON in the background.🖒

18. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? The one that rhymes with ‘clue’… That’s a big enough one right there! 😉

19. What is your favourite smell? B.O?! 😂😂😂 – c’mon, how am I suppose to know?! I can tell you the smells I don’t like: weed, poo, sweat, breath etc.

20. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Mother bear. 💖

21. Married? Nope. I’m single but nothing like a Pringle. I can never be in the same league as a Pringle. Those things are bae.

22. Hair colour? Red.

23. Eye colour? Brown.

24. Favourite foods to eat? Sushi ? Thai / Mac & Cheese / Ravioli / Pasta / Nando’s / Carluccio’s / chocolate / desserts / sweet potatoes / peanut butter / steak / salmon / tuna / Wagamama / Cabana Brasil…

25. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings/romantic comedies.

26. Last movie you watched? Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

27. What colour shirt are you wearing? Nude.

28. Favourite holiday? Swiss Alps 🗻

29. Beer or Wine? 🍷.

30. Night owl or morning person? I’m an early bird. It must be a ‘Larry the bird of Twitter’ thing…

31. Favourite day of the week? I don’t have a favourite day, every day is a new one: fact.

32. Favourite season? I don’t have a favourite season…#DifferentSeasonDifferentReasons. There’s always something beautiful about each one. Autumn is my season (birthday) so if I had to choose one in particular, I’d have to say Autumn.