Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation

Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown… Bobbi. Brown. Have I mentioned Bobbi Brown? In case you were wondering, this post is about none other than: Bobbi Brown.

Cream foundations are to me what working out is to athletes. I do not think that I’m myself – my true self – without a good cream foundation.


Kylie Cosmetics: Dirty Peach

🍑 🍑 🍑

Dirty Peach is my favourite lip-stain right now! I have been wearing it for well over two months (and am sad to say that I’ve almost run out 😭).

The #KylieCosmetics Lip Kit is your secret weapon to create the perfect ‘Kylie Lip.’ Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner. Dirty Peach is a mid-tone yellow peach.



It seems as though Boots’ No7 advert featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has struck a chord with Marks and Spencer because the supermarket chain has chosen to highlight feminism in its latest advert.

Say what you want about 2016 but it has been a pretty rubbish year for politics, celebrities (death), and current affairs. I am so glad that Marks and Spencer and John Lewis have chosen to create light-hearted, warm Christmas adverts that make us feel like all is not lost.

As much as I loved John Lewis’ advert, I do think that the one that stood out to me above the rest  was Marks & Spencer’s. No, I am not being biased because although I love M & S’ food, drinks, clothes (and just about everything else), I feel as though it shouldn’t matter when choosing a favourite Christmas advert. I mean, I spend much of my time (and money) in John Lewis’ make-up and perfume section as it is!

I think, being a lady who’s always striven to get the message out there that women shouldn’t be limited to what they can and can’t do, Janet McTeer‘s role is pivotal in getting this across. She’s elegant, glamorous, oozes class and sophistication. The Oscar-nominated star plays the doting wife of Santa, supporting her husband by fulfilling a last-minute request made by seven-year-old Jake who wants to please his 11-year-old sister Anna after months of squabbles. He contacts Santa & Mrs Claus in a bid to resolve a situation where Tiger (the family dog) ate Anna’s favourite trainers.

After receiving his letter, Mrs Claus sets off in a helicopter no less (she don’t do things by halves, you get me?!) “slaying” the streets of North Pole on her quest to find the nearest M&S so she can pop in and pick up a pair of the brightest, most beautiful sparkly red trainers (in keeping with her red clothing theme) to deliver to Jake.

Jake and Anna sharing a tender moment

Thankfully, Mrs Claus manages to save the day and Jake makes up with his big sister, bringing the family together for a lovely, jolly and merry Christmas.

All puns aside, it’s a stunning advert that portrays feminism, family values and the spirit of Christmas perfectly – and it also helps that it’s cleverly advertising the products sold at M&S too – those mince pies for instance… In the words of Joey Essex: “NAUGHTY!” 😋

P.S. you CAN’T buy the helicopter or the North Pole from M & S so don’t even try it…

I’m a girl who has never usually been happy with her makeup look. I always looked to Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest for inspo – never realising that most edit their photos to enhance their features.

I have changed make-up brands more times than I’ve changed my clothes, no word of a lie. But, then again, can you really call yourself a girly-girl if you haven’t?

Complex makeup routines are honestly something that I could never really get the hang of… I used to slather it on and hope for the best. In most instances, it’ll come out too thick and cakey, but too light a coverage and pale a tone in others.



Love is a powerful, and unexplainable feeling. There are many different types of love. A mother’s love, a partner’s love, a friend’s love…

Love comes into our lives at different times, and affects us in different ways. We behave crazily and are willing to do anything for those we love.

I love love because everyone who I’ve ever loved, I have loved differently. Some, more strongly than others. But, it’s all love.

I have even loved someone without realising until it was too late… That I think is my biggest regret, I wish I’d known sooner.

When it comes down to it, I’ve loved a lot and I’m certain that I’ll continue to love for love is unconditional, limitless and something that should be done at all times, but done right*.

*Something I’ve had to learn the hard way

Although it’s an unspoken rule to love correctly, some people have funny ways of showing it. I’m one of them. I have a tendency to hurt the ones I love.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes. However, I’d rather to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

If you are priveledged enough to love someone, let them know and treat them well. Besides, it’s harder to love than it is to hate.

Be a lover, and fight (non-violently and non-harshly) for what or who you love. What I mean is, never give up. If someone messes up (depending on the circumstance), forgive them because no one is perfect. Some mature quicker than others – the rest just don’t see a damn good thing when it’s there in front of them for the taking.

If they’re worth it, prove it. If they’re not, focus on the times (even if few and far between) where they made you happy – for a split second or more.

Never forget the good times, always spread love and light.

Miamii x

P.S. in my opinion you can only ever truly romantically love once. The rest are strong crushes, lust and/or loving the idea of being in love with a person.

What does love mean to you? Get involved in the comments section.