Your best friend went through thick and thin with you, hence she deserves the best gift ever. Be it for her birthday, your friendaversary or just as a token of appreciation you have for her, there’s a plethora of amazing presents you can get your friend and make her day. From beauty goodies, to jewellery and cute accessories, you can easily find a gorgeous gift regardless of your friend’s interests and tastes.

Beauty box

If your friend is a true beauty lover, then a beauty box is just what she needs. A box filled with beauty essentials such as sheet masks, body lotions, facial serums, various make-up goodies, and everything a girl needs to look fresh and nourished, will definitely be the best present for her. What’s more, you can have a sleepover and enjoy some of the nourishing products together, while catching up and sipping cocktails.

A cute organizer

Every serious business woman needs an organizer to keep her plans in check. So, if your friend is one of those women who have post-it stickers all over her place, and she never makes anywhere in time, take a load off her shoulders and help her become more organized. Get her a stylish little organizer, write a motivational quote on the first page and let her always remember how good a friend you are, when she finally starts getting everything done on time.

Personalized gift

Personalized gifts are always more special than any other present, because they’re always created with much care and meaning. They show that you’ve really made an effort to make your friend happy and give them a one-of-a-kind present they’ll love forever. You can find unique gifts for everyone online, regardless of their age, sex or interests, so browse through the Internet first. You might like personalized heart and initial charm necklaces, personalized bath towels or maybe a leather wallet with personal engraved inscription.

BFF heart keychain

Specialty Key Chains are one of the best ways to always remember how close you and your bff are. It’s almost a modern-day version of those retro friendship bracelets all of us wore back in middle school. Key chains are a great way to reminisce over everything you’ve been through, and every time you’re holding your keys, you’ll remember your bff and recall just how much she means to you and vice versa. Your friend will definitely love a present like this, so proudly adorn her keys with one of these, while you get to keep the other half.

Matching pendants

A key chain that breaks in half and lets both of you have one half with you is precious, but how about getting your friend and yourself matching necklaces? Not only should you have matching necklaces, but a zodiac charm to complement them as well. Put a decorative charm with her zodiac sign on her necklace, and a charm with your zodiac sign on yours, and the next time you two go out, let everyone see just how much you love each other, and just how close you are.

A trendy scarf

You can never go wrong with a scarf. All you need to make sure is that you don’t get the wrong colour, and you’re good to go. A warm scarf will keep her cosy during winter, and if you prefer getting her something she can use in the summer, opt for a lightweight silk scarf. She can throw it on at a breezy summer night, look stylish, and stay warm at the same time.

Make-up kit

I finally have enough make-up ‒ said no woman ever ‒so feel free to splurge on a few make-up products that your best friend will love. An eyeshadow palette along with a make-up brushes kit and a blush is a perfect little present. Throw in a body mist to keep her cool and her make-up intact during the hot summer months.

Final thoughts

With such an amazing choice of gifts for your best friend, you can actually find yourself in a bit of predicament, unable to decide what to get her. However, always bear in mind what she needs and likes, and what can really be useful and you won’t think a second before you choose just the right present.

By: Isabel William

Isabel is Consultant by day and a Blogger by night.
Mom to twins 24/7, and from recently editor on  Health&Mental Health on
Area of interest are well being, mental health, self improvement as well as beauty of millennial transitions in all aspect of life – especially self awareness.

If you’re in the UK, you’d have heard that England was able to raise £50k to fly a “flying Donald Trump manbaby balloon” around London… A total of £50k was raised, enough to take it from an idea to reality.

Now, I’m all about fun and games… I appreciate a joke as much as the next person and, yes, I did find the thing quite funny. But, when you think about it a little more seriously – in effect, we were able to raise £50k for a flying “manbaby” balloon in times when our NHS is on the brink of closure and our youths are out there ruining their futures by joining gangs.

Our society is a mess. Yet, all we do is complain. Could we not have raised £50k for the NHS? Could we not have raised another 50k (going towards the Sadiq Khan manbaby balloon) towards building a solid foundation for our youths; creating activities or programmes/courses for our youths to take up outside of school?

Why do we rely on the Gov. when we’ve just proven that we can raise the money ourselves? I can’t believe that we’re able to raise £100k in total for flying manbabies that will only be used in protest, but won’t put our money where our mouths are to make a more permanent and long-lasting difference to our society.

I am not a partypooper. I’m just a realist. Complaining about our issues doesn’t eliminate them… Hard work and change does. I understand it’s just for a laugh, but there are families crying over loss of their friends/families while we’re laughing at flying manbabies. So, let’s help the people in suffering laugh with and out of joy rather than just focusing on ourselves and who we’re going to laugh at or mock.

As a society, we have proven we can singlehandedly raise enough money to make a difference. So, rather than spending the funds we are able to raise collectively on silly things, let’s put it towards our youths and/or health service. This will in turn protect our youths and give our life-threatening illness suffering peers, friends and relatives a better and longer future.

Superdrug is currently selling Victoria Secret fragrance mists for £12 and two for £18. Basically, buy one and get the other half price. I am the biggest lover of bargains, so I was there like: “you take cash or credit?”

I picked up the Mango Temptation and Romantic… Because, the name’s Mansour and… Oh, whatever! I like mangos. They’re my favourite fruits, and it’s a good job they smell nice too. Mango Temptation really smells like Summer. The thing I like about fragrance mists is that they don’t cling on to you or smell too overpowering. They’re delicate but their scents pack a brief punch.

Both Romantic and Mango Temptation smell like full-on fruit. So, if you like fruit and smelling of them, you’ll love these two. The sale means you can stock up now and give them away as stocking fillers later.

Would I buy them again? I mean, sure. I like Victoria and her secrets.


A sheer mist made to mix, blend with others , or use alone for a scent of pink petals and solar musk.

Mango Temptation:

A sheer mist made to mix, blend with others or use alone for a scent of mango nectar and hibiscus.

Expect to get hi’ on the ol’ biscus if you’re wanting to dabble in Mango Temptation – or experience something out-of-this-world – not even the solar (musk) system can predict if you’re looking to be more Romantic.

There are many varieties to choose from. But, Mango Temptation and Romantic were there and caught my eye differently.

I have arthritis and it’s something I’ve been dealing with for a while. Yes, I’m 26 – not 89. Although, my love for aqua aerobics means I’m already there… I’m a grandma before I even became a mum. SURPRISE! For you, and not me. I knew it was coming… I love pigeons, community centres and aqua aerobics. I’m an old soul. If anyone wants to find me an old-people’s home which has a room spare, comment below.

All sarcasm aside, it’s serious. My arthritis is very serious. It’s, in my opinion, the worst type of arthritis too… The kind where you literally can’t avoid it. I have reactive arthritis which basically means I get flare ups when my body suffers infection. When I came back from New York in February, I came back with a severe chest infection. My body doesn’t know how to fight it, so fluid starts filling up in my right knee. Not that my right knee can do ANYTHING for my chest… But, at least it tries. Good on my right knee for taking one for the team!

Anyway, as soon as my knee flares, it ends up debilitating me and making me sort of immobile. I’m not joking when I say on some occasions, I cannot walk on that leg at all. Like my knee trying to sort out my chest issues, I try to walk to get to work and/or other places but end up imitating a penguin. Waddling or limping there.

There was actually a moment where I crossed paths with a stranger who was limping too. He was having problems with his right knee also. Mad, right? We stopped, looked at each other before pointing straight at our knees and saying: “liability!”

I think that’s the best part of it, meeting people who also have knee ailments. You kind of bond over the fact that you can’t even walk on occasions. I’ll tell you what’s not the best part – going to check-ups or MRIs. I hope I never have to endure MRIs ever again. It’s like VR but showing you what it feels like after you die. Ain’t no one got time for that…

Is there a cure? Not getting infections. So, in a word, no there isn’t a cure.

Do I take any tablets for it? Yeah, an iPad. Hahaha! I want to die.