Health Benefits of Belly Dancing
Belly Dancing is extra than just an exercise, it increases wellness as it combines the utilization of mind, body and strength. It improves balance, attentiveness, posture and elasticity. Belly dance students have the capability to practice more elegant, harmonized movement, improved energy
and earlier reflexes.

Improved Posture and Muscle Toning
Our spinal column consists on extra bones and ligaments than every other part of the body. Its 33 vertebrae are stacked jointly in a column attached together by cartilage and ligaments, and approximately each movement of the trunk depends upon its elasticity and function. Muscle
groups that connect to the ligaments and vertebrae generate movement in the chest and pelvis areas. The belly dancing tones these muscles and keeps flexibility in a safe and effectual manner.

Low Impact Form of Exercise
The refined hip drops, twist, and pivots of this dance variety make use of muscle groups in the stomach, pelvis, upper body, backbone, and neckline, working with the body in its place of against it. Contrasting ballet, which can potentially modify and distort the skeleton or supplementary dance forms that work in opposition to somewhat than with the body’s physical inclinations, belly dancing is based on actions that come unsurprisingly to the female form. The benefits of belly dance can be enjoyed by women of every age.

Helps in Preparing for Childbirth 

The movements of belly dancing create a superb prenatal exercise procedure that strengthens the muscles used throughout the childbirth process. The conditioned abdominal muscles and standard hip tucks, which are indistinguishable to the “pelvic shaking” trained throughout
prenatal classes, teach the pregnant mother how to shift her pelvis. For women who want natural childbirth, this type of work out through dance, with its importance on muscle control not simply facilitates normal childbirth, but as well makes a superb post-natal exercise that helps support
abdominal tone.

Stress Reduction
The rhythmic movements of the dance and the attention needed to perform them can assist a mind full with everyday stress to  “give permission go” a while and calm down. One consequence of stress is that our bodies stressed up, resulting contractions or spasms in muscle groups, such as those in the neckline, shoulders, or backside. When a muscle is constricted, lactic acid accumulates, creating the “soreness” or tenderness that occurs. Blood streams to the affected muscles drops down as well. The belly dancing smoothly stretches and uses these susceptible muscle groups, and since they are used, blood flow improves and lactic acid is flushed away.

Stressed muscles calm down as they are smoothly worked out, “relieving the muscles” frequently seen in our society. The body becomes flexible and supple, and practitioners often report that pain reduces in the back and neckline areas.

Improve Brain Functioning and Memory
Learning to dance stimulates your brain to create new and diverse neural pathways. Stimulating your mind in fresh ways has been shown to maintain your brain young and ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s and further dementia. Dance produces the liberation of the brain-subsidiary protein neurotropic part that boost the expansion, preservation and smoothness of neurons essential for learning and memory. And dance is a means to assist us get better mood and manage with stress that can stimulate or impede with learning.

The Belly Dance classes provide women a passage for imaginative appearance, self-discovery and hop movement. Lessons are intended to extend and work out the physical body, confront and uplift and mental body and to develop and communicate the spiritual body. Belly Dance is
outstanding for women who are looking for an additional exotic way of exercise, who desire to learn new ways to go and communicate themselves, and those looking for a workout treatment that focuses on mind-body- spirit incorporation through dance.

Guest post by: Elsa Queen

Fascinators are like light-weight headbands which are used to partially cover the head, and, in most cases, they are like a substitute to the traditional hat. In earlier days they were worn on formal occasions such as weddings or horse racing. Now, you can find women wearing them even in casual meetings and outings as a fashion accessory. Still have no idea about what fascinators are? Then try to recall the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. They wear the fascinator in their wedding party and you can even find some fascinator in every western wedding party. Most of the female guests were wearing them. Now a racing fascinator is the one which is generally worn for racing events.

What is the relation between the racing and the fascinator?
Racing originated several centuries ago with the advent of the monarchs and kings. It still remains just as popular event today. Racing involved a lot of money and it was considered a game of the rich. The women, who came to see racing wore fascinators. With the passage of time it became a tradition and racing fascinators became a rage. Since the rich group of people wore the racing fascinator, the fascinators became a mark of status, fashion and class. From the kingdom to the current time, women use the racing fascinators to execute status and these fascinators not only increase their status, and project them in a proper way, but the racing fascinators can also protect their hair from dust and dirt.

So why wear a racing fascinator?
• It can provide great depth to your outfit. Does your outfit lack a little something, but you can’t figure out
what it is? Just wear a racing fascinator and you will find a changed look instantly.
• It won’t matter even if the rest of your outfit is boring because the fascinator will keep the attention.
• Racing fascinators need not be exclusive to racing and people can use them on other events too.
• They make you look fancy and attractive.
• You can showcase your creativity and personality by customizing your racing fascinators. Fascinators are always considered as a best fashion accessory and people can easily carry them.

How to wear them correctly?
• Usually racing fascinators are worn at the right side of your head. So, unless the design is symmetric, make sure that the fascinator is on the right side.
• The color of the fascinators should be lighter than your outfit or you can choose the same color fascinators for your racing events. (This is a bendable rule and exceptions can be made)
• Choose a fascinator that matches your face structure and jaw line.
• A suitable pair of earrings and a neat hairstyle is compulsory. Long, hanging earrings may distract the attention from the fascinator and you can wear some diamond studs with your racing fascinators.

• Make sure the fascinator fits your head and is suitable and appropriate. It should not be too large for you. You can find different types of fascinators available in the market and you can choose the best one according to your face style such as if you have round face then you can choose the rectangle fascinator. For more details, you can contact the fascinator designers and they will assist you to choose the best one for your upcoming event.

Often racing fascinators are expensive and sometimes even cost more than your entire outfit. So, research well and pick them with care. Fascinators definitely bring a positive energy to the room. They make heads turn. So, turn your “Mad Hatter” mode on and go get yourself a racing fascinator.

Guest post by: Amelia Varley

If there is a single quality we all share, that is our striving to be happy. Everything we do in life, from putting on your favorite song, making pancakes, to finding “the one” for you, it all boils down to finding our true purpose and our happiness spring. However, there are certain behaviors that promote that
wonderful feeling of bliss, and exercise is one of the most powerful fuels for all-encompassing joy in life.

Still, the world has two very distinct types of people: those who always seem perky and happy after their workout, and those who find the previous gang exceptionally annoying. If, by chance, you belong to the second tribe, perhaps this brief post will convince you to give the idea of fitness consistency another chance!

A natural stress-reliever
Whether it’s a stressful occupation, or you’re simply going through a rough time in life, you need a healthy way to work around all that negative energy and vent whenever possible. Although we’d all love for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to be the way out, these delicious treats are only a temporary feel-good option.

On the other hand, working out is such a powerful tool for warding off the negativity that it can help treat and minimize the symptoms of anxiety and depression. By reducing exhaustion, and boosting your mental capacity, exercise is a mighty way to help you stay on the right track.

Happy hormones
As a response to exercising, your brain floods your body with happy chemicals, including endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin, which are responsible for our feelings of happiness and serenity. So, when you feel down in the dumps, head for the treadmill, dance to your favorite tunes, lift some weights, just
stay active, and your body will do the rest!

Funometer in full-speed
Distraction is often the perfect ingredient for fending off negativity, and what a better way to keep your mind and body occupied than a little bit of physical activity? If you find your typical gym routine dull, then it’s time to swap it for something more fun, like riding your mini cruiser down the street,
rollerblading in the park, or learning a new dance. When you finally tackle a new skill, you’ll feel invigorated and eager to exercise even more!

Boosts self-confidence
When you’re able to overcome your current limits and see yourself push through challenges when you  work out, it’s natural that your confidence will bloom! After all, it’s not just a great physique that defines how we perceive ourselves, but a general feeling of accomplishment and growth. Running a marathon or taking part in a pole dance competition can give you precisely that feeling, because you let yourself evolve so much that you leave your comfort zone every day.

Fewer sick days
Keeping your cardiovascular system happy and your muscles and bones strong makes for a perfect foundation to stay healthy throughout the year. You’ll be able to flush out toxins better, and your body produces more antibodies that keep you disease-safe. Mild to moderate types of exercise such as
jogging, walking, yoga, and swimming are the best medicine for the flu season, so keep those running shoes and your warm winter gear nearby!

More beauty sleep
Although exercise gives you an energy boost for the day, it also helps balance your circadian rhythm by regulating your body temperature. In simple terms, you’ll fall asleep in a matter of minutes, and you’ll enjoy a full night of uninterrupted shut-eye thanks to your daily workout routine. Sleeping well also translates to more energy during the day, better collagen production (which means less wrinkles,ladies!), and becoming more resilient to stress triggers in your life!

Better mood
Too much stress, living in a crowded, noisy city, and spending time with negative people can all bring us down even on the calmest of days. But when you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people such as the gang attending the same Zumba class as you are, you’re bound to start smiling soon enough. Socializing combined with pushing your heart rate up and flooding your body with those happy hormones all work together to lift your spirits and help you relax.

Simply put, working out consistently makes for the best long-term happiness strategy you could possibly wish for – just pick your sport, change your routine every once in a while, keep it challenging, and enjoy your newly-found Hakuna Matata!

Guest post by: Samantha Olivier

When you see professional athletes in top shape, winning the Olympic gold, or even in your own neighborhood, making everyone else look like the Michelin Man, they make it look so easy, at least as far as their desire is concerned. But motivation is a fickle creature, it needs constant pampering, adjustments, and perhaps most importantly, it requires imagination.

And yes, even pros get motivation slumps and need help restoring their drive every now and then. If you’re coping with your own lack of enthusiasm for staying true to your fitness goals, the following methods may be of help.

1. Partner-up
When Dr. Pamela Rackow came across a pamphlet that suggested getting an exercise companion to ensure workout consistency and inspiration, she didn’t just blindly follow the advice, but took on the challenge of checking the validity of it. And so, a study at the University of Zurich confirmed that getting a “gym buddy” makes a significant difference in our behavior and motivation towards working out.

However, even though having any partner whatsoever does help, people prefer having someone who will support them and encourage them to achieve their goals. This element of emotional support by their partner has increased their training frequency and consistency even more. The lesson? Train with someone who will support you through the ups and downs, and you’ll likely look forward to your mutual training sessions.

2. Let the music be your muse
If you doubt the impact of music on your mindset during workouts, here’s a fun fact for you. Using portable players during award-driven and money-based competitions is forbidden, because it gives athletes the edge over their music-less competitors!
From a purely physiological perspective, music is a useful distraction, keeping your mind from the pain and discomfort during arduous workouts, while it also elevates your mood and pumps your body with happy hormones and reduces cortisol. Studies have shown that those who listen to the right tunes (with the right beat, lyrics and emotional meaning) actually perform better, run longer, lift more and are able to push their boundaries more.

3. Reward yourself
Yes, some people respond well to the traditional “punishment”-oriented system of motivation, but since working out and a healthy lifestyle are meant to be enjoyable and fulfilling, why not motivate yourself with the help of rewards of all sorts? That doesn’t mean binge-eating on sweets, but finding healthy replacements and experiences that will further reinforce building healthy habits and prompt you to train even when the initial excitement wears off.

For example, sports massages are a great way of relieving tension, and they make for an excellent monthly treat after you’ve hit some of your fitness milestones. You can also treat yourself to a new pair of workout clothes, new headphones, or a new gym bag. The reward doesn’t even have to be fitness-related, as long as it is a treat. These steps may seem trivial, but in the long-run, they create a positive network of events around your challenging fitness routine.

4. Keep your body entranced
We live in an over-stimulated world, and our attention spans are rapidly shrinking, so we crave more ways to keep our brains interested and focused. The same goes for your body – it needs novelty in order not to get too comfortable, and in order to advance properly, your workouts need regular adaptation. That could mean adding a few harder exercises, swapping your existing treadmill cardio for some HIIT or changing up the pace of your workouts.

It’s not just about adding more weight to the barbell or running more miles than before. Your body and your mind need to be stimulated to learn new moves, overcome new obstacles in order to experience growth. All that matters is that you constantly leave your comfort zone, and add more layers of challenge to the game. Try a new dance, join a hiking club, learn how to skate, the sky’s the limit when it comes to all the ways you can enrich your fitness life.

The bottom line is, motivation is not a quality we’re born with, or a feeling that stays with us once we create that initial drive. It oscillates, adapts to your environment, and your personality, and it depends on so many factors. But precisely due to its malleable nature, you can take many creative steps in preventing the slumps and increasing your inspiration – just keep your mind open and try various methods until you find what works best for you!

Post by: Samantha Oliver