Eva Bra

Wow. If this story doesn’t tug at your heartstrings so hard that they come off, are you human?

So, a Mexican student called Julian Rios Cantu was 13 when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through a DOUBLE mastectomy! The family’s life changed forever, and it’s affected the poor guy so much that he promised to revolutionise the diagnosis of breast cancer, preventing mastectomies for other women.

At the age of 18, Julian and his three friends created ‘Eva’, the sensory bra that monitors the shape, texture, colour, and temperature of each breast – to determine whether there are cancerous cells that could put women at risk.

If you’re looking for more information on this bra, there’s a video posted onto Higia Technologies (the company that Julian has founded) explaining how it works and was made.

Eva is made up of 200 small, tactile biosensors that map out the surface of each breast and its results recorded via the bra and sent to an app, alerting the wearers of changes.

In the video it states that customers only need to wear Eva for one hour a week to have the results registered. Cantu dreams of Eva being less painful than mammograms, giving better results than an ultrasound. He’s also dubbed it the: “autoexploration bra”.

Want to find out more? Click here to watch the Spanish video tutorial.

Yes, the Eva bra might just be a prototype right now, but I think it’s a brilliant idea that’ll gain large, widespread funding. Want to stay in the loop? Subscribe the Higia Technologies’ newsletter now – available in English and Spanish.

I think Julian deserves a Mexican knighthood. What an absolute teen prodigy, and inventorial legend. The student turned entrepreneur has gone on to win the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in Germany.


This post is for people who might come across my blog via search engines or social-media, and who want to know whether blogging is all it’s cracked up to be. I promise I won’t be biased in my response…

Blogging, for me, is stress relief. The stresses of life really affect us in more ways than we realise… That’s why it’s vital to have something we can do to release the tensions or frustrations – I do so through blogging. I’m not a frustrated person, but I do find that my levels of communication (albeit good) are nowhere as strong as my writing – where expression is concerned…

I may over-grammar (or sometimes not grammar at all), and I may not know how to spell the most basic of words sometimes, which results in me reposting something a billion times in an attempt to get it right. That’s only because I think fast and post faster, okay? 😆

Anyway, I use blogging as a means of expressing myself. I love to write. When I was young, I used to want to be like Tracy Beaker or her foster mum, Cam. I would write short stories and do little illustrations, posting them through the gap under the door for my mum to read in the morning. She was, and probably still is, my biggest fan. 😂

So, should you?

If you’re a fan of writing and could write for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, YEARS, DECADES, AND CENTURIES AS WELL AS THE AFTERLIFE… Do it. Get writing a blog. You honestly won’t regret it. You’ll meet like-minded people, grow a following and have your words read by many. You never know the effects you can have on someone through your writing. I get people from all over the World reading mine, if WordPress‘ stats are to be believed…

The main things you should consider when making a blog are: what are you passionate about? What can you write lots about? What type of people do you want to attract? Who’d you want to be reading it? What’s the style and tone-of-voice of your blog? How do you want to be perceived in your writing?

All of this matters, it shows off your personality to the virtual world. That, that right there is a sign that you’re doing it write. 😘💖



My writing is going ‘Down Under‘, soon! No, for real… I’m going to be writing a guest blog post for an Australian website.

“BONZA! G’DAY MATE! HOW ARE YA, THIS ARVO?” I’m allergic to Kiwi.

Kangaroos, you’d better get ready, ’cause I’m about to JUMP on this Aussie bandwagon quicker than you can breed…

That’s it, I’ve also got ‘Nothing (more) To Declare’.



Hi guys,

This is just a quick one to tell you what you already know. I don’t have and have yet to set up a blogging schedule.


However, that’s going to change! I’m going to start designating specific days of the week to blog, because it’ll just make you guys aware to prepare for a mighty blog session! Obviously there may be a few times where over-excitement gets the better of me or a certain trend that I want to post about comes up, that’s the only time I’ll blog unpredictably.

I don’t actually know when my designated days are going to be yet, though. I’ll let you all know next week.

FYI: the days I post on next week’ll most likely be the designated blog days for the foreseeable.

Also, you may need to think about getting some stuff out on ye old Twittersaurus Rex by the way, I’m out here / in here getting withdrawals! 😭💖

Finally, fellow bloggers, if you’ve got any ideas for posts that you’d like me to cover, CASH ME IN THE COMMENTS, HOW BOUH DAH?



Right, so last time I updated you on my level (or lack of it) of fitness, I was injured and knee-less. Good luck if you had to hear all about it, if you didn’t consider yourself lucky! I resent myself, trust me.

*rant over*

I will be discussing the power plate I purchased from Amazon which has replaced Jim (the venue, ’cause our relationship wasn’t working out) and Miumba (the reason I fudged up my knee in the first place).

So, like one thing I only just found out about myself since writing this blog, I don’t tend to go for products with the shortest and easiest of names, oh no… If you want to buy my Power Plate (but not exactly mine because mine isn’t for sale, this is WordPress not Scphok, FFS!)

Anway, it’s “Upgraded 2017 Bluetooth Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Plate Fitness Machine Lifetime Motor Warranty 2500 Watts Get Fit with this revolutionary piece of gym equipment”. Did I type all that in to find it? Did I heck! 😂

I have absolutely been using this every day since my knee injury healed and “I can’t even tell you how good it is”, except I can and am going to. This is BLOG not a mind-meld like a game of Sims 3. If, like many things on this blog, that comment has flown over your head, don’t worry… Imagine BEING ME! I live inside of myself on the daily basis. It’s fun, honest.

What’s it like (the Power Plate, not my life)? It’s very gradual. So there are five modes, I am well versed in shaking like I’m being throttled by an electric machine which claims to burn calories – so it’s okay, I can handle it.

For less than £150, you get the Plate (I hope or else you’ve been DID!), a DVD, some adjustable arm straps with handles and a piece of paper with all the different positions on there. Oh, and a remote which doesn’t remotely fudging work because it came battery-less. Don’t even get me started! Like, how does that make any sense? Put a remote in, and have them DREAM BEFORE IT ARRIVES that they need to buy a packet of Duracell’s finest AAs before they can work the damn thing!

Also, the modes aren’t easy to suss out. If, like me, you’re an extreme gymnastics person (not measured on whether or not you can run a lap around a bus stop), you’ll want to be standing, squatting and doing whatever else on it when it’s going at its maximum speed. Well, you’re going to have to MANUALLY keep pressing up from 0 to 200, all while shaking like a leaf. Try it, it’s mortifying but GLORIOUS at the same time.

Am I seeing results? I do it in the morning and evening, and have been on a teatox and eating healthy (trying to limit calorie intake) but I noticed a difference, my work trousers are baggier. It was mortifying in Manc, they were almost hanging by my ankles! I had to buy a belt. 😂

Should you invest in one? Yes, it’s a good purchase especially if you’re on the go and don’t have time for the gym.

SIDE NOTE (which is positioned at the bottom of this post): although it shows a bronze/brown Power Plate, the one delivered is Black – but it’s still the same one.