I’ve waited two months to post this… Kew Gardens was fun. Miamii Palm Beach’s House has been renovated.

Today, Americans restore the seats in The White House.

US of… A[MEN].

I love Mia good ePook!

I’m currently teething ‘The Seacrest’. It’s the most perfect Tuk Tuk! I recommend.

(It includesa lotta images of a Ryan)

Also, if/when you see it, you’ll notice that flamingos gon’ flamingle…

When that happens, errtaaaang starts to tingle and/or jingle.

You know what they say about Zboogy People? They get invited to all Ping Pong parties on Halloween; and attend…

As hard as it isn’t to believe, the image used in the poster above is in fact of ‘Mii.

Thanks Bounce, Old Street, for putting together this great shindig.

I’m a pro at ping pong, y’know? Those at Bounce and everyone who came out for it found out the easy way.

The only thing missing from this ‘Thrilling’ occasion was Michael Jackson himself.

I’m sure MJ was moonwalking in heaven celebrating ‘Mii owning all ping pong tables (and people I was playing against), like some… Dare I say it… Smooth Criminal!

Do I know why the image is appearing sideways? Missy Elliot flipped it and rehearsed it.