Hair Care

0256a561f0076deb4d7324625fde90e5This post is HAIR to stay… 💖

Right, your follicles need to try the best high street hair colour to ever be invented since the day the person who personifies their slogan was born.

I love red hair on myself. It all started in the days when Cheryl Tweedy rocked it. #BlackCherry – I don’t blame you for having to do a ‘360’ (number of shade) take.

Yeah, I kinda, sorta rocked it too… Picture BALOO. Yes, three out of four of us had red hair here (2013/4), but I’m the one on the far right. This was right before we set up our girlband: ‘Chiquitito, Tell Me (You’re Hungry and) You’d Like A Burrito‘#SortOfLikeMammaMia #ButAlsoKindOfNot…


Umm… What else is there to say other than my hair shined, glossed, looked extremely healthy and less homeless-looking? Result.

The price is affordable and the conditioner/shampoo that it comes with ‘Royal Jelly’ is the most perfect shampoo I’ve ever used. Putting the majestic and regal in ROYAL JELLY!

L’Oréal needs to stock full-sized bottles of the stuff, I’d use it forever. So, if you’re reading this L’Oréal, help a girl out!

Right, I’ve got two more posts to write… This was my favourite though, still.


I had never heard of Lisap until the end of 2016… I went to cut my hair at a newly discovered hairdresser, and the game was well and truly changed.

It’s a leave-in spray for the hair that moisturises and revitalises it – leaving it soft, shiny and very healthy/nourished looking. Truth be told, the only other reason besides cutting it, brushing it and using Olaplex – that my hair has been looking less homeless – is because of this. I can honestly say it’s helped my hair a lot. Split ends are a thing of the past.

Lisap – as far as I know – is an Italian brand. When they’re not making love, cooking pizza or pasta, they’re manufacturing this and hosting family get togethers and OD’ing on cannolis! #Bellissimo #CaioBella

The good thing about this is you can spray it on wet or dry hair and even use it before styling, so it’s multi-purpose. Also, I did notice that some sprays I’d used in the past stripped my hair from the colour, this one makes it more vibrant. The colour stays shinier and brighter for longer. Ladies, or gents, you need this!



*(the picture I’ve chosen is somewhat misleading but let’s roll with it)*

I’m thinking of beginning a subscription with GLOSSYBOX

Apparently, for a £10 per month subscription, you’ll receive five premium products sent to you to try for yourself. The best part is that it’s customised for you.

I think it’s a good investment, especially for beauty bloggers or beauty product fanatics.

The only annoying thing is that I hadn’t found out about it a year or so ago! I’d have subscribed with GLOSSYBOX a long time ago if I had known.

I love my music, but I’d easily sit through the adverts on Spotify, if it meant getting five new products to blog about a month… They literally cost around the same price!

I’ve heard that although they give out sample sized products often, they also from-time-to-time send out full-sized ones! Imagine that!

I wish they done one for the lads, tbh… (or do they?)…


Organic, organisms, organ-playing, organ-functioning, whatever it is – everyone loves a good word beginning with “organ”. #Organutan (#DavidAttenborough #LoveIt #IKnowItsSpelledOrangutanButYOLO).

Naturtint is a haircare brand that’s more than just organic. They’re one of the very rare brands who use real plants to form their hair dye colours. Although some form of chemicals have gone into its manufacturing process, it doesn’t include nowhere near as much as ones you’ll find on the high-street!

Naturtint is committed to delivering naturally better hair colourants and has been at the forefront of reducing the amount of chemicals in hair colourants for the last 20 years.

Naturtint’s pioneering newformula is now ‘naturally better’ and enriched with even more natural ingredients to actively and gently care for the health of both your hair and scalp, whilst delivering the best cosmetic results.

I love Naturtint because of its no ammonia content and the shine that it left on my hair. My hair looked luxurious, shiny and less homeless after I’d dye it using Naturtint. I actually felt like I wanted to celebrate my luscious  rich-coloured locks by taking a brush to them!

You know a hair product has won in life when it makes ME of all people want to brush my hair afterwards…

Before discovering Matrix (not the film!), I used to swear by Naturtint because, as I mentioned above, the shine that it gave my hair was unreal! In the words of Joey Essex: “#NAUGHTY!”

The only thing I didn’t like about Naturtint was that the colour didn’t last long… It started fading too soon and my hair lost its healthy look and feel not long after, also. I don’t know if its no-ammonia content is to blame, but my hair did also start to feel dry again after week two.

Look, I don’t want to say that Naturtint itself caused my hair to feel dry because bleach did that. Bleach ruined my hair. I also don’t know if my damaged hair was the cause of why Naturtint’s results (in colour and shine) didn’t last longer than a couple of weeks. So, I don’t want you to take these to heart, and I don’t want it to stop you from trying them if you wanted to.

All in all, aside from the fact that there was no longevity in it for me, I’m sure it’ll be different for you! They’re natural, organic, a very good brand, and have an array of lovely shades to choose from. I love Naturtint and I’d still use it again and again.

You can get yours online or in store at Holland & Barrett, #TheGoodLife.


Are you ready to read about an absolute Godsend of a product for damaged hair?

Olaplex. You may have heard of this beforehand, but do you actually know what it does in detail – well, as much detail as anyone could find if they just typed ‘Olaplex.’ into Google, anyway? 😂

Olaplex was founded by Dean Christal who teamed up with scientist Dr Craid Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly to cook up a new molecule that works from inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair damaged locks where the structure has broken down.