Obviously, LUSH’s Dark Angels was made solely for the face and the body. Just because our teeth make up part of our face, sadly – that doesn’t mean Dark Angels was made for them too! 😭

Rather than continuing with brushing my teeth with Dark Angels, I decided to buy a charcoal toothpaste from Holla & B‘s! Enter Ecodenta.

Charcoal is my favourite thing! I reckon, if it was legal to marry objects without actually being married (does that make sense, probably not… Do I care, again – probably not!), I’d choose facial charcoal-included things. 😍😍😍

What does it look like? A black, shiny gel/paste in a black and white squeezey tube. Original. Douze pwaaaa’ for that!

The taste? I don’t know, liquorice and mint? Hilarious that – as I was attempting to type “liquorice” – my autocorrect fancied writing Liverpudlians instead, FFS! I, honestly, don’t even know what to say/do… Genuinely, I might as well give up now!

No, it doesn’t taste like Liverpudlians, I don’t know (nor want to know) what Liverpudlians taste like… One Yorkshire Pud(ding)lian wouldn’t go amiss, though! #SundayRoast 😋

So, I now know that when my teeth look less Matt Le Blanc and more Duck L’Orange, Ecodenta is the way forward. Yes, it does whiten. I knew it would because charcaol, the blackest object known to man and lady, whitens. It’s a scientific anomaly mate!

Ecodenta’ll leave a smiley shaped hole in your heart (not your mouth), that only Fixodent can Phil (Mitchell).

I want to end this post with my favourite saying: “smile with teeth, be a heart thief!” You’re worth it. Peng ting, peng tang. ❤


LUSH have tooth powders that turn into a foam as if by MAGIC (upon contact with your teethicles). How COOL is that????

They have LOADS of flavours ranging from fruity to minty, and I picked up the strawberry one, also known as ‘Tooth Fairy’.

Close your eyes, make a wish and swish. Magically clean, sparkling teeth are just a brush away with this strawberry-flavoured tooth powder. Don’t be fooled by appearances, arrowroot powder, lemon oil and xylitol keep teeth clean. The tooth fairy will be impressed.

Thankfully, unlike the story of the Tooth Fairy – who collects teeth that have fallen out and replaces them for money – mine are still in tact after use, but I’ve yet to recieve my wages for this month. #TheAudacity 😭

So, anyway, it’s packaged in a really cute flat-ish plastic container. Pink isn’t my favourite colour of the chart, but it’s definitely up there… I like bright colours, and this is definitely bright!

What does it smell like? Strawberry popping candy with a hint of mint. Yes, it feels minty to me, even though it’s strawberry flavoured.

For those wondering if you can taste the fruitiness, I couldn’t taste the strawberry when brushing, if anything it was very, very mild…

If I were to describe the consistency once your teeth meet the powder and a brush, it’d be just like minty, frothy, liquid-foam.

Do I like it? Not really tbf. I dunno, I expected it to taste a lot more like strawberries… Instead, it tasted like a mild Colgate. I did like the uniqueness of the powder idea though, there’s not many (if any) of those around.

The best bit about the whole experience for me was wishing with my eyes closed before I brushed my teeth. No, really. It says (on the packet) that you should “make a wish” before brushing your teeth. I’m not telling you what I wished for! 😘

I love LUSH, they’re very creative.



Last week, I visited Holland & Barrett to pick up some whitening toothpastes to try on this blog – and first up is: AloeDent!

Yes, it’s a well known fact that Aloe Vera has great benefits when taken in drink form, applied on the skin and so on but it’s recently been making headlines as being wonderful for brushing our TEETH with, too!

Apparently, Aloe Vera is used to whiten, strengthen and clean our teeth – protecting the enamel; ’cause them “Molar Bears” are fighting against *that* kind of cruelty!

Do Aloe Vera toothpastes do what they suggest or claim to? The short and simple answer is: YES. The long answer is: “I absolute love how clean my teeth feel, I canny stop licking my teeth like I’m doing some sort of advert. You should definitely invest in one.”

In terms of whitening, yeah, I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I’m sure it’s a gradual thing… Tooth strength? My teeth are a lot less sensitive, so that’s got to be a good thing, right? Yes, AloeDent, in particular, is good but I haven’t yet noticed a huge change where whitening is concerned. However, I have only been brushing for 7 days.

What does it taste like? Aloe Vera, duh?! Look, although Aloe Vera doesn’t sit great on the pallet, it’s very heathy and has proven to be good for our teeth as well. AloeDent’s consistency? Like the Aloe Vera gel that we might apply on rashes or skin irritations to cool them down.

I’ll be doing another toothpaste post soon – just brush* this paste*!

*watch *space.


Another one (post) bites the LUSH!

Let’s talk about ‘Angels on Bare Skin’, baby! 🎶 or as I like to call it… Devils on Naked Eyes. FML! I washed my face with it and I now have ashes where my eyeballs used to be! Like, it burned and stung the living sight out of them. I literally don’t even know how I can still see… Thank you, Lord!

Oh… Oh, boy! I don’t know if you could tell by the first paragraph, but I’m not too much of a fan… LUSH, what did you put in it, Bleach and Gasoline???? 😭

My eyes were closed when I washed my face, so it can’t have been because of that… It’s just extremely sticky, so it stuck to my lids and when I opened my eyes afterwards, it was like a chemical inferno! My eyes are currently red raw too!

I usually love LUSH, and I’ll continue to use their products, but Angels On Bare Skin is NOT for me… It needs a renaming tbh.

This incredibly gentle cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients. Inspired by a mediaeval recipe and topped off with lavender flowers, this contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished. Lavender oil and rose absolute calm the skin. As you mix your solid cleanser with water to form a paste, the ground almonds create almond milk which helps to tone and brighten the skin. This can be used all over your body as well as your face.

The funniest thing is LUSH describes it as an “incredibly gentle cleanser”… Umm … “extremely gentle?” Hardly! 😭

On the plus side, it’s made of ground almonds and is 100% natural. I LOVE that aspect of it. I’m nutty, extremely nutty, so – anything with nuts is aSHELLing (like aPEELing but NOT).

Main thing though, did it get rid of the dirt? No. Did it absorb the grease? Yes, kinda. Did it make skin feel thicker in texture and complexion? Yes. So, it’s not all bad – I guess… Just, wear swimming goggles before applying and washing it off!

Last note from me? “I’m loving Dark Angels instead…” 🎶


LOL! My life has become blogging about a nappy-rash cream, and no – before you ask, I’m not a parent yet… One day FAW (Suzanne) SHAW!

Anyway, I’m not discussing it because I’ve decided to start a parenting blog, so don’t get used to this… This is a spontaneous post, until I decide I’ve run out of ideas for great content to which I’ll review Johnson’s Baby Oil or Baby Wipes. #LivingTheBabylessDream

In all seriousness, I’m writing this because of my first and only (until marriage, where I’ll get the poor sod’s initials tattooed on my ring finger) or me and my friends decide to get a matching and symbolic one – tattoo, not a baby! I won’t be having babies with my friends LOL!

My tattoo artist suggested Bepanthen, so I bought it today and have been using it. I absolutely hate it. 😭 It’s SO sticky, like if a poor baby has a rash, s/he’s going to get glued to their babygrow as well!

For tattoo purposes though, it supposed to stop infection and keeps it moisturised. Does it? I believe so. I mean, my tattoo shines for HOURS! It’s unreal how moisturising and greasy it is!

Still, it works well and keeps the colour fresh and vibrant too! I’ve taken the clingfilm off and my wrist has a new lease of life!

By all means put it on your fresh tattoo, but maybe try another cream e.g. Sudacrem for your baby’s rashes, they don’t deserve that. You’re welcome!