Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is my favourite park in London.

The views are impeccable… You can see the whole of London from the top of the hill!

If you want the place where you can go to think, or for pure inspiration, check it out – if you’re nearby.

We’ve been lucky with the weather this year, so go there while you can (if you want).

Bloom & Wild

Hi guys!

Yes, it’s only November… WHY am I posting about Christmas?

I talk about it every day… I even mentioned it in my job interview for my previous events management job… My interview fell on the month of June. You’re welcome. 

I am writing this blog post after putting up our first of two Christmas trees… Yeah, we go quantity & quality for baby Jesus #ILoveEveryPhaseJesus. 💚

This Christmas tree was decorated and put up by ‘Mii! I’m not even joking you, I spent all morning doing it. I kept taking it apart and putting it together again until I was finally happy with the way it looked.

Tree comes courtesy of Bloom & Wild!

I LOVE Bloom & Wild because they deliver letterbox Christmas trees (and bouquets)… Imagine that they deliver real pine LETTERBOX Christmas trees… Basically, it’s like if Tom Hanks was a botanical babe. #YouveGotMale

Anyway, take a peak at the images below!

What comes inside the box? The tree, soil, decorations, lights and the vase. Basically, everything you’ll need…

**Piñata,  bricks & windows [featured in first image], furnishing, and wall hanging + golden apple, and Instagram filter sold separately**

Bloom & Wild are offering £5 off to all new customers in and around the UK. I think there’s also a 15% off incentive to take advantage of when/if you download the app.

‘The Twinkle Tree’ costs £32, but I got it for £22 – ’cause I’m a boss.

I don’t know about yous but my favourite part of the Autumn/Winter c-zon is taking an old coat out the closet, reaching into its pockets only to find some…


You know what they say about Zboogy People? They get invited to all Ping Pong parties on Halloween; and attend…

As hard as it isn’t to believe, the image used in the poster above is in fact of ‘Mii.

Thanks Bounce, Old Street, for putting together this great shindig.

I’m a pro at ping pong, y’know? Those at Bounce and everyone who came out for it found out the easy way.

The only thing missing from this ‘Thrilling’ occasion was Michael Jackson himself.

I’m sure MJ was moonwalking in heaven celebrating ‘Mii owning all ping pong tables (and people I was playing against), like some… Dare I say it… Smooth Criminal!

Do I know why the image is appearing sideways? Missy Elliot flipped it and rehearsed it.