Faith as tall as the building behind ‘mii.

Brasserie of Light

This is hands down the best restaurant I have ever visited. It’s not just because my spirit animal (the pegasus) hangs from the wall, above you. It’s also because the food here is up there with the best I’ve ever had.

I went for the Pegasus Afternoon Tea and was treated to some of the best sandwiches and cakes, ever.

My favourite part of the whole thing is the way the Pegasus afternoon tea gets served. Steam emits from below and behind the tray, I wish I’d recorded it. It’s quite something.

Last thing I’d like to mention though, when you first see the Pegasus, your heart will skip a beat. I genuinely thought it was going to fall on-top of me. Be prepare to be in awe if you pay the Brasserie of Light a visit.

You can find it in Selfridges.

I was having a chat with a friend of mine about this topic and it inspired this next post…

Footballers are paid £250,000 a week. Yes, £250,000 a week to kick a football around. However, doctors on the NHS are paid next to nothing a year. They’re saving lives all day, yet cuts are affecting their salaries.

This is actually worrying. The fact that talented individuals are paid more than educated and selfless health professionals who save lives each day? In my opinion, that’s an injustice.

I’m not saying footballers should not be paid that much, that’s none of my business. They’re worthy in their own rights. However, if that’s the case, health professionals on the NHS should be paid just as much, if not more.

NHS doctors and nurses are incredible. They not only save lives every day, but they’re on call round the clock, providing a level of care that goes above and beyond their job specification and pay-check. They’re heroes. Real heroes.

To the doctors and nurses who’re still working in the NHS despite cuts, thanks. Without you, we all wouldn’t be able to function.


I love winter for my ability to rock the softest, boldest and most toasty indoor slipper socks. This year’s no different.

Sainsbury’s are my first choice when it comes to PJs and socks… Mate. Mateo. Matrix. I’m in love.

Watch out for photos of me in my Elf: the movie PJs. You’re going to WANT to see them. #IJustLikeToSmileSmilingsMyFavourite☺️