According to statistics published by the World Health Organisation, you’re in need of reading another post on this blog… Call me UPS because I’m going to D’LIVERPUDLIAN ACCENT!

I’ve got a few Lush summer bathbomb faves, as promised in the previous post… & you’re about to hear all about them in the current post.

Shijimi Butterfly

shijimi butterfly

There’s a real ‘butterfly explosion‘ going on in England right now, and it’s the first time this has happened in a decade, so… Of course Shijimi is going to get featured. Yes, it’s blue (my favourite colour). Yes, it’s marbled (not my particular favourite design, but definitely up there) and yes, it smells delightful and looks even more so…

Fill your bath with blossoms and let this marbled butterfly bath bomb take you under its wing. Land amongst gentle lavender and comforting chamomile blue, soaking in luscious blue waters before rising from the bath ready to take flight.

youki hi

Youki Hi

Say ‘hello’ to Youki!

This is very sentimental for me because it reminds me of my mum. A bit weird, because the last thing I want to do is think of my mum while I’m in the bath, but… Whatever. She loves jasmine and this is packed with it. It’s very potent, smells very much like Lush’s Lust perfume. I absolute love it, even though it’s very strong – simply because it reminds me of the greatest being in my life.

Also, Youki turns the water a very peachy, corally colour, and it’s just stunning.

Soaking in this had me feeling like I was in a G6, flying over South East Asia. Think: ‘Japan, Thailand and China…’ while I’m in my London-based bathtub.

Jasmine lovers rejoice! The scent once found in our beloved Flying Fox Shower Gel is back in bath bomb form. This glittery fizzer is filled with the floral scents of not only sensual, heady jasmine but also ylang ylang, palmarosa and gardenia oils. The grounding scent of cypress oil balances the floral bouquet, while real sea salt and cream of tartar gently soften skin. Bathe in a shimmering garden oasis with this sensual treasure.



Moon Spell

Are you waning or waxing? This double-sided bomb balances things out with a blend of blue and pink that can be used separately or together. Moisturizing carrageenan extract soothes and hydrates dry skin, while Brazilian orange oil tones and brightens. Let your half moons dance and fizz across the surface of the water as they swirl to form one beautiful purple hue.

I put a spell on you… B-U-Y IT. It’s delightful.


Black Rose

When two ingredients really love each other, they come together to make a scent so intoxicating, it’s nearly irresistible. Black Rose’s scintillating blend of rose and lemon oils is unleashed the moment this fizzer hits the water. As it dissolves, its deep, dark color cloaks you in delightful mystery as fair trade organic cocoa butter keeps your bath water and skin feeling soft, soothed and luxurious.

Literally everything about this is glorious! Especially the Brazilian wax.

Definitely make sure you have Cif bathroom cleaning spray around after you use this because you will need it. It’s a stunning looking and smelling bathbomb, very gothic. I’d even go as far as saying I feel as though I’d slot in London’s Camden very well all of a sudden…

The surprising thing about this is when it begins to fizz, tones of purple start to ooze out. I wasn’t expecting that because it’s red and black on the outside. Also, be prepared for glitter. There’s lots of it. I felt like I’d sat in a bath filled with Christmas pine-cones.

Naturally, I watched Titanic whilst being submerged in this black Rose water. It was terrific for all involved!


Lucky Cat

Feelin’ lucky? This pink kitty beckons you to the bath with its botanical scent. Fizzing fast into fluffy fuchsia waters, Lucky Cat’s multi-colored stars burst from the center, waving in good fortune and leaving you feline fine. With a classic, botanical blend of jasmine absolute, neroli and ylang ylang, this is one fresh and floral kitty that’ll leave you feeling brand mew.

This is PAW-somely PURRfect, thank you very much!

As a straight-up botanical babe, I’m the right person to ask. As all of the above, it smells good enough to adopt a cat from the local shelter.

I feel like all I write about on my blog these days is skincare routines… Well, Global Warming means I cannot be writing about makeup, or else I’ll sweat or melt it off… Oooh! I might do a Lush bathbomb haul soon. I cannot wait to introduce (or re-introduce) you to my current favourites!

Anyway, back to skincare!

skincare routine

Step one: Cleanse

Back to the Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish (not the nationality, although – who’s to say Liz Earle is not actually Polish, apart from Wiki). I’m still using this because I’ve honestly never seen my face so clean and smooth.

skincare routine

Step two: Toner

Back to Kiehl’s I go… Their Blue Herbal toner is EVERYTHING if you have spots. It Sahara Deserts them.

skincare routine

Step three: Moisturiser

Again, fellow spot-havers unite, and surround yourselves around Kiehl’s Blemish Control Treatment Facial Moisturiser (which co-incidentally is the full name of my next child, because it’s THAT long and sounds royal). This one is the only moisturiser that works for my breakouts.

skincare routine


Get your phone and unblock that sun… Use Bare Minerals’ Tinted Moisturiser to give you that tinted glow, packed with SPF 30 – which I’ll be turning (like those chairs on The Voice) in two years from this October! (Keep that date in your diary, it’s a month/long public holiday for all who read this blog)

Thanks for reading the stuff I come out with and sticking around. You’re true non-electrical but very virtual fans.

This tinted moisturiser gives great coverage too! It’s kinda like foundation, but not.

Get Ready with 'mii

Good morning!

Welcome to my second post of the day. Why not get ready with me?

Morning: I start my day by opening my eyelids. I then pray and meditate. That’s paramount. I start and end my day that way.

I then wash my face with Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish, brush my teeth, and shower. I’ll then apply my Liz Earle toner and moisturizer

In the event that I have to wear makeup, here’s the routine for that…


Avant Pro Perfecting Collagen Primer

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Bourjois Concealer

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

NYX Ombre Blush

NYX Highlighter Born to Glow

Wunder2 PERFECT SELFIE Finishing Powder

MAC Rose Finishing Spray



Maybelline Eyeliner – Master Kajal


EOS – Lip Balm


Charlotte Tilbury Dream

I always wear perfume but don’t always apply make-up.

In Global Incineration temperatures, I tend to go make-up free…However, when I have spots on my face, I tend to wear Bare Minerals’ tinted moisturizer.


crystal fancrystal fan

Guys. This weather’s been a bit more than Global Warming, hasn’t it? Crystal fan.

I mean, on Thursday, I thought we were dealing with a case of National Incineration, not even Global Warming – with temperatures reaching a stratospheric 39 Celsius, 102 Fahrenheit.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you too survived this heatwave. Yay!

Better to be far from each other and still living, than far from each other and dead, is the saying. ❤️

Back to the electric fan, I bought it from Amazon, it costs £18.99.

I’m so lucky it exists because it keeps me cool and makes me look like one of those clever people on the trains.

I used to see people fanning themselves with compact and portable fans every day on #TfL as I sat (one day a year) and/or stood (the rest of the days a year) there roasting between people’s sweaty armpits.

So, things had to change… I bought one and turns out, mine’s philosophical too! Beat that, fellow commuters!

The Crystal Fan has three speeds: slow breeze, medium breeze, and a fast breeze. I’m extreme, so I love the fast breeze.

Note: it has an internal battery, so you’ll need to connect it to a USB port to power it up once the battery empties.

Final thoughts? It does the job, it gets a thumbs up from ‘mii!

If you’d like one for yourself – they come in a range of colours, click here.


Word on the street is you’re thinking of starting a blog…

Don’t worry though, because as daunting as it may seem, I’m here to help!


Choose a topic to blog about. The more niche your topic, the easier it is for you to get noticed among the noise. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s easy to say, but hard to do! There’s too many options.” Yeah, you’re right – there is, but are you passionate about ALL those options? Can you write/talk/learn all day about each option? Exactly. Choose one.

Yes, my blog is pretty broad in topic – ‘lifestyle’, covering bits of everything, which is why I’m telling you not to. Fact is, no matter how awesome the content is, it’ll get lost in the pool of others.


Choose a title that stands out and that’s easy to remember. You could choose a play-on-words, if you’re that way inclined… Don’t be afraid to show some flair!

Tone of voice

Speaking of ‘flair’, choose a writing style and stick to it. Now, my blog is nowhere near the best in the game, but I think it stands out like a sore thumb because it’s a no-filter blog that’s as whacky as I am. It shows in my writing.

Be yourself. Be unique.

Established bloggers love to tell us how they got to where they are. Their tips are great, don’t get me wrong, but no-one likes a copy. The fact is: it worked for them because they were the first to do it… You have to do the same. Think outside the ‘blog’ where posts are concerned. Get there first!


Research is a key part of blogging. You can check keywords to see which is most popular, and this will help you kickstart the whole SEO thing. The more niche your keywords, the higher your blog will rank on Google. I’ll do another post on this soon, which should explain further.

What’s the best Keyword tool? Google Keyword Search / AdWords.


SEO is just one part of having a successful blog… The rest comes from social-media promotion. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups, follow and tweet relevant profiles, asking to share your content.


When I first started, I collaborated with other bloggers – this was a way of boosting my profile and the readership of my blog. Collaborating with fellow bloggers is important. It helps you help each other.

Run Giveaways

Run a giveaway on social media. Get people to RT a post and follow your social-medias, and choose a RT/follower at random. I have never tried this, but I know from others that it works.

Lastly, if you’re looking for backlinks to boost your SEO, comment below. I’ve gotchu covered.