Peanut Hottie ‘Peanut Butter’ & Peanut Hottie ‘Peanut Butter & Chocolate’

Seeing as it’s still #NationalPeanutButterDay, I thought I’d come online to review my favourite “hot beverage”. Peanut Hottie.

I’ve done a review about this brand before (on another blog that I used to run) before because I love it that much! Sadly, I couldn’t find the review so I’ll have to write one up from scratch!

I’m sure you’re well informed of my peanut butter obsession, and I’ve heard that my ‘Peanut Butter Day’ post which was published earlier on today has got y’all craving it, so ¬†I thought why not add to it? ūüėú

‘Peanut Hottie’ is:

A delectably delicious, instantly indulgent peanut butter flavour hot drink.

I think that my stratospheric admiration for PB means that I discovered it in its early days… I picked one up from the supermarket (to try) and haven’t looked back since.

The peanut powder is of multi-purpose use, you can put it in pancake mix, add it to your milkshake, porridge oats, brownies, or do with it whatever you like… As you can see from the link, I put it in my brownies (and drink it as a hot drink every weekend in cold Winter days).

The packaging? Glamorous! Although it comes across very feminine in design, the taste and product itself appeals to both genders. The golden packaging really makes it stand out from the crowd in the Hot Beverage aisle of any supermarket.

The taste? Like rich peanut drink. It’s very rich and luxurious in flavour. I personally found the plain Peanut Butter one too rich, however, Peanut Hottie have released a Peanut Hot Chocolate since, and it’s just right! ūüėč

The price? I believe¬†it retails at the same price as other¬†popular hot beverage brands, it’s just unique in that it’s specifically targeted at peanut butter lovers like myself. That, right there, is its USP.

I love you, Peanut Hottie!

Urban Decay: Naked3

Urban Decay is a brand I haven’t reviewed yet, so I thought there’s no time like the present to do just that!

If you’re not into make-up,¬†brands and haven’t a clue what a “palette” is then look away now because there are no “nudes” here! Go and slide into someone else’s blog posts…

I usually, in life, do not have enough time in the day, week, month, year, decade and century to put on eyeshadow. I just don’t see the point because A) I have a fringe that goes past my eyes and B) even if I didn’t, it’s just pointless ’cause it’ll get smudged or have eyeliner or mascara marks all over it! C) I value that extra 10-20 mins of sleep in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Having said that, I thought I’d give Urban Decay’s Naked3¬†a go-go (like a yo-yo but not), and I was very happy with the result.

Behold, the Naked 3 Palette Рcomplete with 12 never-before-seen rose-hued neutral eyeshadow shades. Behold, the Naked 3 Palette Рcomplete with 12 never-before-seen rose-hued neutral eyeshadow shades. Choose from light, shimmering pinks, to deep glittering black shades. Or get creative and combine for the ultimate neutral smoky eye.

Our Naked Palettes have always featured some new shades, but Naked3 goes one step further with 12 completely new shades – only available at Urban Decay. With smooth mattes, shimmering pearls and gleaming metallic, every shade features Urban Decay‚Äôs Pigment Infusion System‚ĄĘ, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability.

Although I know ‘smokey eyes’ would look okay on me, my eyeliner and mascara over-usage make my eyes dark enough as it is… I also forgot to mention that somehow, I don’t quite fancy the look of Space’s Black Hole or to seem as though¬†I’ve been punched in both sockets. I say this because – with me in charge of my own smokey eyes – ¬†that’ll¬†be the result. Hey, I never claimed to be a “make-up artist”, all I claim is that I know how to review products!

The point I was trying to make before I went on Tangent 2,788 was I usually stick to gold, nude and shimmery eyes. Ain’t no business like a naked eye business, ’cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder/s.

Stripping my eyes bare makes them seem bigger (when matched with winged-eyeliner), so it works for me…

I really like the pigments in Naked3, they’re sharp but soft at the same time. I’ve given up asking whether what I say actually makes any sort of sense. Just, bear with me… Thanks.

The packaging? B-a-e. Rose gold packaging that makes the make-up lovers go “Loco (no parentis). The price? Ex-tor-tion-ate. The look it gives? Ex-cel-lent. My verdict: Re-ti-re-ment from trying to make my sense of humour catch on or this Beauty Bae blog happen! I’m going to bed…

There you have it! Next time you want to get Naked (three times!) choose Urban Decay.

I say “Peanut”, you say “Butter”…

Finally there¬†is a day after my own heart! ‚̧

If you know me – whether personally, physically, emotionally, mentally, dream-state or virtually – ¬†you know that my one weakness of the spread variety is the Great PB! ūü•ú

I actually fully, frankly and categorically believe that I put the “nut” in Peanut Butter! Properly nuts, that’s¬†me…

Let’s all get real (or fake¬†trying), Peanut Butter¬†is glorious! On a slice of toast, a cracker, a banana, a sweet potato… Peanut Butter can be applied on anything and still¬†make it taste a billion times better.

I even make a West African curry/soup using the stuff, and regularly make Satay sauce to accompany my grilled chicken kebabs…

ūüö® This¬†is an appreciation post for the LEGEND that is the human-being who looked at a peanut (all those years ago) and thought: “you know what? You’ll look and taste even better as a paste…

“As a gloriously crunchy OR¬†smooth paste ready to be used in sweet and savoury dishes across the land!” ūüö®

In 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Canada patented peanut paste, the finished product from milling roasted peanuts between two heated surfaces.

Thank you, Marcellus Gilmore Edison of Canada. I wish I was alive some 100 years ago to have given you all of my money (all ¬£1 of what’s left of it #HurryUpPayDay) in return for a 100% stake in your business. #DragonsDen

This is also a shout-out to the likes of Peanut Hottie (the hot or cold¬†peanut drink) and Meridian peanut butter, the organic, no palm oil alternative to my writing personal favourite, Whole Foods, (although Whole Earth have one which doesn’t contain Palm Oil).

Writing this post has inspired me to purchase some Beer Nuts to put in a blender and crush the living daylights out of them and then lick the contents of the food processor afterwards.

Disclaimer: Peanut Butter is “beautiful” hence why it is being featured on Beauty Bae. Furthermore, Peanut Butter has a host of nutritional benefits and has been proven to aid with weight-loss!

… What is it that Mary Poppins didn’t say? “A spoonful of Peanut Butter* makes the medicine go down?” Yeah, that!


I am flabbergasted to hear that there was a debate on ITV‘s ‘This Morning‘,¬†where someone¬†claimed that the ways in which victims of sexual assault dress play a part in whether a perpetrator is going to perpetrate!

I am appalled that we live in such a society where we still believe the way people carry themselves, dress, talk or behave makes them a target of such atrocious crimes.

In publicly declaring such a misogynistic claim, we are taking a¬†percentage of fault from the perpetrator. So, where¬†a perpetrator should be 100% liable for their crimes, they become something like 65% liable simply because someone decided that¬†dressing “provocatively” adds¬†to¬†the “risk”. Sorry, ¬†correct me if I’m wrong, but – should there even be a risk¬†in the first place?!?!

There is a sad reminder every day in the newspapers we read and magazines we pick up that women, men, children, and teenagers (boys and girls) across the World have been victims of abuse (sexual, physical and the like).

Are you telling me that a baby is dressing “provocatively”? Are you telling me a man in a suit or woman in a blouse and smart trousers is dressed “provocatively” on their¬†way to work? Are you telling me that students in school-uniform are dressed “provocatively”?

I know a man who was on the London Underground, standing on the escalators, he was sexually assaulted by another man in broad daylight! (this man was wearing a suit, carried a briefcase and was going to work at the time).

Dressing up (or down) has no part to play in a crime. The sad reality is, if someone is in the¬†vicinity of a perpetrator or at-risk perpetrator, and they are in their sights, it’s going to happen. ūüíĒ

Rather than claiming¬†“women’s attire” is to blame, we should be putting full blame on the criminals¬†and¬†educating everyone on the dangers of rape, as well as¬†the different types of sexual assaults. If that’s not possible (which it totally is – even though we shouldn’t have to as it should be a known fact), then the Govs. should lock-up perpetrators and/or¬†people at risk of perpetrating.

What’s more, pubs, bars, and clubs should refuse to serve at-risk perpetrators with alcoholic drinks on-tap for fear that this¬†could lead to an offence… Because, if “dressing less provocatively” will lower the chances of rape, then so will not providing perpetrators with “excessive amounts of alcohol” and prohibiting them from¬†“attending¬†events deemed as risk-inducing”.

Bottom line is: when one¬†goes to the¬†beach, we are dressed in bikinis, swimsuits or trunks which, in essence, are outer versions of underwear. Does that mean we are¬†inviting others to touch us?¬†What do¬†misogynists dress like¬†when they’re at the beach, in a North Face jacket, seven¬†pairs of leggings and 10 jumpers?

Tragically, even women in the Middle East who wear burkas are at risk.

Please, misogynists, really think before you claim a statement like that.

Sadly and pathetically, we live in a society where animals are dressed as¬†humans. That’s what’s going wrong with the World as we know it. Every one of us¬†needs to be vigilant – but that doesn’t mean¬†sacrificing a night out or wearing every garment of clothing we have in our wardrobes just as a precaution. All you need is a can of¬†Pepper Spray, learning martial-arts as self-defence, or downloading a safety app¬†where you can press a button to¬†alert the emergency services.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress, just be cautious and protect yourselves (and each other).

Photo Credit: @MikeFerrell (Twitter)

I want to take a moment to thank every woman, man, baby, child, and pet who went along and marched the streets across the UK and the World, this weekend. ūüôĆ

I also would like to thank the famous figures who attended or are spreading the message and raising awareness; as well as the young and elder leaders who are writing and performing empowering, intellectual and intelligent speeches to the masses. Their speeches are enough to evoke belief, feeling and a sense of okayness in the stressful times that we are currently under, politically. It is times like these that we need to unite in solidarity against hate, oppression and the many faults in society.

This weekend, we celebrated the fact that ignorance, fickleness and hatred has not won, isn’t winning and will not win – contrary to what statistics have us believing.

The sexist bigots in society, some of whom have more power than others, may have won an election, but they won’t win the battle nor the war that is the rest of this lifetime.

Remember, there are millions of people across Earth marching for the same reasons: equality, a better life, and a better future.

Parents are taking their children along to these rallies to prove that their children’s generations are voting next. They’ll hopefully make the more logical¬†choices. Others are taking their children along so that they prove a point that they are standing for their future. They want a future for their children that doesn’t involve uncertainty, fear, inequality, and racism, sexism, disabled(ism), religionism, homophobia¬†etc.

Together, when showing a united front, the People can win!

Those who engage in “locker-room talk” aren’t the People’s¬†choice… If¬†they are, I’m sorry to say, #WomensMarch proved otherwise. “A picture paints a thousand words.” Angle or not!


Ladies and gents, if you take anything from this post, take that we are One. We stand together, and we have no choice but to empower one another.

Conversely, we¬†don’t have to march the streets to show solidarity. We can do it via blogging, social-media, spreading the word through face-to-face, over-the-phone discussions or other means.

Women and men are equal until proven… Equal.¬†Let’s not let the fact that the clocks seemingly went back 300 years in November (and then officially yesterday) affect¬†that.

Peace to all!