Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Another blog post is yours for the reading! This time, it’s about the Cabeau Evolution Pillow.

Yep, you read that right – I’m reviewing travel neck pillows! It’s been one of those slow content days, that’s for sure!

Long haul flights aren’t easy, splitting my time between UK and US in a previous job meant that travel neck pillows became my best friend.

Now, I have never found sleeping on the plane comfortable. In fact, I am absolutely terrible when it comes to sleeping during, prior to travelling (and the first day after landing) full stop.

I don’t know what it is but the night before a flight is the worst. I stay up all night. Then, when I land and get to the hotel, the bed is not my own – so… Again, up all night. So, I’m almost never asleep.

Enter Cabeau, the ‘Evolution Pillow’. I bought this from Heathrow Terminal 5. I remember the situation well. I was stressing because I had an 8-hour flight and was going to be on the plane through the night. I got chatting to some woman who had one, and she recommended it. So, I bought it.

I’ve used them in the past and wasn’t convinced. But, the way this lady was speaking about it – it sounded life-changing.

Anyway, the flight was long but rewarding once I touched down at my destination. I struggled to get comfortable as I’d expected and didn’t sleep a wink. In fact, I felt like my posture on the plane seat was encouraging my neck to twist and I was fidgety.

I’m a very fidgety person when I’m uncomfortable. Fact. I’ll change positions every five minutes and end up less comfortable than I was previously. Then, I’ll try to get back to the more comfortable position I’d changed from, it’s just not the same. So, yeah, I’m terrible like that.

Review: the pillow, as I anticipated, is not best suited to planes, in my opinion.

Look, it’s definitely the best I’ve used because I’ve used some less padded ones before. Oh, and this one is a memory foam one, so it moulds to fit your position. It is a good purchase, I just was never convinced about their purpose as travel pillows in the first place.

I guess I’m just very anti-sleep on the plane. I watch others in awe, wishing to be them.

As far as I’m concerned, you can put a bed on a plane and I’d still not be comfortable. The reason is it’s, in essence, a narrow tube shared with 40 people at a time; making it near enough impossible for everyone to get comfortable. Also, the seats are not comfy at all. I don’t claim to be an aviation engineer or aeroplane architect, but I do know they’re not relaxing.

Don’t worry though, because I’ve found another use for travel pillows… This is one that I believe makes more sense too!

I twisted my neck last night while sleeping and have literally not been able to move it all day. That’s where Cabeau comes in…

I laid in bed, with it supporting my neck and it worked a treat. I didn’t feel a thing. Magic.

The moral of this very long post is: I don’t find travel pillows great in flight, but I do believe they’re the greatest at supporting an injured neck in bed.

Before you ask, yes – I did look like those dogs that have left the vet with a cone on top of their shoulders. Again, yes, it was a good look. I rocked it.

Finally, yes, blue still is my favourite colour – hence the version I chose (pictured).


Shoreditch’s a great place to hang if and when you’re in London, Ballie Ballerson especially. It has an awesome infinite ball pit bar, great for any and all parties.

If you’ve ever wanted to relive your childhood, and meet other adults who are children at heart, this is the place to be.

It is particularly great for students. At just £2 a ticket, being a student makes this a winning venue to get into (drinks excluded, obvs). Note, their student days are restricted to one Monday a month, so check before booking.

If you’re not a student, you can get in for £7.50 and then also pay extra for all drinks.

At Ballie Ballerson, the balls are most definitely in your court.

Ladies, get ready to be the Belles of the ball. Princes, get ready to be surrounded by Belles of the ball.

Speaking of ‘ball-‘, fill out the ballot on 23 May, as part of the EU election. Vote your way (after researching rights from wrongs). Thanks.

Ballie Ballerson



Vans and HARRY POTTER collaborated to conjure up a magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and muggles alike. 

Vans have announced a collaboration with Harry Potter to release a very magical range of trainers!

If you want to rep your favourite House at Hogwarts, do it with your feet.

Harry Potter fans and I will be treated to four exclusive colourways including a Sk8-Hi in Gryffindor, an Era in Slytherin, Authentic in Ravenclaw and a Classic Slip-On in Hufflepuff.

There will also be a ComfyCush Era themed one in the style of newspaper cuttings taken from the fictitious publication ‘Daily Prophet’. As a freelance journalist, I approve.

‘Wingardium leviosa’ – but to bring the release date sooner!

(Yes, I’ve read all the books 🤓📚 )

Want to sing up for updates? Click here.

If all of them end up in my wardrobe post-launch, blame Hermoine.


The sun in the clouds, the birds in the trees, the freedom to do as we please.

The prayers in our heart, the plans in our mind, the future is ours to find.

Life knows a stumble and a buckle, but it also hears a chuckle.

Black/white, high as a kite… The choice is ours whether to fight or flight.

The hurt you’re feeling now will become the catalyst of the victory you’ll receive later.

Ray Ban

A hexagonal pair of rose tinted specs. Love.

These shades were the last in stock. I ended up purchasing the ones on display because they’re THAT beaut.

‘Photochromic’ means they lighten indoors and darken outdoors.

Thank you, Ray Ban for designing such beautiful sunglasses.


La vie en Rose, baby. 🌹