Today is #AlienDay, and what better way to celebrate than review one of the best alien films I’ve seen to date… Arrival.

Yes, I actually have a penchant for alien films. I’ve seen most. and have got to say ‘Attack the Block’ was also good.

The story of Arrival:

Basically, Louise Banks is a lecturer who is enlisted to help investigators make sense of the phenomenon and decode the aliens’ language.

The mysterious spacecraft lands in her city, and it’s up to her and the rest of the team to piece together the reason for the spacecraft’s landing, and what it that the aliens want. Although stations across the world and transmitting reports that state the aliens want war, and to attack… Louise follows her instinct and believes otherwise. It’s up to her to prove their innocence before it’s too late. Obviously she was extremely nervous to begin with, but then she befriends the aliens and makes an alliance with them. They begin trusting her. She ends up decoding their language, and understanding what their visit is in aid of.

You’ll have to watch the film to find out, I don’t do spoilers.

However, although the film is focussed on the aliens, there’s another weird, underlying storyline that caught my eye, and will catch yours when you watch it. The film begins with Louise, a mother, playing the role of the doting mother. Her daughter later tragically dies of a terminal illness (with her father nowhere to be seen).

Louise is a linguistics lecturer at the Massachusetts University at the time when bizarre things start happening in her town… Shortly after weird stuff start happening, as I mentioned above, she learns that 12 extraterrestrial spacecrafts have landed across the Earth – one of which is in her town. U.S. Army colonel G.T. Weber turns to Louise and physicist Ian Donnelly to find out what caused this.

Louise and Donnelly successfully make contact with two seven-limbed aliens (which Ian nicknamed Abbott and Costello) aka “heptapods”.

Louise, being a linguistics expert, discovers their written language of complicated circular symbols and begins to unscramble them. The more proficient she becomes, the more vivid her visions of the future (to us, the audience) but past (to her, in the film) with her daughter and of their relationship with the absent father. The reason for the father’s absence later becomes clear at the end of the film. Trust me when I say – if you’ve seen it, you’ll know… If you haven’t, watch it, because it’s shocking!

During the investigation, Louise and Ian develop a bond, and an attraction. It’s clear for the viewers to see – but nothing happens right away. Somehow, they end up together, like we knew they would…

Although it’s centred on aliens, there’s a story there about devotion, the sixth sense, and the ability to predict the future. There’s risk involved, and sometimes, taking risks means losing things/people. Would you take a risk?

All in all it’s a great film. I’m not going to lie, I’ve only watched it once and I remembered leaving the cinema in shock and confusion. However, it’s such a great film that after a short amount of pondering, it really puts things into perspective and you realise that it did in fact make sense.

I loved it, and I reckon you would do after watching it, if you haven’t already.

Side note: Ian was the late daughter’s dad. Louise and Ian embarked on a relationship, and her daughter was the by-product.

I put a poll out on Twitter, and out of my 1,550+ followers, one of them voted for Everything. So, this is a post that has a bit of everything

It’ll have entertainment in the form of the above embedded Facebook video… It’ll have me discussing this alleged “beauty treatment” (or lack of it), and it’ll also have a life lesson along with another quick mention of everyone’s favourite: Bae! 💖

Let’s get the negatives out the way first, shall we? I’ll start by asking: WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL must’ve happened for a beautician or therapist to think wasting nachos, queso and cheese by placing them on another person could be “healing”?! If we thought applying makeup using a boiled egg was morbid, what the SAM HECK is this?!

I had never heard anything like this until I saw it. I – just, words actually fail me… I wish I didn’t see it in the first place tb…

Imagine that CHEESE though?! That cheese… Those nachos… Those jalapeños… Why? “Why’re you doing that, wo/man???” My God! 🙀

There are people starving and these people are wasting an abundant supply of this by bathing people in them as a means of “healing” SBMH (shake both my hands). 🤝

What happened to essential oils? What happened to sensual messages? Even acupressure? … Why is society wasting good food?

One thing this video has done though is turned people off nachos for life! There are things that – once seen – can never go unseen; this being one them… I have absolutely no words. Just – none.

Apparently, this is “healing”. I’m sure EATING it would be more healing than being covered in it… Then again, I don’t have a diploma in Beauty Therapy nor Nacho-Homosapien-Soaking.

Still, after throwing up about seven times, I did find the funny side. I mean, you’ve got to with stuff like this, haven’t you?

Let’s get onto the positives! 😃 This guy (receiving this treatment) is obviously living the dream! Imagine being lathered in that cheese like it’s sun lotion… He must’ve been in Nachos Heaven when this video was filmed; just look at his smug, goggles-wearing face. 🤣

The life lesson:




The mention of bae:

Wanna tweet or nah? 💖

Face To Face

Wow. Very rarely am I speechless… Channel 4’s Face to Face has made me that way!

Katie Piper is (and’s always going to be) an inspiration! I love how confident, resilient and awesome she is… Where the haters in society would expect someone who’s been through what she has to cower away and be fearful, she is fearless (and flawless).

Her battles and ability to overcome them screams “strength” and “#GOALS”! She is someone we could all learn from…

Face To Face‘ highlights complex skin problems that some of us wrestle with every day, and proves that there are others out there with the same or similar skin imperfections, who rock it and are able to walk tall and be confident. The show sees Katie Piper (a survivor of an acid attack) giving girls a makeover to make them feel better about themselves, and it works.

It’s an incredible watch!

I guarantee that if you were lacking in confidence or self-esteem prior to watching it, the bravery of those who appear in it will make you feel otherwise…

What did I learn from ‘Face To Face’? I learned that we are all beautiful. I knew this already, but, it’s just nice to know that there are people out there who embrace their “flaws” (which I don’t believe they are) and feel body/face confident. This makes them seem and look even more so!

If you ask me, the only flaw someone can have is a low level of confidence or self-esteem… I understand that it’s unavoidable when pressure, bullying and discrimination surrounds us… But, I also know that someone who challenges these circumstances and accepts themselves as they are is attractive.

I, myself, have lacked confidence before… I know the feeling, and this is why I’m reaching out to you, to tell you that you’re perfect.

Flaws, to me, are just a trick of the mind… They make us think what we have is unacceptable when really – the only thing “unacceptable” is thinking that they’re not acceptable.

We all love makeup, don’t we? Some love it more than others…

Makeup is a tool that cannot only makeup our skin, but can make up our confidence.

There are also some of us who rely on it for confidence – and that’s okay too… The moral of ‘Face To Face’ as I understood it is to be happy in the skin you’re in whether you’re made up or not.

To conclude, yes – I think makeup can make a huge difference, and I’m so glad it exists; because it enables others to feel confident and beautiful. However, makeup is only skin deep, where confidence goes beyond that and goes right into soul. Remember that you’re MAJORLY beaut, and the right people know so.

Nivea, Pepsi, Co-OpThere must be something in the advertising industry’s water because Nivea has become the second (out of three) brand to pull an advert from the airwaves, this week…

We all know which was the first, don’t we? Pepsi, of course! Yeah, their 2017 advert featuring Kendall Jenner was removed after hundreds of thousands of viewers complained that it was “trivialising recent street protests across the US” which took place in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Although a few took offence (with many voicing their opinions via social-media) there’s no denying that a large number of others were able to react by making jokes or being sassy, Martin Luther King’s daughter being one of them…

Pepsi has since apologised and taken down the advert (as expected), also publishing an apologetic statement to the disgruntled fans, customers and Kendall Jenner in particular.

As I said, Nivea has also had to have its advert taken down… The German skincare company has become the second brand to publicly apologise to viewers and fans for its “white is purity” campaign; which was deemed discriminatory and racially insensitive…

How the advertisers signed this one off as okay I don’t and won’t ever know! I mean, just LOOK at it (picture above).

Oh and – just when we thought that was it for failed adverts, the UK’s Co-operative supermarket has too come under fire over “outrageous sexism” after it released an advert regarding chocolate Easter eggs…

Their latest commercial encourages parents to treat their daughters “for doing the washing up”. I mean, I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry… WHAT?! It seems as though the advertising world has well and truly lost it.

Alas, this month’s shaping up to be the month advertising fails. Remember, we’re 7 Days in, and already three adverts have been pulled (like a piece of meat). Who knows what else is in store over the next 22-or-so days…

Oh, how could I forget… Cadbury very nearly makes the fourth after it was criticised for opting not to use the word “Easter” in its egg hunts. SWINES!

The Pengest Munch, The Chicken Connoisseur

I’m running a poll on Twitter and my loyal one follower voted that I should blog about Entertainment today. So, here goes nothing!

It’s slightly worrying that Donald Trump got more votes in the general Presidential election than I did on Twitter but let’s leave that for when I decide to blog about politics – which is never… What am I going to say about the subject, though? They all chat “Shiza Minelli”?

Right, anyway, onto my second favourite YouTuber – ‘The Pengest Munch’. This guy, also known as ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’ (Elijah Quashie), is absolutely hilarious to watch. He basically rates breaded chicken wings, cans of Strawberry Miranda/Ginger Beer and Fillet Burgers & Chips like they’re à la carte at a fine dining restaurant, but with a “roadman” twist. 🍗🍔🍟

He shot to fame with the video below, filmed in Tottenham, at ‘The Chick King’. This video alone has been viewed over 3,000,000+ times to date. His channel has a total of 575,047 subscribers (since this post was published) and has enjoyed at least 26,873,809 views.

Personally, I’m going to stick my neck out on the line and say that this video is still my favourite of all… I think it’s just because this video was the the first time most of us discovered him and that sort of thing sticks…

Personally, I believe his humour, together with his passion for chicken wings, is what I believe has made him so popular on YouTube and its community. I love that he’s so honest and doesn’t breadcrumb coat his reviews (the only sugar found in his videos come from sipping Miranda). Elijah’s actually the reason why I’ve become obsessed with chicken wings… I love KFC’s ones and Nando’s ones of course (because they’re healthier and tastier).

Going back to The Pengest Munch, which video’s your favourite? Give me a siiiiiiiiiiiign… Tell me baby, the first time! 🎶