Real Issues That Affect Us

13 Reasons Why

This week’s #NationalMentalHealthWeek and May is renowned for being #NationalMentalHealthMonth. So, I wanted to make a quick post that explains why I won’t be watching ‘13 Reasons Why‘, and tell you all that it’s okay to suffer from bouts of depression from time to time, you’re only human. When you begin to feel down though, recognise the triggers, and speak/reach out. Don’t suffer alone. You’re not alone.

1) It sounds majorly sad, traumatising and depressing.

2) It’ll definitely have a negative affect on me, it’ll be a mind-messer.

3) I’m not interested in watching someone else suffering – least of all to the point of being driven to suicide.

4) I don’t want to watch other people’s words or actions leading to someone taking their own life… I’m well aware that it’s a prominent, sensitive issue in today’s society that needs to be addressed (in ways other than filming a series and streaming it to Netflix).

5) would you want people making a film/TV show about you or someone you know and love going through this? Out of respect, no I wouldn’t. It’s a personal and private thing. Therefore, if this story’s based on a true story – which I’m sure it is – I don’t think it should be aired.

6) a majority of us have been bullied, so I wouldn’t watch it for fear that it’d bring back memories. I also don’t think watching others being bullied is something I’d find intriguing or interesting. It actually makes me sad, angry, hurt and annoyed.

7) the show itself is WAY too overrated!

8) I’m not interested in Netflix unless I’m watching it with someone (and I don’t – not because I can’t get someone to watch it with, just because I’m selective and only have one in mind).

9) The genre of real-life, thriller dramas/documentaries doesn’t appeal to me (with exception of Catfish and that isn’t even tragic or mind-messy).

10) I can’t not get emotionally invested in such stories, so I avoid them when possible.

11) it’s not something I’d openly recommend anyone to watch*, so why would I watch it myself?

*other than a bully, in which case I’d show them this as a means of explaining how their words/actions are impacting/could impact on those who they’re bullying.

12) I believe there are other ways of raising awareness for suicide (which doesn’t involve making documentaries). If you want to make a difference, campaign, march, run a marathon, or set up a GoFundMe… Speak out. Do something.

You don’t need to watch a docu-series about the last moments of someone’s life, leading up to their death, to want to do something about it.

13) I just don’t want to.

Look, to give credit where it’s due, I’ve heard great things from friends. It’s also been well received by the wider Netflix community. Obviously if you’re interested in this type of show, watch it. I’m just not and I wanted to share my thoughts on it because it’s all over social-media…

A second season of it (if rumours are to be believed) just shows that it’s less about suicide awareness and more about bank balance. No thanks.

If you’ve been affected by depression, anxiety or intrusive thoughts, seek help – speak to the Samaritans or Child Line (if you’re young). Alternatively, contact a mental health charity like Mind and/or speak to your GP, mentor, parent/s, someone you trust. Sometimes, even a stranger can help. Just, speak.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Bella Inzio did a Sunshine Blogger Award and nominated everyone who read it… I obviously read it, and have accepted her indirect nomination with pride, because today was the sunniest day ever, to happen in London, England…

It was so incredibly sunny that haters would say it hailed and snowed! Don’t ask meteorologists, ’cause they’re the haters!


Yeah – here’s the ‘4 Simple Rules For Accepting My Nomination‘:

• Merci beaucoup the person(s) who nominated you in a post and linking up with their blog

• Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you (to the best of your ability, or in my case – worst)

• Nominate 11 blogs to receive the award and write them 11 different questions (this should be fun, everyone knows how much I love a good interrogation #BroadchurchCALLING).

• Make reference to the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award picture in all its glory on your Postmansour Blog

The Qu(estions)te that Bella wanted answering:

1. What’s your favourite flower?

The ‘Bird of Paradise’. I absolutely love it. The ones that remind me of my mum, which I also love, are Plumeria/Frangipani, Jasmine, Gardenia, and Daisy. 🙂

I’m also a massive fan of blue orchids and roses. In fact, I’d probably say the blue orchid is my second favourite. Definitely the first is Bird of Paradise.

2. How do you unwind when stress strikes?

Blog like a Bloggosapien.

3. Who’s your celeb crush?

Bae, he probably doesn’t identify himself as a celebrity but he is and/or should be… He is in his field – that’s for sure! Trust me, he’s outstanding in it, a legendary Scarecrow of a guy! 😆

He’s so lovely it’s scary. 💖

4. Do you have a sports team you support?

Leeds (via Manchester) United.

5. One random fact about yourself.

I’m normal, on the outside. Yeah, I’m normal. Somewhat normal – in between normal and Normansour.

6. Something you worked really hard for that you’re proud of?

My life. I literally sat in my mum’s womb for 9 MONTHS! That’s slave labour – literally. #OneBorn

7. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Bae. Although he ain’t guilty, he’s innocent – like the smoothie. 😉

8. What made you want to start your blog?

The fact that I can touch type, type really fast, and do some cool stuff with typing. I have a type, writers. Writers are just my type.

*Time to take a break, I’m Out.* 

9. Something you want to improve on?

Understand that bae might not feel the saeme? Nah, tried that – wasn’t fun. So, he does. I’ll make sure he does. 😜

I’m also absolutely joking, listen – if he didn’t, I’d absolutely understand. A Desperado is a drink, not a trait.

10. One characteristic in a partner that is non-negotiable?

I would’ve said funny, ’cause they have to be hilarious 💖 – but nowadays I’m really digging (a hole in the ‘Shape of Them’ 😆) annoyingness. Like, the more annoying they actually are, the better. 😘

11. Are you a planner or do you wing it?

I own a planner, love lists, and eat chicken wings – so I guess I’m the best of both worlds?


If this was Big Brother, I’d nominate those who are reading this. I’m doing a Bella because I’m hungry af and need to eat. I also love too many bloggers to link just 11. Of course, the latter was my excuse. The first reason was just the test.

My questions:

  1. What’s your favourite song ever written?
  2. Where do you like to go to eat out?
  3. How many pets do you/have you had (if any)? OR Why don’t you have any pets now?
  4. What’s your favourite memory?
  5. If you could stalk anyone without being caught or noticed (and without it being almost illegal) who would you stalk and why? 😂
  6. How would you know you’ve made it?
  7. What’s your dream job?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?
  9. Define your own “happiness”?
  10. What is your favourite thing about life?
  11. If you could spend time with anyone, dead/alive, who would it be and why?

This is a post that might make some of you wince or cringe… It’s a topic that although is very rarely discussed, it’s a prevalent and important one.

There’s nothing more important than health… Making sure you’re healthy (and always getting routines if and when there’s one to be had) is vital.

Once you girls turn 25, if you’re not already, you’ll be offered to get a smear test… Whether you choose to go through with it (or not) is entirely your choice. It’s whether you think you need it, want it, or would rather have it done just to get to know your body. The latter is me.

I’m not worried about it, just apprehensive – as I don’t really know what to expect… Obviously I know how the process goes, but I don’t actually know until I’m there – do I?

Now would probably be the time to tell you that contrary to what you might think, I don’t spend all my time watching YouTube videos of the process 😂 (who does?! [other than gynaecologists/nurses] 😳).

I think I’ve just seen it on This Morning previously, and read an article courtesy of BBC Three a while back…

Don’t even ask if I remember watching videos in science, I can’t even remember the grades that I obtained. 😆

If you turn 25 and decide against it, you can sign a form to say that you don’t want them to contact you for 5 years… Basically, what this means is: they won’t hound you for it until the declaration date ends.

To be honest, I’m so glad they’re hounding me though because if there’s anything that I’d want to be hounded about, it’s this (and other stuff relating to our health)! The way I see it, it’s better to be safe than sorry and the NHS are just doing their jobs – trying to save lives and prevent cervical cancer…

I’m not sure whether you’d want to read some stats and/or whether you want to know about this stuff, but it’s something that you need to at least think about one day…

Honestly, plenty of lives have been lost because a smear test wasn’t taken when it was offered. Remember that. Jade Goody? She’s a prime example. A charity was set up in remembrance.

This is just a message to those who might be apprehensive… You have no need to be… #DontFearTheSmear. It’s apparently a lot worse in our heads than it is in real life. I’ve heard it’s just like a bristley-scratch..?

Also, I haven’t come across other bloggers bloggers who’d discuss this topic as it’s a very sensitive one that’s seen as a bit of a taboo; it really shouldn’t be… This is why I decided to write about it on here.

Our health needs to be discussed. Our health is number one – without it, we can’t do anything else.

Look after yourself, get regular checks and stay healthy and happy.

Peace out,

MMM xxx

General Election

I know that the majority of you (reading this) are either voters or in your late teens (and are from the UK), so you’ll be eligible to vote (sooner than 2020)…

You’ll know that there’s a “Snap” election – which has absolutely nothing to do with Snapchat – happening on the 8th of June. Instead, it’s a general election where we, the citizens of the UK, get to vote for our Prime Minister.

You’ll also know that we didn’t get to vote for May… We were able to vote between Miliband and Cameron though, and fore or against Brexit too!

So, this is a message to YOU, it’s YOUR chance to CHANGE THIS!

Look, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, but I’m also not here to tell you to vote Tory! I’ll tell you why…

You’ve seen what happened post-Brexit, right? …

YOU can’t tell me you’re happy with the UK being out of the EU – because what’s YOU without “EU”?

Answer: “Y” – as in “WHY HAS THIS SH*T HAPPENED?!”

People are at risk of deportation, prices are rising, help and funding from other sources has stopped…

It’s a social and economical mess!

Lest we forget how Cameron left straight after Brexit was announced, Farage stood down of his BULLSH*T party, and Boris Johnson couldn’t even hack it afterwards!

What does that tell you? The idiots who were pro-Brexit couldn’t even handle the fall out.

Then, then May was thrust in like a Wrecking Ball that no one wanted.

So, don’t fall for the lies the second time… Choose the RIGHT party – one that won’t stand down after calling most of our bluffs! But, we’re the ones “sabotaging”, right? 😳😑🤷‍♀️

Also, to avoid ‘thinking’ your vote WON’T count or having to say: “I voted the other way KNOWING* the other party would win” the next day – VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO WIN!!!

If you vote for shows like CBB, X Factor and BGT… VOTE IN THE ELECTION! It’s FREE and even MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER!

Let Brexit, what’s happened in the US (Fartface) and a leading party that has made all the wrong decisions be a lesson… This is our chance to put right past wrongs, a chance to fix it. Vote Corbyn. Let’s vote Labour.


I’m running with these Tag ideas… My blog is literally going to just be me answering questions for the foreseeable. If variety be the spice of life – keep these #CUMIN!

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Eh? My wardrobe? The only way I would sleep with it open is if clothes were overflowing out of it. I wouldn’t randomly open it to keep it that way while I sleep… Who does that? 😆

The more I do these things, the more I thank God I’m my kind of crazy…

What do you drink with dinner?

Nothing. I don’t drink anything with dinner… I have a glass of water before it though.

Hot  Tea or Coffee?

I actually can’t pick… Of course I love coffee, but I’ve recently discovered Rose Petal tea… Girls/guys, try it. It’s actually scrumptious.

What is the first thing you notice about someone?

Smile. Smile with teeth be several heart thieves.

Favourite number?

23. No joke, I had a site up at the age of thirteen called Kiss23 and it was dedicated to Zoey 101. Yeah, if you thought I was sad then, I’m devastating now.

What inspired you to start blogging and why did you choose beauty as the focus?

I’ve answered this so many times, in so many ways… So, maybe I can try doing it in FrenchJ’aime écrire. L’écriture est ma vie… Why did I choose beauty? I’ll do this bit in German. Ich kaufe make-up… Ich trage make-up…

What was the best vacation you ever took?

SCHWEIZ. Nowhere does it for me like Schweizerland aka Switzerland aka Sweet Land.

What is your favorite activity outside of blogging?

Sleeping. Talking. Reading.

What is your favourite place to go in London?

London Zoo… I should live there tbh!

When you are feeling down what book is sure to cheer you up?

Facebook. Joking!

Sophie Kinsella OR Lindsey Kelk’s books are gold-dust when I’m down.

If money weren’t an option what would you do with your time?

I don’t need money to have a good time (at all)… If I had it, I’d just save it.

I’m really boring. Like – really, really boring…

I love traveling, but I don’t go on expeditions – I think you can see the world on a budget, you just have to be smart about it and not live pay check to pay check…

What’s your favourite quality about yourself?

I’ve been told I’m wiser than my years? I think that’s the best thing because my friends come to me for advice, and I can hold intelligent conversations well. I might laugh and joke constantly online, but in real life I’m a lot wiser than I let on (apparently).

Why do you tweet so much?

Ha! Life’s all about tweeting. Birds do it, legends do it, and then… Then there’s me.

Do you have any pets?

In my lifetime, I’ve shared houses with two tortoises, seven dogs, two cats, and about 4 birds (not at the same time, I swear). Do fish count as well? If so, we’ve kept a few of those too… Caviar?

To answer the question, I don’t have any pets currently but my family is looking into rehoming a dog… We did that abroad previously and it was incredibly rewarding.

Favourite part of blogging?

Having my words read (or not) by you lot. Hopefully read.

Why do you think beauty is important to women?

Every woman or man is beautiful. The ability to use products to enhance our inner beauties is what makes us externally beautiful.

What qualities do you look for in a friend?

Good banter. Good chat. Funny.

If you could move anywhere where would it be and why?

Definitely Australia, it’s been a life-long dream of mine. I’ll do it one day, I just have to sort other stuff out first.