Desperate blogging times call for desperate blogging measures… That is my excuse for this post. Look, there are only so much “life coaching” and “lifestyle” posts that I can publish on here without you guys and dolls thinking that it’s predictable. I’m (and my posts are) nothing of the sort.

So, you’ll know that I’m about to start video-blogging sometime in February or March, but I notice that I haven’t introduced you to my new BAE… The BAE that’s going to record all of my cooking (and future holiday) shenanigans.

Meet my ‘Canon SX610 HS PowerShot Point and Shoot Digital Camera‘ (bloody heck! But, that name still – somehow – manages to be shorter than Donald Trump’s list of things to ruin in the States).

Along with its impressively slim profile and stylish new design, the PowerShot SX610 HS camera boasts a powerful array of advanced capabilities. The 18x Optical Zoom gives you excellent versatility, while Intelligent IS helps ensure virtually shake-free images at any zoom length, and Auto Zoom helps you frame your subject and keep it in focus. Built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC make this a great camera to have with you all day long: send images and video to compatible mobile devices and your computer, share directly with select social networking sites, shoot remotely with your smartphone or tablet and more. Image quality is beautifully sharp and resonant, even when you’re shooting in low light, thanks to the 20.2 Megapixel* High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, which together create the Canon HS SYSTEM. And just press the dedicated movie button to capture vividly lifelike 1080p Full HD video. For documenting and sharing your life, the PowerShot SX610 HS camera is the perfect partner.

I purchased this camera in White (there are other alternatives) but mine is the best because it has a gold lens cap which is STUNNING “AF” (aka ‘As Flowers’ because I’ve just brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash).

The quality of the pixels? Somewhere between 18-20. The quantity of Pixies? 0. I wouldn’t mind a Pixie jumping out the box upon unboxing. That would’ve made the £147 I spent on it all the more worthwhile.

Features? It’s got NFC – not Norwich Football Club, so calm your kitties – NFC is sort of like Bluetooth but for your camera and Smartphone. Basically, you can send your videos/pictures from your phone to your camera and/or visa-versa. It also has Wi-Fi, and allows you to zoom in and out, focus the lens, and add filters to your pictures. Look, its filters ain’t got a patch on Instagram, but they’re still good!

What do you get in the box? The camera (I hope), and a charger (thank God), the battery (pretty useful, if you ask me), and a string to hold the camera.

What you don’t get in the box? A Micro-SD card, a tripod (for vlogging or recording short-films) and a case.

What’s good about this camera? It’s portable, stylish, the price (for what you’re investing in) and not to mention the fact that it is legitimately a BAE! Also, FLASH needs to be turned on manually. This means that finally, you can choose how long you go without having to get rushed to the opticians because the FLASH of a camera spontaneously blinded you!

What’s not-so-good about this camera? The quality of indoor photos don’t look that great.

I bought it from Amazon, and I don’t mean the rainforest. Although, I have sent an email to the Press team over there with an enquiry. Should the leader of one of their tribes get back to me, you’ll be the first to know!

Unicorns and rainbows (which are the farts of a Unicorn! #MindBlown),



Do you guys use emojis? I absolutely love them. I can’t express myself without them. I mean, I even have an emoji mug (bought to me as part of a Secret Santa) which I take to work with me. I’ve also got a ‘lovestruck’ 😍 emoji pillow thar takes pride of place on my bed. I should’ve got the crying with laughter one instead to be fair! 😂

This post has nothing to do with ‘Beauty’ itself  – although – one could argue that emojis are beautiful things. Therefore, you know what? I take back my comment. It does. It has a lot to do with Beauty!

As you can see, I love emojis. A lot. While we’re on the subject, I think the best addition made  onto iOS’ 2016 emoji update was — bacon. Obviously it was nice sEwing the male and female worker and student emojis but let’s all cut to the chase… The only emoji anyone really needs when describing what they’re going through in life is: fried pork. 🥓

I’ve actually written sentences and played “Emojinary” with emojis as well. “What’s Emojinary?” I hear you cry… Well, it’s a game like Pictionary, only you use emojis to describe a film, song, word etc. instead of drawing.

For example,

Film: 🦁👑

Song: 💋🙋🏻📲

Word: 🤳🏼

Comment your ideas for what the answers could be below to (not) win a prize. C’mon guys and dolls, don’t forget the January Money …or the lack of it… Blues.


Miamii xxx

P.S. what is your favourite emoji? Do you even like emojis? Let’s start an emojified conversation!


Comment using your Top 5 Top Emojis (found in your Most Used history). 😜 If you’re brave enough – you could even go as far as creating a sentence out of ’em!

I literally cannot wait to see what you come up with, lovers! ❤

Are any of you beauties on Snapchat? If so, you’d have noticed that the first Snap filter on the conveyor is one promoting the upcoming Kenzo x H&M collaboration!

Cast your mind back to 2015 when H&M collaborated with Balmain, and the year before that when the high street giant collaborated with Vera Wang… Well, this year it’a the turn of Kenzo (another luxury clothing brand).


Selfie Cam on YouCam Makeup

Girls and guys who enjoy wearing make-up, this post goes out to you!

One of my best friends introduced me to an app that has strengthened my selfie game by infinity and beyond lightyears.

Whether you have or haven’t heard of it is not the issue here… The issue is how incredible it actually is! Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about YouCam Makeup! Brought to us by the make-up army folk at Perfect Corp, this app is FREE to download from the iOS app store and has become the Holy Grail of make-up  *and hair* experimentation.

YouCam Makeup is the best makeover and hairstyle studio with hundreds of makeup and beauty products for your digital makeover! The smart facial detection gives you the most true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on selfie photos.

I used to wear make-up… Now, the make-up wears me!

YouCam Makeup is the next best thing since slice bread, unless you’re partially gluten intolerant like me.