We spend a lot of time at work. In fact, we spend more time at work than we do at home. So, how do we use our workspace (desks or offices) to make a statement?


If like me, you’re a green thumb, you’ll love the idea of having some indoor plants. I used to work in a place that had an office dog, so – office plants are the next best thing. They’re so easy to maintain, unlike a dog.

I have a cactus called Santa and an aloe-vera plant called Sebastian on my desk. They’re our office pets. We absolutely love them.

According to science, plants actually boost our productivity. They’re not just great for keeping the air fresher, they’ll motivate us too. Winning.


I love art. When I was in San Francisco, I bought some really cool abstract arts and will be sticking them on the wall next to my desk, now that I’ve been reunited with them.

I thought I lost them, turns out, they were hiding in my mum’s room for a while. She found them and gave them to me, and I’ve been forgetting to hang them up since.

Hanging up artwork also boosts productivity. I’m so productive just thinking about it!


My first trip with my current job was to Dubai. I bought a small, purple magic lamp from there. It’s a reminder of the trip, and it’s such a beautiful keepsake/souvenir.

Purple is a calming colour, so if you feel like the pressure of your workload is piling, just stare at or have something purple to look at.


I know this sounds silly, but if you want to make a statement, get stationary that matches your personality. I have a notepad with FRIENDS quotes plastered across it. Each page has quirky phrases from the show, I absolutely love it.

Also, Amethyst is my favourite stone, so I have an Amethyst pen. (I also have a pen I bought from New York).

Post-it notes: I’m a girl who loves post-its. So, I have them in a range of colours. I have two screens, one is my laptop screen and the other is used to hang post-it notes of motivation and to-do lists (I colour code my tasks from important to less important based on timeframe). It’s so satisfying to take one off and scrunch it up once I’ve done a task.

At uni, I LIVED on lists. I’d reward myself with binge-watching a series or playing Sims after I completed a coursework/assignment.

Family photographs

Sticking photos up of your loved ones is amazing. If you have a family, are a parent, just stick photos up of your kids. It’s a lovely, personal touch to your workspace. It also opens up for a conversation. People are drawn to family photographs. They’ll always ask, and this is a great ice breaker.

I also have a BeWater Rose Quartz refillable water bottle on my desk too for the aesthetic.

The key is to make your desk your own.

TOP TIP: de-cluttering your desk, de-clutters your mind.

It’s like your room and/or your bed, if they’re messy, your mind will be too.

Oh, and ANOTHER TOP TIP: keep tissues and flash surface wipes in your workspace – wiping them down 5 minutes before you leave each day/week. It really makes a difference. If you’re asthmatic or have a dust allergy, this helps to clear dust from your space.


Ask me all the questions, and I will get them answered. Also, little known fact about me, I used to hate questions… Now? I love them!

  • Things you might not know about me:

I’m a know-it-all.

  • What I can’t live without:

My crystals. There’s one for every mood.

  • What I typically do in a day:

Work, sleep, rave, repeat.

  • What I learned from my family:

Balance. Work:life balance.

  • 10 things that I’m grateful for:

My family and friends

My health

My career

My life

My home

My skills, gifts and talents

My faith

My blessings

Living to see today

  • My top travel destinations:

China. I’ll be going there at the end of this year. My ultimate holiday destination would have to be Switzerland though. 

  • My updated bucket list:

Swim with dolphins

  • What’s my secret?

Your secret.

  • How I overcome challenges:

I just keep the faith and remain hopeful for better days.

  • My most memorable birthday:

Renting out City Limits Bowling for my 11th birthday.

  • What inspires me?

People who continue their education right to Doctrate level. Then again, hard workers whether in academic or experience. It all counts.

  • Where I see myself in 10 years:

I’m living for today, if I make it to 37, that’s a blessing.

  • A letter to my future self:

“What’s it like where you are?”

  • My biggest accomplishment so far:

Being the youngest youth worker in the UK, being an established journalist at the age of 24… Being nominated for a SHORTY award…

  • My top 10 favorite movies of all time:


9 Months


The Terminal

Mrs Doubtfire

Bridge To Terabithia

Princess Diaries

A Cinderella Story

Meet the Fockers

Night at the Museum 

  • My idea of a perfect day:


  • What makes me happy?

Dogs. Cats. Love.

  • What’s in my bag?

Read this.

  • How I met my significant other:

Yeah, exactly. Correct!

  • What I’m looking for in a partner:

A pulse.

  • My life goals:

Get myself on the mortgage ladder.

  • My favorite quote of all time:

“Phoebe for a girl. Phoebo for a boy.”

  • Who would play me in a movie:

Renee Zelwegger.

  • 10 things I would bring to a deserted island:

A survival kit

9 other things

  • How to stay positive when things aren’t going your way:

Remind myself of my blood group. B+ (which, I’m not even sure if that actually my blood group).

  • My biggest pet peeves:

My pooch called Jeeves.

  • What you do to overcome writer’s block:

Get myself unblocked by the writer.

  • Your favorite Netflix shows:


Jane the Virgin

Girl Boss

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Peppa Pig (you’re lying if you don’t like this)

  • How my blog has changed my life:

Still ‘mii, but better.

  • Thoughts of the day:

Carpe diem.

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

Hang in there. You’ll love life when you get to where I am now. 

  • My perfect weekend:

Napping. Snuggling. Netflixing.

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

More of a morning person. Although, I’m still up now… It’s 11pm, which is way past my bedtime.

  • My music playlist:

Love Island’s mixtape.

  • Childhood memories:

Getting my first period. It was bizarre for all involved.

what is in your bag?

Guys always want to know what’s in a girl’s bag, well – I’m here to help!

Carex – Hand Sanitiser

I actually cannot go anywhere without anti-bacterial gel. There’s so much pollution and germs around that it’s impossible to go anywhere without it. If you want to know the exact one I carry, it’s Carex’s 2-in-1 moisturising hand gel.


I’ve not been getting much use out of them recently because of the rain, but they were worn today! I have my Ray Ban Evolve, the ones I cannot see without. They’re photochromic too – which means you can wear them indoors as well as outdoors.


Yep. Best book ever written. Read it to and from work.


Because: this is England, London. Rhianna not included, although – she does live in Brixton (London) now, so maybe.


Perfume is a must. I choose to carry Charlotte Tilbury’s A Scent of a Dream. I love how strong the scent is without being overpowering. I’ve received a lot of compliments about it, but I’m not sure if that’s because people think I used to stink.


These days my nostrils have been misbehaving due to hayfever, so I need a mirror on standby.


It’s only taken me 27 years to begin carrying this around… Yes, it has flamingos on it. They’re my fave birds after Doves, Pigeons, Robins, Cockatiels and Magpies.


The purse to match my bag. Always.

Other stuff I carry: lip balmcrystals (depending on my mood) and Neroli face mist. Oh, can’t forget my iPhone and wireless earphone chargers. The best portable charger/power bank comes courtesy of FEITUN. Lastly, I always, always carry M&S Champagne Truffles.

unlimited mascara

L’Oréal’s Paris Unlimited Mascara is a game-changer. It’s the best lash-lengthening mascara on the market right now.

– Our game-changing mascara innovation
– Bendable mascara wand for precise application
– Reaches every last lash, from corner to corner
– Lengthens, volumises, defines and separates lashes
– Intense black finish for high-impact lashes
– Longwear formula

You don’t have limits, so why should your lashes? Introducing our game-changing mascara, L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara, that pushes your lashes to their limits. Now every lash is volumised, lengthened and perfectly separated. Unlimited lash impact, from every angle.

It’s all thanks to the innovative brush – inspired by a makeup artist mascara hack – that bends at 2 different angles, allowing for ultra-precise application. The brush coats lashes with a creamy, non-clumpy formula which glides on perfectly to volumise, lengthen and define every last lash. Top, bottom, inner, outer, long, short…no lash is left behind!

What’s great about it?

Its bendable wand makes it easy to reach every lash, even the shortest and finest ones.

Oh, and it’s apparently “long-lasting”. I won’t test this because I won’t sleep with mascara on. I don’t want an eye infection.

How does it work?

Bend the bristle brush wand and put on a slick of an unlimited amount mascara to lengthen, volumise, define and separate your lashes.

So, if you’re looking for a mascara that defines, lengthens and adds volume to all lashes (even the clumpy ones in the corner), this is a good one to try.

Valentine's Day

Tested Promoted Mode (ACCOUNT) on Twitter for a marketing research study, and realised it’s been promoting every. tweet. I. post.

People are sending me replies like: “why is this being promoted?” I didn’t mean to promote the tweets!

I was just testing the impact & reach of the feature in general, specifically choosing “account” so tweets wouldn’t be publicised. Well, at least we know it works…

I’ve tried pausing the campaign and cancelled the reoccurring plan, but my tweets are still being promoted somehow, which is beyond strange.

The length I’ve gone to, to stop looking deranged across the entire Twitterspehere? Read on.

Having to privatise my profile until Twitter get back to me (and properly cancel/pause my campaign) ain’t fun. But, I’d rather that than come across weird to the entire Twitter population – even those who don’t follow me.

So, yep, I won’t be sharing any of my tweets publicly until Twitter stops sharing my posts. It might take up to a month. Oh the joys!

Lesson? If you don’t want a particular tweet or tweets promoted, don’t use Twitter’s promotion mode at all. Account or not. They’ll promote literally everything you share.

Finally, this was purely a research project/experiment and it works. So, use it (if promotion is your purpose). But, also expect every tweet to be seen by those in your target location or interests selection. Bottom line, you have to be selective with everything you post.

I’ve had to delete the types of tweets that my current following are used to and would like (enough to drop one like on average), but others just stumbling across would think are odd!

Once I publish my ‘The Impact of Twitter Promotion’ study, I’ll share it with you all, just so we can all get peace of mind. Although, I’ve pretty much covered it in this post.

The worst part? I could’ve spent that £90+ on new trainers. I feel robbed.

Finally, if you’re not losing Twitter followers due to the amount of tweets you post per day, you’re doing it not not right.