If you’re out and about in London this August and are looking for something to do, check out Disney’s Aladdin (before it closes its curtains in London’s West End, at the end of this month).

It’s a great show. I went to see it last year, and it was thrilling. A real, magic carpet ride.

If you’re looking for a whole new world, you’ll find it in the West End.

It’s crystal clear that the show comes to an end this month, so catch it while you can. You by no means have to, but do it regardless because: FOMO’s rhythm’s going to get you!

Aladdin’s the Disney classic everyone needs to see and sing along to… I mean, that’s the reason they turned it into a stage show after all!

If the directors had three wishes, I bet all three would revolve around you going to see it.

Okay, great – I’m off to rub a lamp and write a musical that will begin showing in September. But first, let me sleep for 40 days and 40 nights.

Interested in Aladdin? Good. Read more.

Where is Disney’s Aladdin showing? The Prince Edward Theatre, in London.

What’s the story of Aladdin? Balamory.


Yes, Summer is all about festivals and parties, but they are all about the playlists!

Whether you’re by the pool, or in a park, here are some Summer playlists to get you in the mood.

Oh, and before we start- happy belated Summer Solstice!

Spotify’s Summer Playlist 2019

This is packed with all of the hottest tracks of 2019 and the summer so far. It’s sure to turn any Summer party into a crowd pleaser, if your attendees are mainstream music listeners.

Summer Throwbacks

Here’s one for me. All the best Summer tracks, thrown back like a boomerang. I absolutely love the nostalgic vibes of this playlist.

Summer BBQ

This playlist is my favourite of the three. It includes some of my favourite tracks, basically – I will invite myself to any event that plays this.

What’s the best playlist that can be listened to in Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter, needing to be celebrated all year round?

I don’t think it’s on Spotify yet but… Here.

Motown is unarguably the best genre of music, ever.

To conclude, no ‘Summer Playlists’ post would be complete without…

What’s my go-to Summer anthem that’s my all-time favourite?

This and/or this. Can’t choose, sorry.

TV Series… Nothing beats a good one, right? I love a good one, or ten! Speaking of which, want to know what made my Top 10 list of TV Series? Read on… (This list is based on my favourite sitcoms. It is a rundown of my favourite boxsets that I can binge on no end!) 

Watching TV sitcoms may help health because there is a direct correlation between laughter and positive effects on the body and mind, a U.S. researcher says.

My Top Three are my ultimate go-to watches, the last three are the ones I’d least likely watch alone but happily watch with my brother.

1) Friends

Nothing better. Phoebe for a girl, Phoebo for a boy.


2) Scrubs

Fancy a trip to the E.R? It’s a barrel of laughs!

3) 8 Simple Rules

There aren’t that many rules for dating the Hennessy teenagers…


4) The Simpsons


5) Futurama

The future’s bright, the future’s Bender.


6) How I Met Your Mother

How did you meet your mother?

7) My Wife & Kids

His wife and kids… There’s a story to it.


8) Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody hates Chris, but me. I love him.

9) Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody loves Raymond, including me.


10) Seinfeld

Sign, sealed, delivered, it’s FELD.


Shoreditch’s a great place to hang if and when you’re in London, Ballie Ballerson especially. It has an awesome infinite ball pit bar, great for any and all parties.

If you’ve ever wanted to relive your childhood, and meet other adults who are children at heart, this is the place to be.

It is particularly great for students. At just £2 a ticket, being a student makes this a winning venue to get into (drinks excluded, obvs). Note, their student days are restricted to one Monday a month, so check before booking.

If you’re not a student, you can get in for £7.50 and then also pay extra for all drinks.

At Ballie Ballerson, the balls are most definitely in your court.

Ladies, get ready to be the Belles of the ball. Princes, get ready to be surrounded by Belles of the ball.

Speaking of ‘ball-‘, fill out the ballot on 23 May, as part of the EU election. Vote your way (after researching rights from wrongs). Thanks.

Ballie Ballerson


I’ve reached 400 followers on my blog! Thank you to all who follow, and those that keep up-to-date with my posts even though I haven’t been blogging regularly.

To celebrate, here’s a post dedicated to all of you.

The beloved American-sitcom Friends is still on Netflix, so I will be sitting in my Netflix pants and watching it all day.

Moral of this post? We’re all friends. There’s also nothing better than watching Friends.