Real Issues That Affect Us


Although the true definition of “perfection” doesn’t exist, you, yourself are perfect… Everything about you makes you perfect to those who appreciate you and know your worth/value.

Never forget that.

Your figure, your face, your eyes, your smile, your personality… It all makes you you, and that’s why you’re loved by the people you’re loved by.

This is my #TuesdayMotivation(al) message to you, The One reading this.


I am just one in an ocean of people who love those of all races, religions, genders, sexualities and backgrounds. Don’t let what’s happening in the World right now (coming from a minority with a loud voice) make you forget that!

Together, we will trump hate, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, racism and sexism! Let’s stand tall and be as one against bigots of both great or little power.




Where are the ‘This Morning‘ production team finding their guests, please? I mean, in the space of less than one week there have been two misogynistic views raised by none other than women!

First it was that “women are more likely to be sexually assaulted if they dress provocatively” and now it’s “women who don’t wear make-up are less likely to secure a job after an interview”.

I’m actually getting extremely tired of this crap now! I expected that (after the very liberating and powerful #WomensMarch) we would be more accepting of femininity and of ladies in general. Alas, we’ve since had women openly shading us on a public scale! If we women are being this misogynistic towards each other, what message are we sending to the chauvinistic and bigoted men like Trump, Farage and Morgan?

Ladies, whether you wear make-up or not, whether you wear provocative clothes or not – you do you! Do what makes you happy! Don’t conform to ideals set by others just to “fit in”. Embrace yourself, embrace your body, embrace your face, your beauty and your character.

When you go for a job interview – provided you’ve showered, look clean, your body language is on point and you’re dressed somewhat smartly (as though you’ve made an effort) – nothing else matters!

If make-up is not your thing, I envy you. At least your skin will age slower and you’re what can be described as a “natural beauty”. Also, you’re getting an extra however many minutes or hours to sleep in the morning! RESULT!

I’ve never actually come across a Job Specification or Description which highlights that a woman “needs to wear make-up” in order to be hired – well, unless they’re applying for jobs at MAC or beauty counters in department stores, that is…

Let me remind you that there are women on Earth who are creating revolutions for us against make-up and fore it. Chimamanda and Alicia Keys to name a couple!

Your skills, personality, body language, experience and what you say in an interview are what get you hired, not what you look like facially. The company also has to consider whether you’re a good fit culturally, again, this has nothing to do with whether you’re partial to eyeliner, some mascara, and a lippie nor does it have anything to do with the fact that you can ‘Kontour Like a Kardashian‘.

Besides, would you hire someone who looks as though they should be appearing on ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’? Less is definitely more (depending on the type of role you’re applying for).

Love and light,



Let’s get really deep for a second… I know this is a “Beauty” blog but life is beautiful (unless lived incorrectly) and I want to get personal. I’m in that weird, philosophical  (2:something o’clock in the morning) mood…

When you look at your life – the way it is – are you happy? Like, really happy? ‘Cause sometimes, we get  too content and used to a situation/routine that we don’t actually stop to realise that – on the face of it – we could be a lot happier if something was a little different.

Do you feel as though you have accomplished all you have wanted to accomplish at work/school, in your personal life, or are well on your way to?

Are you happy with your circle and the people you surround yourself with?

Do you feel like you’re living life without regrets? I, for one, regret not eating that Pad Thai when I had the chance… 😢

Is there nothing you ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ done differently?

I want all of the answers to those questions to be  a “YES!” for you. If not, only you know what to do…

Fix it!

Look, no one said it’s going to be easy, but everyone knows it’ll definitely be worth it.

Chase that dream of yours. Follow that heart. Do what you want. Be the person you are and improve on yourself to become the person you want to be. Surround yourself with the people you want to be around.

It’s really that simple!

Time stops for no-one. Before we know it, Earth is a myth, our life is a myth, the people we’ve met along the way are myths, but the memories we make/made? They stay with us forever. Do you really want to live life with a “what if?” mentality? Is waking up one day – when it’s too late to change it – what you want?

Would you feel happy knowing that there’s something you’ve wanted to do with your life but were never able to out of lack of courage, fear, uncertainty? Is there some sort of heartache that you’re harbouring? Are there words left unsaid or business left unfinished?

Life, it’s all about risks – and taking them. No, I don’t mean jumping off buildings without a harness… There’s a difference between “risks” and stupidity. I’m talking about making those changes that you want to see, opening up to forgiveness and letting past resentments go, allowing you to start a fresh. I’m talking about living differently, biting the bullet and going after what you want, what you really, really, want! (Listen to ‘The Spice Girls’, they said it best…)

To do so, you need to think about what’s holding you back and cut it off or rid it from your life entirely, no matter how painful or stressful. Phobias and fears (which are phobias) are all in our heads. Like lots of things. What we need to do is listen to our hearts as they don’t fear anything.

I really hope you’re happy, but if not, that’s not to say you’ll never be “happy” nor that you can’t be. It’s not too late.

Of course everyone has their own ideas on what “happiness” is and what it means to them… What I personally meant by it is that there are ways to measure your level of happiness.

Be honest when answering these questions… Does the life you lead make you want to get up extra early in the morning? Make you have a spring in your step as you leave for work or school? Make you want to go back home after a day’s work? All of these… They’re important indicators as to whether we are truly happy or not.

Again, if the answer is “no” or “not really” to some (or all) of these questions, I hope this post motivates you to make even the slightest of changes to your life so it can be happier. You deserve that!

Everything happens for a reason. Remember, things that don’t take time won’t be worth it… You’re travelling at your own speed. Fate/Spirituality plans the rest.


Girls and guys,

I just wanted to come online to discuss something with you… There are people we meet in our lives who, for whatever reason, are not the same as us. They don’t believe that how we live our lives is correct simply because they have other ways of looking at or tackling situations.

That, in no way, makes our own ways of coping or dealing with situations “wrong”. We are not “selfish” if we choose to make a decision that impacts our own lives. We are not “selfish” if we choose to do something that someone else might not want us to do (within reason) just because it’s long-winded or likely to not work out as we’d hoped.

Believe that you can, try, and do it. If you succeed, you’ll be proving the other person wrong, and if you don’t, well – at least you tried.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re wrong for a said decision that you make (unless it’s to the detriment of you or others).

Your life is yours, and yours alone. When we are born (unless we are part of a set of twins), we are born alone. When we eventually leave this life, we leave it alone. So, you’re going to need to look back and be happy knowing categorically that you have lived for you, because if you’re too busy living for someone else, you have failed.

In life, we need to separate our unconditional love for others from their ability to control our decisions and impact on what we want to do. You can love someone unconditionally but still live for yourself. If you feel as though you have to sacrifice your happiness for someone else, you shouldn’t. That is “selfishness” on their part and their part alone. Also, if you have no option but to lose them because of this, then it’s their loss.

Thank you for reading,