You know what they say about Zboogy People? They get invited to all Ping Pong parties on Halloween; and attend…

As hard as it isn’t to believe, the image used in the poster above is in fact of ‘Mii.

Thanks Bounce, Old Street, for putting together this great shindig.

I’m a pro at ping pong, y’know? Those at Bounce and everyone who came out for it found out the easy way.

The only thing missing from this ‘Thrilling’ occasion was Michael Jackson himself.

I’m sure MJ was moonwalking in heaven celebrating ‘Mii owning all ping pong tables (and people I was playing against), like some… Dare I say it… Smooth Criminal!

Do I know why the image is appearing sideways? Missy Elliot flipped it and rehearsed it.



I feel like I’ve neglected you tonight…

I’ll be attending the Lush Summit and trade show. I’m also wanting to share this opportunity with you. So, if you too would like to attend, and are available next Wednesday and Thursday, are based in London or the UK, then come on down!

It’s at Tobacco Dock. The details are on Eventbrite. Tickets are FREE!

If you’re a fan of LUSH, want to go, and can, do it! It’ll be a lovely experience. You’ll get to check out all of their upcoming products and try them for yourselves.

Tell them you’re a blogger and they’ll give you samples to try. Show them you’re successful and get readers/followers and they may invite you to all of their events as well. Try. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

To book your place on Wednesday or Thursday next week (11-5pm) click HERE!