My last Peanut Butter related post goes to Meridian and Whole Earth combined! I was going to do two separate posts but I don’t want to lose followers with my ability to bore people to oblivion (or annoy them by mentioning food that they crave too much)! 😂

Anyway, back to Meridian vs. Whole Earth… I am comparing these two because it’s #NationalPeanutDay, also because I love peanuts, oh – and that they both claim to make Organic peanut butters. Y’all know how much I love my Organic-y things, right?


Meridian’s Peanut Butter is actually the healthier alternative to Whole Earth (on the face of it) because it’s famous for not including Palm Oil… However, you know what they say about “unhealthy” things… 😛

What’s more, Meridian has loads of different types of nut butters that are consumable by people with various intolerances ranging from lactose, egg, gluten, wheat or sugar-free. The ones that baffled me were “peanut” free and “shellfish” and “celery” free. Are they joking, or what? Who’s going to put SHELLFISH in a Peanut Butter? Imagine someone at Meridian HQ: “OMG! Do you know what this Peanut Butter is missing? A LOBSTER CLAW!” … This sort of thing begs the question: “what is life?” It really gets you thinking: “does the ‘CRUNCHY’ in crunchy peanut butter mean that of a SHELL?” 🤢

The consistency of Meridian’s crunchy peanut butter is still slightly smoother than I prefer. I think that’s got a lot to do with digestion, again with the healthy jibber-jabber …

Meridian’s packaging is good, but it looks a little on the budget side when compared with Whole Earth.

The taste? It tastes healthier than your average peanut butter. It just tastes like how peanut butter would if it was a salad. 😆

Price? This one works out cheaper than Whole Earth, I believe…

Whole Earth:

Although Whole Earth has one specific “no Palm Oil” peanut butter, the rest of them include it. However, Whole Earth does state that its peanut butters have “no added sugar”. But, as we have learned the hard way, “no added sugar” doesn’t mean “no sugar was added” but “no MORE sugar HAS BEEN added”. I mean what a way to false advertise and trick you, eh?!

The consistency of Whole Earth’s crunchy peanut butter wins it for me.

In terms of packaging, Whole Earth also wins it for me. It just looks a lot better than Meridian…

The taste? Delicious! I am in love. Besotted. I absolutely can eat a whole jar in one sitting.

Price? I think Whole Earth’s peanut butter comes with a more “premium” price tag than that of Meridian.

Like Peanut Hottie, both Meridian and Whole Earth are multi-purpose.

My verdict: I liked Meridian but it’s not as good as Whole Earth. Nothing beats Whole Earth for me, not even Pip & Nut.

My beautiful, sensationally stunning and amazing mother’s opinion? I tested it on her when I made my specialty’ Banana Spilt’ and she prefers this one to all the others that I have purchased in the past… I’ve even got her to try the soya Holland & Barrett one. I love Holland & Barrett but let’s not go there with its soya Peanut Butter (which isn’t actually made from PEANUTS).

Pip & Nut: Peanut Butter

Pip & Nut!

I’m not usually a fan of smooth peanut butter but Pip & Nut have done a lot to convert me…

Not only is their choice of brand name the cutest thing but their infusions of flavours? DIVINE! Consistency of butter? Splendid!

I first discovered Pip & Nut standing upright on a shelf in my local corner shop. There it was standing nonchalant with its ‘Kitchen Cupboard eyes’ (I would say bedroom but it doesn’t belong there…). I took it home with me and the rest is history!

Spoil your store cupboard with a jar of our ridiculously tasty nut butter! Great eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

We make our peanut butter with a blend of whole nuts, gently roasted to bring out their naturally sweet peanutty flavour. We add a sprinkling of sea salt and that‘s it.

I’m besotted with the taste, I’m besotted with the way it spreads and doesn’t make holes or dents in my protein bread, and I’m also in love with the smell of it. Not only does it smell like peanuts but the flavour in which it’s infused with. For example, there’s even a Cashew Nut butter with Honey & Cinnamon and an Almond Butter with Coconut. Can you sit there, stand there, squat there, do whatever you’re doing and tell me that after this, you’re not even remotely tempted? 💨👃 #DELICIOUS

Now let’s discuss its cons… There are only two that I can think of. It’s too runny and oily. The oil gathers on the top. Apparently, oil on the top of the peanut butter is a good thing, but not when (over-exaggerators like myself would say) there’s enough to fill an oil tank!

So, yeah, as far as smooth Nut Butters (and Peanut in particular) go, this one is up there! 😋

If I was rating it out of five, I’d give it a 4. It’s great, and really something special but it’s extremely runny and oily – this might be a good thing for some, but for me not-so much.

peanut hottie

Seeing as it’s still #NationalPeanutButterDay, I thought I’d come online to review my favourite “hot beverage”. Peanut Hottie.

I’ve done a review about this brand before (on another blog that I used to run) before because I love it that much! Sadly, I couldn’t find the review so I’ll have to write one up from scratch!

I’m sure you’re well informed of my peanut butter obsession, and I’ve heard that my ‘Peanut Butter Day’ post which was published earlier on today has got y’all craving it, so  I thought why not add to it? 😜

‘Peanut Hottie’ is:

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

I think that my stratospheric admiration for PB means that I discovered it in its early days… I picked one up from the supermarket (to try) and haven’t looked back since.

The peanut powder is of multi-purpose use, you can put it in pancake mix, add it to your milkshake, porridge oats, brownies, or do with it whatever you like… As you can see from the link, I put it in my brownies (and drink it as a hot drink every weekend in cold Winter days).

The packaging? Glamorous! Although it comes across very feminine in design, the taste and product itself appeals to both genders. The golden packaging really makes it stand out from the crowd in the Hot Beverage aisle of any supermarket.

The taste? Like rich peanut drink. It’s very rich and luxurious in flavour. I personally found the plain Peanut Butter one too rich, however, Peanut Hottie have released a Peanut Hot Chocolate since, and it’s just right! 😋

The price? I believe it retails at the same price as other popular hot beverage brands, it’s just unique in that it’s specifically targeted at peanut butter lovers like myself. That, right there, is its USP.

I love you, Peanut Hottie!

Urban Decay: Naked3

Urban Decay is a brand I haven’t reviewed yet, so I thought there’s no time like the present to do just that!

If you’re not into make-up, brands and haven’t a clue what a “palette” is then look away now because there are no “nudes” here! Go and slide into someone else’s blog posts…

I usually, in life, do not have enough time in the day, week, month, year, decade and century to put on eyeshadow. I just don’t see the point because A) I have a fringe that goes past my eyes and B) even if I didn’t, it’s just pointless ’cause it’ll get smudged or have eyeliner or mascara marks all over it! C) I value that extra 10-20 mins of sleep in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Having said that, I thought I’d give Urban Decay’s Naked3 a go-go (like a yo-yo but not), and I was very happy with the result.

Behold, the Naked 3 Palette – complete with 12 never-before-seen rose-hued neutral eyeshadow shades. Behold, the Naked 3 Palette – complete with 12 never-before-seen rose-hued neutral eyeshadow shades. Choose from light, shimmering pinks, to deep glittering black shades. Or get creative and combine for the ultimate neutral smoky eye.

Our Naked Palettes have always featured some new shades, but Naked3 goes one step further with 12 completely new shades – only available at Urban Decay. With smooth mattes, shimmering pearls and gleaming metallic, every shade features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability.

Although I know ‘smokey eyes’ would look okay on me, my eyeliner and mascara over-usage make my eyes dark enough as it is… I also forgot to mention that somehow, I don’t quite fancy the look of Space’s Black Hole or to seem as though I’ve been punched in both sockets. I say this because – with me in charge of my own smokey eyes –  that’ll be the result. Hey, I never claimed to be a “make-up artist”, all I claim is that I know how to review products!

The point I was trying to make before I went on Tangent 2,788 was I usually stick to gold, nude and shimmery eyes. Ain’t no business like a naked eye business, ’cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder/s.

Stripping my eyes bare makes them seem bigger (when matched with winged-eyeliner), so it works for me…

I really like the pigments in Naked3, they’re sharp but soft at the same time. I’ve given up asking whether what I say actually makes any sort of sense. Just, bear with me… Thanks.

The packaging? B-a-e. Rose gold packaging that makes the make-up lovers go “Loco (no parentis). The price? Ex-tor-tion-ate. The look it gives? Ex-cel-lent. My verdict: Re-ti-re-ment from trying to make my sense of humour catch on or this Beauty Bae blog happen! I’m going to bed…

There you have it! Next time you want to get Naked (three times!) choose Urban Decay.

I say “Peanut”, you say “Butter”…

Finally there is a day after my own heart! ❤

If you know me – whether personally, physically, emotionally, mentally, dream-state or virtually –  you know that my one weakness of the spread variety is the Great PB! 🥜

I actually fully, frankly and categorically believe that I put the “nut” in Peanut Butter! Properly nuts, that’s me…

Let’s all get real (or fake trying), Peanut Butter is glorious! On a slice of toast, a cracker, a banana, a sweet potato… Peanut Butter can be applied on anything and still make it taste a billion times better.

I even make a West African curry/soup using the stuff, and regularly make Satay sauce to accompany my grilled chicken kebabs…

🚨 This is an appreciation post for the LEGEND that is the human-being who looked at a peanut (all those years ago) and thought: “you know what? You’ll look and taste even better as a paste…

“As a gloriously crunchy OR smooth paste ready to be used in sweet and savoury dishes across the land!” 🚨

In 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Canada patented peanut paste, the finished product from milling roasted peanuts between two heated surfaces.

Thank you, Marcellus Gilmore Edison of Canada. I wish I was alive some 100 years ago to have given you all of my money (all ÂŁ1 of what’s left of it #HurryUpPayDay) in return for a 100% stake in your business. #DragonsDen

This is also a shout-out to the likes of Peanut Hottie (the hot or cold peanut drink) and Meridian peanut butter, the organic, no palm oil alternative to my writing personal favourite, Whole Foods, (although Whole Earth have one which doesn’t contain Palm Oil).

Writing this post has inspired me to purchase some Beer Nuts to put in a blender and crush the living daylights out of them and then lick the contents of the food processor afterwards.

Disclaimer: Peanut Butter is “beautiful” hence why it is being featured on Beauty Bae. Furthermore, Peanut Butter has a host of nutritional benefits and has been proven to aid with weight-loss!

… What is it that Mary Poppins didn’t say? “A spoonful of Peanut Butter* makes the medicine go down?” Yeah, that!