Japanese, Sushi

Japanese cuisine – aka: ‘sushi’. Now is the time to discuss my favourite cuisine EVER… It’s with great pride that I announce sushi is Bae. It’s been bae all this time… Bae. ‘Anywae’, yaeh – bae.

I love sushi of all types, hosomaki, uramaki,nigiri, sashimi, maki and temaki… They’re life. I love them because you can purchase sushi in different variations to suit your dietary requirements (i.e. vegetarian, pescatarian, and sometimes even meat). My favourite of all has to be the uramaki – a simple salmon & avocado would do just fine.

Other reasons to like sushi: anyone who’s everyone can have and enjoy these filling but bite sized tasters. Also, there are two styles of sushi such as tempura and/or raw. The good thing is, it’s up to the person’s preference. I think this is why I love sushi more than any other cuisine.

Furthermore, (oo-er, yes BIG words now…) I don’t usually eat rice – but when I do, it’s sticky rice. I’d eat sticky rice (the main ingredient of sushi) on a daily basis if I could…

There’s a really great Japanese shop near where I work that makes them fresh to buy each day. At 4pm, they start selling them for clean cheap (not dirt) because they don’t like food waste… Neither do I.

Want to learn how to make sushi? Here‘s a recipe to feast your eyes and mouth on.

In terms of good sushi restaurants in London, my personal favourite is Eat Tokyo in Golder’s Green. Others include SushiSamba in Liverpool Street, and Nobu in Oxford Street.

How much sushi could a sushi chef sushi if a sushi chef could sushi? All of ’em.

In order to reach my 300 word count, I’ll be explaining How To: eat sushi:

  • with chopsticks
  • you can go all #ThugLyf and eat them by hand

All you have to do is pop them in your sushi-hole like a Skittle and not only hope for the best but become the best.

Accompaniments to sushi: usually you’d find pickled ginger and wasabi which – umm, let’s skip that… I love chilli but I don’t want to cremate my tastebuds with a paste! Finally, you can also add soya sauce to enhance the experience of sushi eating. However, I can’t because my face’ll bloat faster and would look more inflated than a life-sized beach ball.

Without further ado… Chow down.

Pad Thai

If you follow me  on Twitter (and have yet to mute me for my constant LIVE streaming of my daily parodic life), you’ll know that I love Pad Thai. I’m actually learning to love Pad Thai more than life’s fair share of humans… Twitter’ll tell you I’m not anti-social though, I have published approximately 30k tweets. 😆

Anyway, Thai cuisine is the bae awae from bae… No, no. no… I don’t think you actually understand! When I eat a plate of extra nutty and spicy Pad Thai, I don’t think about the maybe painful excretion afterwards – I just eat it. 😋 It’s lush. It’s delicious. It’s everything.

If you’d like to make it for yourself, click here.

Here’s a contradiction for the inter-diction… I usually hate the sauce in stews but I wouldn’t mind that extra Pad Thai-an residue. It’s SO tasty when done right. I like it flavoursome aka ‘not bland’. I’ve sadly had a few where not even Chilli oil can save them.

If you’re looking for a great place to try some, there’s one in Camden that does is just right. Like the story of the Three Bears. Also, those prawns (as seen in the picture) were the best prawns I’ve ever put inside of my facial-hole known as ‘mouth’.

Back to the restaurant, I’m there as much as people go to work, school, or college/uni… If you don’t go to any of those, I love them as much as you stay at home or live that retired life. Prince Philip, if you’re reading, which – let’s face it, of course you are. You and the Queen are secret fans, aren’t you? The answer you’re looking for Philip is: “yes.”

What a guy! Retiring at 95, the dude’s a DON.

If Pad Thai entered FarEastVision, it’d get ichi ni san shi points from me.


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You’re going to want to – or not want to… It’s entirely up to you. But, umm, it’s in the best interest of your ancestors that you do. It’s what they would’ve wanted. They’d be like: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ not subscribing to Miamii’s upcoming newsletter. 😘

Banana Bread

I had banana bread for lunch the other day, and it reminded me that I know of a really tasty recipe that I’ve yet to post up, so – here it is…

Before we get into it, I need to confess that my mother’s potential reincarnation to human (from monkey) may be the reason why I love bananas so much. She adores them, I adore her. It’s that simple. She eats bananas like I do sushi.

Without further ado… (Much ado about everything)…

In the ‘gred’ of ‘ients’:

  • 2 large eggs after Michael Jackson has finished with them… #Beaten
  • 70 grams of a naughty pack of almonds which you’ve been forced to ground #ThugLyf
  • 70 grams flour that did a Mowgli from the Jungle Book (and raised itself)
  • 2 large ripe bananas, so ripe!
  • 140 grams of ‘butter me up’ butter

The Methodone programme (as seen on Jezza):

  1. Turn up the heat of your oven to approximately (or exactly) 180C/160C fan/gas mask 4. Yes, I said mask. #DarthVader
  2. Butter up a loaf tin and line the base and sides with baking parchment (also known as heat-proof paper).
  3. Mix the butter and sugar until creamy, light and fluffy. Now, like a sloth – slowly start add the eggs and gradually include flour.
  4. Fold (your arms) in the remaining flour, ground almonds, baking powder and bananas.
  5. Transfer the mixture from your bowl and into the tin, baking for approximately 30 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.
  6. Remove from oven and leave to cool in the tin.

That’s literally it.

For extra garnish, feel free to add toasted almonds and drizzle some runny icing (icing sugar and 3tsp water). This’ll be sure to turn it into a DELICIOUS Banana & Almond drizzle cake.

Although I don’t have an image of it yet, I’ve posted one that is very similar. As you can see, they’ve opted to garnish theirs with banana chips. I wanted to add almonds because banana and almond make for a perfect, tasty match. Much like me and bae.


Tonight has been one of the busiest nights, ever! I actually didn’t get home until about 8pm, and I’ve been cooking/eating/blogging since I arrived. I left work at around 5 and went in search of fresh tuna steaks… I couldn’t find any (fresh ones).

I checked Iceland because one branch in particular was the closest…

I’m sorry but their ones looked like they’ve been there since my date of birth.

Also, I know they’re a supermarket called ‘Iceland’ but I wasn’t expecting everything to look like it’s literally been in a freezer for 76 and a half years…

I mean, come on! There’s being a frozen food store and then there’s selling icebergs in the shape of food! The one I was in today was the latter.

Imagine trying to defrost the produce from my one in particular… You’d be standing next to your microwave/oven for seven centuries and a few decades (at the very least)…

Mums go to Iceland‘??? Yeah, maternal ESKIMOS!

However, I do want to make a point that Iceland does stock the best desserts and Ice cream. What’s more, I’m sure their packaged foods are great too – I’ve just not been impressed with their seafood selection thus far. Having said that, I did see some lobster tails and scallops that I thought looked like they should be in the mouth and down the hatch.

Anyway, back to my quest for fresh tuna  – which in case you can’t keep up, there wasn’t any fresh, tasty looking ones in Iceland. I then went to the local co-op, didn’t Get Lucky in there either…

Look, in hindsight, I could’ve easily searched the high road for a fishmonger, but it was 7ish (and I needed bladder relief) – ain’t no fishmonger gonna have fresh fish that late. Yes, I could’ve gone to Billingsgate but then again, no – no I couldn’t. 😭

I keep going off on tangents, sorry! So, somehow I ended up buying Sockeye salmon fillets to make instead… This is proof of that world famous saying: “if at first you don’t tuna, try a Sockeye salmon gain”. 

God only knows where the name ‘Sockeye’ derived from. Whether or not the fisherman who discovered this very fish realised a sock had been ‘pon its eye and thought: “let’s call it sockeye”, we may never know…

The recipe is as follows (like Twitter):

  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Cayenne Pepper

What to do when you’re B(eing) Q(ute):

Spread coconut oil all over the fillet, sprinkle cayenne pepper together with the sesame all over (front and back). Leave the salmon to grill itself in the pan, on a medium heat for approximately 4mins (each side).

You can flip the salmon (like a savoury and nothing to do with batter pancake) using a spatula. Hands up who likes spatulas the normal amount that anyone should?  🙌

Oh, before I forget (not that I could because it’s in the picture), I added a handful of mixed nuts, a cheese stuffed mini pepper and and an artichoke “on a bed of” leafy greens. Masterchef, come GET ME!

Finally, my mum makes grilled plantain and a special chilli sauce (also seen in the picture – the sauce).

The recipe for mum’s chilli sauce (I assume) is plum tomato, endless amounts of scotch bonnet chills and finely chopped onions..? Don’t quote me on it though.

Mum, if you’re reading this, I apologise profusely for either getting your recipe completely wrong or giving away your chilli sauce  recipe secret (if it’s right).

But, I’m sure She Doesn’t Mind.

I feel a bit weird doing a Nando’s review approximately 15 years since I had my first – but let’s go with it…

Nando’s, is the place where all the nans, their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids go. Everyone goes to Nando’s. In fact, you don’t have to have a nan to go with… You can go with your man, drive a van, or just turn up with your mate Jan, who’s a fan.

I love Nando’s. The food, the sauces, the ambiance (not ambulance, although – if you try a spice too hot and aren’t accustomed to it, you might need one).

PERi PERi Sauce

My favourite Nando’s sauce has to be the Pomegranate dressing. It’s not spicy, it’s just bae. Also, Nando’s NEW(ish) Vusa sauce is apparently hotter than the Extra Extra Sauce (the black bottle) but, umm, I don’t know if my mum made love to a Scotch Bonnet the night she got preggers with me, I just didn’t find it “too spicy”. However, it is DELICIOUS! I’d have it on everything.


What do I have when I go there? Aside from the Halloumi, Hummus Dip, Sweet Potato Wedges and Chicken (what it’s most famous for)? The Quinoa salad. It’s got my absolute every favourite ingredients… Chicken, Quinoa, Chick Peas, Avocado, and Greens. I have to admit I’m not big on Feta – so I choose to have the salad without. I do get a side of Halloumi though.

If you find yourself in South Africa (where it originates) or Portugal, pop down and try it from the HOME of Nando’s. Alternatively, do a Mii and travel as far as your local high road, in the UK, for a CHEEKY one! You’ll never regret it. It’s actually the most delicious way to have chicken. Grilled. Charred.

Finally, this is a special announcement – I’m obsessed with the Wing Roulette. It’s a safer, non muderous version of Russian Roulette. Instead, you’re sacrificing your tastebud (if too much spicy/heat isn’t your thing). BAE. B A E. U are B-A-E, Nando’s.