First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

I check them all at the same time… My phone has three screens ready for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is probably also not entirely factual.

First broken/fractured bone?

Ankle. I did this by not doing parkour. I was running for the bus: I ran, tripped, sprained my ankle… went to the hospital to be told I’d fractured it previously, in another accident (probably horse riding, because I lived life on the WILD WILD WEST side back then). Now, I’m in bed by 17:30 GMT. #ThugLyf

First foreign country you ever visited?

Sierra Leone. I lived there for eight years.

First Instagram, twitter or Facebook post?

Funny story… Apart from MySpace and Instagram, I didn’t create any of my existing social media accounts. An old school friend signed me up to Facebook and my lecturer created my Twitter profile. It’s kind of weird because I literally LIVE on those social-media sites now.

First make-up item?

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I thought it was fashionable to wear the whole jar.

First plane ride you ever went on?

From Lebanon (where I was born) to the UK, I was a few days old.

First time I ever got into trouble at home and school?

A stupid fool that I went to school with ran and  pushed me into the maths building entrance door that was unhinged (which fell and broke) and it was caught on tape. It was hysterical looking back because my Timberland shoe flew across the playground and I just stood there in my sock whilst my best friends and fellow peers laughed at me.

The headmistress threatened to make me pay for the door even though I actually didn’t break it.

First time you were allowed to put on make-up?

At the age of 11. My mum didn’t really know… She hates me wearing makeup.

First YouTuber you subscribed to?

I don’t subscribe, I just stalk/watch. Oh, wait… You mean vlogger? Jenna Marbles.

First time you went shopping on your own?

I don’t… I mean, I buy food when I’m by myself but nothing else…

My first cooking experience?

I took Cooking class at school. Loved it.

My first crush?

A boy at my school who I’d known from year 3 or something… So embarrassing!

My first ever cell phone?

The 3310.

My first fear?

Heights. I cannot stand being suspended in mid-air at a height… Saying that, I can’t even climb a ladder though…

My first friend in college? (You mean uni?)

A girl called Nikky. She’s awesome.

My first Instagram post?

I can’t remember. I deleted pictures that I’d taken from when I first got Instagram because the camera quality was rubbish.

My first internet activity?

MySpace. It has to be MySpace.

My first job?

I worked at WHSmith. I had it in my head that I wanted to be a journalist, which I am now… So, stacking other people’s publications made sense.

My first language?

English and Creole. But, my mother tongue is Arabic.

My first love?

A good guy who doesn’t want any trouble.

My first pet?

A dwarf Hermann tortoise called Smurf.

My first piercing and when did I get it?

Ears. I was very young. Can’t remember the age because I don’t even think I could talk…

My first sexual experience?

Yet to happen, babes! Sorry to disappoint you. I’d love nothing LESS than to divulge about such experiences…

My first swear word?

I remember thinking “bloody” was a swear word when I was five, if that helps? 🙈

My first tattoo?

Four leaf clover on my wrist.

My first thought today?

A gouda guy who wants no trouble at all.

My first toy?

A wish-upon-a-star doll that my dad bought me for Christmas. It sang and had a magic wand. ❤️

My first tweet?

You want me to go through 34.2K tweets? Not today… Maybe tomorrow.

My first YouTube video?

Probably me attempting to sing Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

My online profile picture?

Reference to Bae.

The first book I remember reading?

Kensuke’s Kingdom is the first book I ever read and by far my favourite.

The first concert I even attended?

Black Sabbath. I got SO TURNT THAT DAY that I didn’t TURN UP! 😂

I WISH it was something interesting like that… No, it was Capital Summertime Ball.🙈  I went with my BFF though. ❤️

The first movie I remember seeing?

Sound of Music. I watched that film all the time with my dad growing up…

The first person I talked to today?

My mum. ❤️

The first person you text when something exciting happens?

The first person I text about when I’m excited? The good guydoe who doesn’t want any trouble at all.

The first person I text when something exciting happens? My mum and my BFF in a double text.

The first text I sent today?

It was probably about a good guy who doesn’t want any trouble.

The first thing I do every morning?

Check out Bae.

The first thing I do when I get home?

Check out Bae.

The first time you ever got drunk?

I have never been drunk in my life. I’ve been HELLA tipsy… That just includes me giving change to waiters/waitresses. (or falling asleep at random intervals such as EVERY interval). I had three sips of a cocktail once and my neck was like Stretch Armstrong. I also had one sip of wine once and entered the Twilight zone. My favourite thing is Bailey’s in hot chocolate or milkshakes and Malibu in cokes (the drink, thank God).

The first wedding I attended?

I don’t remember. A family one, I think? I was really very young. My mum used to take us to them all the time.

When did you go to your first party?

My mum held parties for me and my school friends on my birthday.

When did you have your first sleepover?

When I was a teen… What, you want the exact date? 13th October.

First time I got a speeding ticket?

Me no drive nor own a car. I have learned but I’m genuinely shook of hurting pigeons and pissing off other drivers because I am VERY slow. 🙈

First time I got in a fist fight?

I have never been in a physical fight. I try to limit physical contact with people as much as possible. (Unless you’re a good, good friend/family of mine, in which case – I’ll dropkick your face off and we’ll laugh about it afterwards.) 😇❤️


It’s one of my favourite days of the year, today… Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends, I wish you the bestest of Thanksigivings! I hope you’re full of joy, prosperity, luck, good health, delicious food, and festive cheer (on all days, but today a little more).

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the materialistic of lives, not remembering what days like today are all about…

Today is the day for giving thanks, and just being happy with the priceless things we have … the people we’re accompanied by on this mad journey called ‘life’; along with the underrated blessings, big or small… Being thankful is free. We can all do it. It’s the act of being grateful and understanding that we are blessed beyond measure, every day.

Hold the people in your lives close, be extra nice to them and show them you care, because honestly – life is too short.

The finer things in life are the only things we’re left with, so make sure your finer things are the finest of things.




Santa Claus (in the contract) and Jesus, Mother Mary & Joseph are the best part of Christmas, along with the food, drinks, songs (and second most importantly – giving Thanks, spreading love and festive cheer). Have a great Thanksgiving season, folksies! <3

Hey guys,

I just wanted to come online to share something in a hope that it’ll resonate with at least one of you… A few years ago, I was working for a local newspaper, covering Entertainment news. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a journalist. I majored in journalism and still do it as a freelance now…

Anyway, so I was working there, on an internship, and met a teenager who was on work experience. He was just starting out and was telling me about his passion for journalism – but also how his parents don’t believe it’s the right career for him… They told him he’d be better off being a doctor (as it’s a culture thing).

Now, of course – if he, himself, wants to be a doctor, he should. But, there’s no point him playing out his family’s goals because ultimately, as cruel and harsh as it sounds, it’s his life…

Imagine if this teenager grows up being a doctor just because it’s what his family thought was best for him… Of course, saving lives is a massive thing, and a very commendable thing, but – it’s not really what he wants to be doing.

Yes, our parents and families believe in us and want what’s best for us. I’m sure his family were telling him to be a doctor because it’s a more financially stable job and one with less competitiveness (in terms of work). However, if you’re someone who’s talented, works hard, and puts the effort in, you will succeed regardless.

I told him a piece of advice which might have sounded bad to begin with, but it honestly was meant in good gest… I told him not to live his life for his family, but to live it for himself.

At the end of the day, he’s the only one going to be looking back on his life… When the day of judgement happens, or when we have that flash before our eyes… He’s going to be seeing his family’s goals, and not his own. He’ll be forever wondering what-if. He’ll grow old never knowing where his talent for writing could’ve taken him. His family, unbeknownst to them (how much he wants to be a journalist) I’m sure, would not want that.

Ultimately, our families want us to be happy and successful. They’re realists. They try to keep us grounded. It’s not that they don’t believe in us, it’s just – they want to shield us from disappointment or pain. But, at the same time, they really sometimes don’t understand how much we want something, because the need to protect us blinds them…

I will never forget his reaction to what I told him. He said: “wow! No one has ever said this to me before… I never thought like this. I’m going to talk to them, and try to help them understand.” I didn’t think he’d act on it, if I’m honest… A lot of the time people are too scared to confront people, and aren’t able to speak up for fear they’d be letting them down.

Well, I got an email from him recently. He is studying journalism at University (on his final year) and has got a placement at a newspaper.

This is proof that if you put your mind to something, no matter how huge, your determination and your willingness to achieve it along with your dedication to the craft will no doubt get you there.

If you never take anything from me, that’s fine. Just, live your life for you but respectfully understand that parents are just trying to do their jobs. Luckily, I was blessed with parents who would never force (even though that’s a very strong word) me into anything, I was always taught to go after what I want and that’s the attitude I’ll instil in my young. It’s very important.

Always support someone’s aspirations and help them reach it. Never tell them they can’t, even if you mean well and are just doing it to protect them. At the end of the day, they’ll be paying their own bills one day, and they’d prefer to pay them off with a salary they earned by doing something they love and not one they were persuaded to do.

Never, ever give up. Always have aspirations, always have goals. Go above and beyond. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved, and never stop.