I say “Peanut”, you say “Butter”…

Finally there is a day after my own heart! ❤

If you know me – whether personally, physically, emotionally, mentally, dream-state or virtually –  you know that my one weakness of the spread variety is the Great PB! 🥜

I actually fully, frankly and categorically believe that I put the “nut” in Peanut Butter! Properly nuts, that’s me…

Let’s all get real (or fake trying), Peanut Butter is glorious! On a slice of toast, a cracker, a banana, a sweet potato… Peanut Butter can be applied on anything and still make it taste a billion times better.

I even make a West African curry/soup using the stuff, and regularly make Satay sauce to accompany my grilled chicken kebabs…

🚨 This is an appreciation post for the LEGEND that is the human-being who looked at a peanut (all those years ago) and thought: “you know what? You’ll look and taste even better as a paste…

“As a gloriously crunchy OR smooth paste ready to be used in sweet and savoury dishes across the land!” 🚨

In 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Canada patented peanut paste, the finished product from milling roasted peanuts between two heated surfaces.

Thank you, Marcellus Gilmore Edison of Canada. I wish I was alive some 100 years ago to have given you all of my money (all £1 of what’s left of it #HurryUpPayDay) in return for a 100% stake in your business. #DragonsDen

This is also a shout-out to the likes of Peanut Hottie (the hot or cold peanut drink) and Meridian peanut butter, the organic, no palm oil alternative to my writing personal favourite, Whole Foods, (although Whole Earth have one which doesn’t contain Palm Oil).

Writing this post has inspired me to purchase some Beer Nuts to put in a blender and crush the living daylights out of them and then lick the contents of the food processor afterwards.

Disclaimer: Peanut Butter is “beautiful” hence why it is being featured on Beauty Bae. Furthermore, Peanut Butter has a host of nutritional benefits and has been proven to aid with weight-loss!

… What is it that Mary Poppins didn’t say? “A spoonful of Peanut Butter* makes the medicine go down?” Yeah, that!


You’re probably thinking I’ve well and truly lost it, writing about morning essentials at 7 in the evening! Well, it’s in preparation for tomorrow.

I have my Bootea and Pure Gold Collagen at the side of my bed, reminding me to take them. If I don’t, I forget. It’s not the end of the World if I forget, I just don’t feel like myself the whole day… It has become a routine for me. I drink the Collagen before breakfast, work out (sometimes), shower, and then I have my breakfast followed a mug of Bootea daytime.

I perfer it to Flat Tummy Tea and Skinny Tea or whatever else is out there, probably because I discovered it earlier than the others and it’s been around for longer than the rest (I assume). Having said that, Skinny Tea looks like my cup of tea, literally. So, I may have to try it! 😋😍

The reason I’m writing this post is that, whatever your morning essentials are – whether it’s a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, or staring at your phone at 6am trying to catch up on what you’ve missed online, do it. Enjoy it. Embrace it. It’s what starts your day with a spring in your step, and what motivates you to get up and carry on with the day.

It’ll be very interesting to hear about your Morning routines and/or essentials, post them in the comments section below and we’ll chat!

Oh. My. God. Ravioli is my weakness (of the pasta variety, these days)… Gnocchi was previously my top, top, favourite but it’s also considered fattening (compared to other forms of pasta). So, in keeping with my new “healthy lifestyle”, I’ve had to switch to an alternative.

Now, I’m not saying Ravioli is considered “healthy” but it’s – in essence – two thin pasta sheets sandwiched in between a small amount of stuffing/filling. What’s more, I think you’ll find that there are a LOT LESS Ravioli parcels in a given packet than there are pieces of gnocchi. Therefore, if you look at it like that, in terms of calories, Ravioli is healthier!

I ventured into M&S on Tuesday – where there had been a  train strike the night before – and decided that I wanted to make something quick and easy for lunch/dinner (by the time I got back).

… I’ll dedicate a post to the inconvenience of tube and train/rail strikes in due course, don’t you worry! #TheBaneOfMyLife #TFL? #FML, more like!

Yeah, I purchased the two types of ravioli, the accompanying Tomato & Basil sauce and foxtrotted my way home to prepare it. *clicks fingers and does jazz hands* “OLÉ!” (not the cream, although, that’s a pretty good shout tbf!)

How easy is this dish to put together? Simple. Boil some water in a saucepan with a dash of salt then add ravioli in at boiling point, waiting for five mins for them to pop back up to the top (when they’re ready for consumption). I also heated the sauce in a frying pan, as you do… 😆. Then, I tucked in!

It was beautiful. Hence why I’m writing this post at 00.17am in the U.K, three days later. Ravioli (or “Raviolis”, in my case) and Tomato & Basil sauce are “BELLISIMO” when paired with one another, (and the definition of #Beauty and #Bae).

I didn’t take a photo of it because the meal was too delicious to photograph! 😋 When your  tummy’s talking, you’ve got to answer it!

Why did I choose Mushroom ravioli? That’s because I’ve been on some Porcinni Mushroom and Truffle hype, recently. I can’t get enough of them! Apparently, there is such a thing as ‘The M Plan’. It’s a diet where we replace two meals a day for a dish that includes Mushrooms. For example, a Mushroom omelette for breakfast and  Mushroom on-toast for dinner. ‘The M Plan’ aids with weight-loss. As someone who’s called Miamii Miriam Mansour, I’ve got to try it, no? It’s what my initials would’ve wanted… 😂

It’s a Thursday and we’re five days into the New Year. Therefore, in keeping with my failure to adhere to my own resolutions long enough, I’m now proposing a detox to and for myself.

After purchasing my body weight’s worth of Ovomaltine (if you didn’t know what Ovomaltine was before reading this, I’m sure you’re penning a letter to Her Maj’ now, asking her to OBE or MBE me – after ordering yourself some from Amazon) just before the Christmas period, something’s got to give… I say this a lot but, one of life’s most unanswered questions is: “how have I not got diabetes yet?” The worst part is, I’m not actually joking… I love and rely on sugar to get me through the day. Sugar is to me what water is to you, I assume.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve gone “cold turkey” (whatever that means)… I am trying this method, even though I do not believe in because I do not believe ridding yourself off something completely (without having a plan of action and steps in place) will work. Alas, I’m trying it and what’s the worse that can happen, right? I am back on Juice Plus+ after taking a little bit of a break – so my body regulates itself.

It’s best to take breaks in-between more than a  3-month dose of supplements just so your body continues to reap the benefits of them.

As I said, I’m back on the Juice Plus+ boosters, taking the capsules (8 capsules per flavour, 3 flavours a day for three days), drinking plenty of water – my idea of “plenty” is somewhere between the amount found in the Sahara Desert and the amount of rainfall measured after a drought.

I sometimes think that I’m a human with camel-like qualities. 🐫  I wouldn’t be surprised if I was reincarnated into a human from a camel or visa-versa. 🐫 > 👧🏻

What I mean is, I don’t need much water to function. I drink a bottle (of wine 🍷 ? I wish!) before bed sometimes and hardly ever drink (wine 🍷? I wish!) during the day…

However, saying that, there are times where I drink too much water to the point where I struggle to stay out of toilets. TMI, much? 🤣

Woohoo! I’ve started a 14-day detox and it consists of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies (lunch and dinner) and a banana (for breakfast). I’m wanting to keep up with drinking lots of… (wine 🍷? I wish!) water and taking the Juice Plus+ capsules / boosters because I remember doing this last time and losing a little bit of weight. This time though, I’ll be adding regular gym sessions to the programme too. Of course, I’m still keeping up with those treadmill, cross trainer and Zumba sessions.

By summer 2017 I’ll be a new (LOL! Who am I kidding? The same…) woman! 👩🏻