I’m excited. I’ve just signed up to a monthly subscription of GLOSSYBOX!

I covered it in a previous blog post, expressed interest but didn’t know if I was going to go through with it because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like all of the products that they send over every month. However, I just decided to go through with it and place an order, I’m sure I’ll enjoy what I get sent, and will be sure to blog about the products afterwards.

I’ve seen a few of you ladies have a subscription with GLOSSYBOX, how are you finding the samples? I know everybody’s different and each box is customised, but you must know if you like the stuff that’s getting sent to you each month, no?

Also, I’m guessing they send out special gift boxes on our birthdays because why else would they ask for it, right? What sort of stuff have they put in yours previously?

In other news, my long awaited Hair Jazz post is coming next week. I will be doing a TeaMi tea one as well soon, I’ve just been too busy to give it a go – but I’m working on it…


I cannot stress this enough, I’m not a Man, contrary to my last name: “Mansour”…

When I’m somewhere where they have to refer to me by my full name, I usually get someone who obviously hasn’t ventured out of their house and has lived a rather sheltered life, to the point where they’ve never actually met another culturally diverse person. It does have a tendency to get awkward… Pronunciations of “sour man” all round, FFS! It’s  pronounced “Mansoor”, guys, MANSOOR! In case you’re still wondering, my last name is of Leb-a-KNEES origin.

Anyway, this one’s about men’s skincare ’cause I haven’t blogged about men’s skincare in a while… I’m sorry for neglecting that SAXY face of yours. You WIND me with your handsomeness, so what else was I going to say? You wind me UP at times as well, though…  😕 Are you Maltese? ’cause you’re a TEASE(R).

Eventually, I’ll get to the purpose of this post. Don’t worry. Bear with me. TED 🐻.

Right. Men. You need to wash your faces and take care of your skin.

The key to flawless skin (like someone who looks after theirs) is to use only the best products and have a regime.

Firstly, start of by choosing a cleanser (1) that adheres to your skin type. Once you have that, you’re all set… Then, it’d be good to invest in a scrub (2) for use on blackheads, shaving bumps etc. apply this once or twice a week. Then, try to find a good toner (3), this’ll close your pores after washing your face. Finally, buy a moisturiser (4) that you feel comfortable wearing and that combats your specific skin problem – whether it’s oil, dryness, acne, sensitivity etc.

That’s literally it. It’s not hard…

Happy skin-caring, legend. 💖


“When Doves cry…”

Right, guys, Dove want you girls to have the most BEAUTIFUL pits. Yeah, Shiloh & co. (Brangelina’s kids and/or your underarms).

Let’s not beat around your *probably NOT* unshaved armpit bush, you need to apply deodorant at regular intervals or else you’ll get STUNK and smell of B to the O!

You may be the BO$$ (as Fifth Harmony call us) and there may be a B and an O in the word but there’s also a SS for Stay Sanitary!

The reason why Dove want us to have the most beautiful looking and smelling pits in the world is so that when Bae tries to tickle them, they won’t get more than they bargained for!

Beauty Finish keeps you fresh for 48hours. It’s enriched with minerals and is an anti-perspirant deodorant that stops you from perspiring and getting sweat patches. Am I going to brave smelling mine after I’ve used it? Hahahahaha — yeah. 😑 The things I do for you people, I swear! 😷

Surprisingly, it doesn’t even smell like BO because I do an age old thing called WASHING, twice a day!

Back to what it smells like – I’d say a fresh soapy/fragrant scent… I don’t really know how to describe it… 😦 Umm, just like fresh fabric softener? … (but without chemicals that may be harmful to skin, obviously)!

I do like it. It is my favourite Dove roll-on deodorant. For Sure, it won’t let you down. Oh, wait – wrong brand! 😂


Obviously, LUSH’s Dark Angels was made solely for the face and the body. Just because our teeth make up part of our face, sadly – that doesn’t mean Dark Angels was made for them too! 😭

Rather than continuing with brushing my teeth with Dark Angels, I decided to buy a charcoal toothpaste from Holla & B‘s! Enter Ecodenta.

Charcoal is my favourite thing! I reckon, if it was legal to marry objects without actually being married (does that make sense, probably not… Do I care, again – probably not!), I’d choose facial charcoal-included things. 😍😍😍

What does it look like? A black, shiny gel/paste in a black and white squeezey tube. Original. Douze pwaaaa’ for that!

The taste? I don’t know, liquorice and mint? Hilarious that – as I was attempting to type “liquorice” – my autocorrect fancied writing Liverpudlians instead, FFS! I, honestly, don’t even know what to say/do… Genuinely, I might as well give up now!

No, it doesn’t taste like Liverpudlians, I don’t know (nor want to know) what Liverpudlians taste like… One Yorkshire Pud(ding)lian wouldn’t go amiss, though! #SundayRoast 😋

So, I now know that when my teeth look less Matt Le Blanc and more Duck L’Orange, Ecodenta is the way forward. Yes, it does whiten. I knew it would because charcaol, the blackest object known to man and lady, whitens. It’s a scientific anomaly mate!

Ecodenta’ll leave a smiley shaped hole in your heart (not your mouth), that only Fixodent can Phil (Mitchell).

I want to end this post with my favourite saying: “smile with teeth, be a heart thief!” You’re worth it. Peng ting, peng tang. ❤


LUSH have tooth powders that turn into a foam as if by MAGIC (upon contact with your teethicles). How COOL is that????

They have LOADS of flavours ranging from fruity to minty, and I picked up the strawberry one, also known as ‘Tooth Fairy’.

Close your eyes, make a wish and swish. Magically clean, sparkling teeth are just a brush away with this strawberry-flavoured tooth powder. Don’t be fooled by appearances, arrowroot powder, lemon oil and xylitol keep teeth clean. The tooth fairy will be impressed.

Thankfully, unlike the story of the Tooth Fairy – who collects teeth that have fallen out and replaces them for money – mine are still in tact after use, but I’ve yet to recieve my wages for this month. #TheAudacity 😭

So, anyway, it’s packaged in a really cute flat-ish plastic container. Pink isn’t my favourite colour of the chart, but it’s definitely up there… I like bright colours, and this is definitely bright!

What does it smell like? Strawberry popping candy with a hint of mint. Yes, it feels minty to me, even though it’s strawberry flavoured.

For those wondering if you can taste the fruitiness, I couldn’t taste the strawberry when brushing, if anything it was very, very mild…

If I were to describe the consistency once your teeth meet the powder and a brush, it’d be just like minty, frothy, liquid-foam.

Do I like it? Not really tbf. I dunno, I expected it to taste a lot more like strawberries… Instead, it tasted like a mild Colgate. I did like the uniqueness of the powder idea though, there’s not many (if any) of those around.

The best bit about the whole experience for me was wishing with my eyes closed before I brushed my teeth. No, really. It says (on the packet) that you should “make a wish” before brushing your teeth. I’m not telling you what I wished for! 😘

I love LUSH, they’re very creative.