Today, I’m sharing the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes.

Usually, I just clean them with their special spray and a kitchen towel… But, as summer is here, I’m going to need to up my game and wash my brushes regularly to avoid getting #Spotnicks!

How does a girl like me wash her makeup brushes? With water and gentle hand-wash or shampoo. #BOSS! I then leave them to naturally dry. Look, the way I see it, I won’t even blow dry my hair… So, why would I go as far as to blow dry my makeup brushes? Exactly.

Alternatively, you can buy an actual makeup cleaner which looks like an air purifier…

For the 286th time this month (and we’re only on the 16th), I do not sell eyebrow stamps on Wowcher.

Please respect this and my inbox…

Contact Wowcher directly.

Oh, and I also feel the need to justify why I don’t sell eyebrow stamps…

My eyebrows look like what would happen if Hyde Park and the Amazon rainforest decided to lay down and reproduce on top of somebody, anybody’s brow bone.