This a story all about how I entered my bath and ended up looking like Jim Carry from The Mask… ūüé∂ (Fresh Prince of Bel Air probably did this tune¬†better).

Anyway, of all the strange things to happen to me, I walked into my bath for a shower (#savage, allie?! ūüėĪ) after trying an “experiment” which claims to revert greys/whites/silvers back to your natural hair colour, but¬†looked in the mirror to find Stanley Ipkiss staring back at me.

Nettles, rosemary and rice bran vinegar work to cleanse the skin, removing dirt and grease, leaving bright and beautifully clean skin. Chamomile blue oil and rose absolute are used for balancing skin tone. Rice bran and ground almonds will gently exfoliate the skin and when mixed with water, the almonds create a soft cleansing milk. Our chlorophyllin is extracted from alfalfa, which is rich in vitamins and minerals and is great for revitalising the skin.

Herbalism is a green, fresh cleanser that positively surprised me in how good it felt on my skin. I actually feel as though my skin has been “replenished”. Oh, yes, I’m onto adult¬†words now! Join me here tomorrow where I’ll be mentioning words like: “stratospherically” (well fit) and “unbloodybelievably” HOW¬†are you real and not a God? ūüíĖ

What do I love about Herbalism? The fact that¬†it’s got chlorophyll in it. ūüėÜ Everyone get your ‘Photosynthesis for Dummies’ books out, or AQA as they’re better known… Who loved science growing up? Tbh,¬†I didn’t mind any subject, I enjoyed school ’cause I was a boffin (who didn’t know her gluteus maximus from her funny bone).

Even though I’ve only used it once, I’ve already noticed that Herbalism has made my skin smoother, softer and cleaner. I can always tell if a LUSH product suits me after just one use –¬†it’s the same with their masks (which are their products ūüėÜ).

For example, their Tea Tree Toner has broken me out once before…. I later realised that this was because spots and bacteria were trapped under the skin, so LUSH’s Tea Tree Water was just bringing that¬†to the surface.

This is a good tip to note. Obviously if you encounter¬†a really bad reaction like burning, skin infection or discolouration¬†– stop using whatever you’re using immediately¬†and go to¬†seek treatment. If not, go in to¬†seek advice, but stop until you get it.

Finally, I love Herbalism. It’s Herbalismly Herbtastic and I Herbzard a guess that I’ll be repurchasing. Green like Kermit. Frogs are always bae on Sundays, especially this one.


If you were an apple, you’d be a fine-apple… ūüććūüėČ (one that wasn’t harmed in the making of LUSH’s Gorgeous, obvs)

LUSH’s Gorgeous is… just that. I don’t use it often because¬†I got it for my mum,¬†but I do enjoy¬†slathering some onto my face every now and again as a refreshing treat.

Personally, I can’t really tell you much¬†about this product¬†because, as I said, I don’t use it a lot. However, it costs ¬£40something — that I am aware of! ūü§£

Gorgeous, as far as I know, is¬†great¬†for balancing the skin-tone…¬†My mum has hyper-pigmentation sun spots, so this is good for balancing out the skin-tone, or so I’ve heard…

A light but highly effective face cream. We‚Äôve filled this with freshly-juiced fruits, cold-pressed and organic oils to leave your skin feeling like velvet. Made fresh in small batches, we’ve used fresh pineapples, which contain enzymes to refine pores, fresh organic lemon and orange juices encouraging the skin to stay matte and to help remove dead skin cells, and orange blossom honey water to soothe and moisturise

LUSH’s Gorgeous, like most things, smells delightful… If I had to tell you what it smells like, I’d say a fruity and juicy Orange scent. I absolutely love¬†LUSH, its¬†products and their fragrances¬†live up to its name, LUSH!

I’ve used it a couple of times, each of those times I’ve noticed that, like Enzymion, it dries into my skin very quickly. However, unlike Enzymion (which dries matte), this one leaves a dewy glow.

Look, it’s major expensive in comparison to the other creams I’ve bought for myself and worked well. I don’t think paying ¬£40+ for it (if I was going to use it for myself alone) is justifiable.¬†However, my mum’s the one who’s been using it every day, and I’ve¬†noticed a brightness in her skin, and her dark spots are less noticeable.

I’ll be sharing¬†her entire beauty regime soon, because I’m sure it’ll help plenty of you.


Hello, worth-itian/s! ūüėČ

Welcome to Good Friday on Beauty Bae, where I’ll be reviewing anything and everything “Good”.

I’m virtually (and not violently) kicking things off with a review of LUSH’s¬†‘Let The Good Times Roll’. Who remembers the good times? Who can forget the good times? What is better than the good times? Nothing.

I have to say that, although I look like some type of LUSH Connoisseur, this is the first time I’m trying this…

My brother bought it for himself and told me about it! Oh, the shame of being a “beauty” blogger but¬†having to be told by your own brother¬†that you should try something…

Anyway, I tried it, and I’m now able to cast my honest (non-Robert Rinder) judgement. I rest all cases, especially the luggage ones!

‘Let The Good Times Roll’ has some pretty good¬†ingredients in there… #BADUMTSCHHHHHHHHHHHH! Slam that symbol so hard it disjoints from the drum kit, bae! ūü•ĀūüíĖ

This face and body cleanser is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a buttery popcorn fragrance. Maize flour and polenta gently exfoliate, whilst cinnamon powder stimulates and leaves you feeling fresh and revived, with beautifully soft skin. This gentle yet scrubby cleanser will soothe and soften your skin, giving it a natural glow.

Maize flour is aMAIZEing on the skin by the way… It’s basically like corn starch.

Anyway, LTGTR¬†smells like cookie dough… It’s very sweet.

Even after¬†you wash it off and dry your face, there’s still a sweet fragrance that sticks around… That’s one of the only things I can think of that might not be to everyone’s taste. Having said that, if you want to smell like cake or biscuit batter, this is the one.

Another thing that I think might “take the biscuit”¬†for some people is the fact that it’s a little too gentle and soft…

What I mean is, if you’re into scrubs or cleansers that are rough enough to take off dead skin and impurities but not harsh enough to damage the skin, this one isn’t for you.¬†If that’s more your thing, you¬†need something like Ocean Salt¬†or Dark Angels.

On the flip side, this one is good for those who suffer with sensitive or dry skin but want their skin to look soft and moisturised.

One thing I love about brands like LUSH: they don’t test their products on animals – and only purchase ingredients from farmers who don’t test on animals. ūüíĖ

Nivea, Pepsi, Co-OpThere must be something in the advertising industry’s water because Nivea has become the second (out of three) brand to pull an advert from the airwaves, this week…

We all know which was the first, don’t we? Pepsi, of course! Yeah, their 2017 advert featuring Kendall Jenner was removed after hundreds of thousands of viewers complained that it was¬†“trivialising¬†recent street protests across the US” which took place in support of the¬†‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Although a few¬†took offence (with¬†many voicing¬†their opinions via social-media) there’s no denying that a large number of others¬†were able to react by making jokes or being sassy, Martin Luther King’s daughter being one of them…

Pepsi has since apologised and taken down the advert (as expected), also publishing an apologetic statement to the disgruntled fans, customers and Kendall Jenner in particular.

As I said, Nivea¬†has also had to have its advert taken down… The¬†German skincare company¬†has become the second brand to¬†publicly apologise to viewers and fans¬†for its “white is purity” campaign; which was deemed discriminatory and racially insensitive…

How the advertisers signed this one¬†off as okay I don’t and won’t¬†ever know! I mean, just LOOK at it (picture above).

Oh and – just when we thought that was it¬†for failed adverts, the UK’s Co-operative supermarket has too¬†come under fire over “outrageous sexism” after it released an advert regarding chocolate Easter eggs…

Their latest commercial¬†encourages¬†parents to treat their daughters¬†“for doing the washing up”. I mean, I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry… WHAT?! It seems as though the¬†advertising world has well and truly lost it.

Alas, this month’s shaping up to be the month¬†advertising fails. Remember, we’re 7 Days in, and already¬†three adverts have been pulled (like a piece of meat). Who knows what else is in store over the next 22-or-so days…

Oh, how could I forget… Cadbury very nearly makes the fourth after it was¬†criticised¬†for opting not to use the word¬†“Easter” in¬†its egg hunts. SWINES!

Miamii Mansour, Beauty Bae

Today, my face was made up of 99%¬†L’Or√©al.

The primer? Infallible.

The foundation? Infallible.

The highlighter, contour and blusher pallet was the only thing not from L’Or√©al… It was a sample from my Glossybox, I’ll be blogging about it (and the other products I got) soon.

The lipstick? Colour Riche.

The¬†setting/fixing spray? Infallible. (I’ll put a blog out on this, soon).

The mascara? Fiber.

Yeah, some might say it’s an obsession…¬†I’m putting it down to¬†an exceedingly high level of admiration and respect for a brand that actually does wonderful things for my facial follicles, pores, skin cells, all whilst¬†enhancing the look of my exterior front-facing head.

If L’Or√©al released a¬†clothing line, I’d have bought a few garms from the collection and¬†worn them¬†too!

I actually have to say that my skin has never, ever felt so good… Honestly, my¬†makeup looks extremely flawless when I apply the Infallible collection. The finish of this combo gives my skin a really healthy glow and a matte look and feel.

Thanks, L’Or√®al.