Today, I checked the Instagram Story of Sara Asiya, one of my favourite Instagram personalities. She is the funniest lady I’ve come across in a while, I love her. However, sadly, she constantly is faced with negative feedback and her feeds are no stranger to negative comments and is becoming a hub trolls.

Today, she broke down LIVE on Instagram. It broke me. I know that this stuff happens, but I think seeing the affects first hand really messed me up.

The media is notorious for spreading the message that women are “too big” or “too thin” and what the “perfect” body/face shape is, so the last thing we need is some troll that has nothing better to do with their time than hurt and offend people. There’s a difference between banter and disrespect.

I do not stand for it, and I do not condone it. Listen to what I’ve got to say below…

Jane the Virgin

‘Jane the Virgin’ is another one¬†of my favourite shows. Although it¬†returned for a new season¬†last year,¬†I’ve yet to watch more than one episode of it. That’s bad – isn’t it? ūüėÜ Thing is, soap opera dramas drag on like dragons and I can’t be dealing with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was hooked on the first two¬†seasons (before she married) but a¬†third season¬†felt like it had run its course. What I mean is, what do the directors/writers want? Do they expect her¬†to stay a virgin forever? They’ll have to change the name of the show at some point (unless they want a ’40 Year Old Virgin’-esque show),

Sadly, Jane didn’t get her happy ending [at the end of season two] because Michael was shot by his detective accomplice. As I mentioned above, I watched¬†episode one of the latest season¬†and although I was¬†happy to see Michael recover, i just felt like I couldn’t watch¬†it anymore. She’s married and was going to do the deed – that’s it.

Wait, I love how I’m chatting like you guys know the show – when you probably don’t… ūüėā

Okay, so Jane is a young lady¬†who dreams of being a writer and pursues her dreams. GO GIRL! She’s dating a cop (police officer) but had a crush on a guy who owns a hotel chain previously. They somehow end up meeting again, she goes to the gynae and she gets artificially inseminated by his own sister. WTF?

I know what’s going through your mind right now: “you watch these type of shows?!” I assure you it’s not the storyline that had me hooked… It’s the humour, the comedy (which is another word for humour) and the abundance of¬†love that appealed to me.

OMG! I can’t believe that it took me to write this blog post before I realised a major flaw in the show. I’ve just thought of something – how could she get artificially inseminated if her hymen is in tact? I don’t know… I was refused a smear because of it¬†but she gets pregnant? What?! How?!

Back to the plot we go, she gets pregnant and stays with Michael the cop but breaks up to get with Rafael the baby daddy (who was married to Petra – a crazy psycho beach*).

* Margate, UK probably

Oh, yeah – Jane¬†ends up giving birth¬†to¬†the cutest baby boy ever¬†called Mateo (or “Mr Sweetface” for short).¬†She also gets¬†hitched¬†to Michael at the end of season two but I, like¬†plenty of others,¬†thought she suited¬†Rafael better. Don’t get me wrong, Michael’s a great guy – I just felt there was more of a chemistry between her and Rafael. Then again, there’s an emotional bond between her and Michael, so maybe that’s why it’s stronger.

Overall, the show has its fair share of twists and turns, drama, murders, partner swapping etc. but it’s hilarious even if¬†overly dramatic… Sometimes too¬†dramatic to the point where it looks farfetched and made up.

However, we’re all hooked on it. Aren’t we? [if you’re yet to be, have a word with yourself]

I used to tweet about it so much that a few of my friends have ended up watching and enjoyed it! I tweet about other stuff now, though. ūüėÜ

Although I haven’t watched season three in full (in case you didn’t know ūüôą), I’ve seen a couple of previews and suspect that her and Michael are no longer married¬†because she’s crushing on someone else? ūüė≥

She, like she always was, is still¬†torn between staying a virgin until she gets into a *proper* marriage or losing it beforehand. Her grandmother¬†plays a major role in motivating her to stay celibate. I love her nan, she’s a proper traditional grandma! ūüíĖ


Catfish has to be one of the best shows on TV. It’s one of the very few American shows that I watch before it airs in the UK.¬†I just can’t wait!

If you ask me, Nev & Max are the¬†Ant & Dec of America. They have¬†a¬†bromance thing¬†going on…

Moving Taylor Swift(ly) on, I want to discuss last night’s episode which aired in the States; it¬†was as juicy as¬†a raspberry Starburst and featured¬†a #Catfish FIRST!

The story goes: Colleen met ‘Tony’ on “Plenty of Fish” (not many¬†Nemos on there, though).

It was all going a little too well ’cause the¬†mysterious ‘Tony’ proposed just THREE weeks into the¬†online relationship (before they had even met) and Colleen accepted.

FUDGE ME! #Butterscotch. There’s laying it on ‘thick pretty quick’ and then there’s Usain Bolt(ing) it to the alter… Tony seems the type to be the latter.

Oh yeah, Colleen also lets slip to¬†Nev & Max that Tony hasn’t always been completely honest wither her… ¬†*RAISES RED FLAG* *RAISES MAROON FLAG*

Apparently,¬†Tony told her that he lived in Lakewood, Washington at first. Then, he¬†somehow¬†ended changing his story and saying he’s staying¬†in Baton Rouge. Naturally, Colleen wants to know if that’s the only lie he’s told, which is why she enlists the help of this nifty investigative duo…

In keeping with the ‘to add fuel to the “is he a Catfish” fire’, every time Colleen suggested¬†meeting up or video calling, ‘Tony’ refused.

What’s this guy (and other Catfishes) deal?! You can’t claim to “love” someone but¬†not want to meet them regardless of the fact you don’t look the same as your picture. Can someone explain how meeting your online lover with Nev & Max’s help takes away from the fact that you’ve lied and the fact that you’re not physically who you claimed to be?

Then again, I might not understand the logic behind these¬†Catfishes, but I do¬†get hooked on the show itself. Above all, I think it’s¬†the puns, bants and suspense that grips me.

Anyway, back to the episode – as per Catfish usual, Colleen sends¬†Nev & Max all the information that she has on ‘Tony’ so that the pair can get to work and¬†unmask¬†him.

Like all episodes (six series strong), they end up tracking down THE¬†mysterious ‘Tony’ (in between plenty of seemingly dead ends, confusion and twists/turns) down.¬†Again, like all episodes of Catfish, although ‘Tony’ refused to meet Colleen in real-life previously, he somehow plucks¬†up the courage to do so¬†LIVE on TV with¬†Nev & Max present. I swear these two are like the Catfish whisperers!

So, is¬†he really¬†called ‘Tony’? Nope, he’s actually called Jeremy.

Also, the¬†stereotype is that the majority of Catfishes use photos of someone else and Jeremy was no different. However, although he¬†used someone else’s¬†photos, he – like all Catfishes – promised Colleen¬†that this was¬†the last¬†lie he had told (along with the fact that she seemingly lied about her age and ‘kept asking for money’). That’s still¬†a pretty big one though, isn’t it?

Finally,¬†true to his ‘lay it on thick & quick’ self, Jeremy n√©e ‘Tony’¬†PROPOSES to Colleen again less than 5 MINUTES¬†after meeting her IRL!¬†It must be the fact that he’s not “unattractive” because she ACCEPTED for the second time (even after he sent her¬†photos of someone else). WHAT IS THIS SHOW?! Meanwhile, I can’t even get a follow OR DM.ūüėÜ

P.S. they’re¬†still together to date¬†(I assume). Since the show broadcast, Catfish released a tweet stating¬†that although only ONE couple have stayed together after meeting, this particular story¬†beats that couple¬†because Colleen & Jeremy are¬†the first¬†to get engaged.

N’aww! How cute is that?

I love love. Love is a beautiful thing. I wish them all the best. ūüíĖ

13 Reasons Why

This week’s #NationalMentalHealthWeek and May is renowned for being #NationalMentalHealthMonth. So, I wanted to make a quick post that explains why I won’t be watching ‘13 Reasons Why‘, and tell you all that it’s okay to suffer from bouts of depression from time to time, you’re only human. When you begin to feel down though, recognise the triggers, and speak/reach out. Don’t suffer alone. You’re not alone.

1) It sounds majorly sad, traumatising and depressing.

2) It’ll definitely have a negative affect on me, it’ll be a mind-messer.

3) I’m not interested in watching someone else suffering –¬†least of all to the point of being driven to suicide.

4) I don’t want to watch other people’s words or actions leading to¬†someone taking¬†their own life… I’m well aware that it’s a prominent, sensitive issue in today’s society that needs to be addressed (in ways other than filming¬†a series and streaming it to¬†Netflix).

5) would you want people making a film/TV show about you or someone you know and love going through this? Out of respect, no I wouldn’t. It’s a personal and private thing. Therefore, if this story’s based on a true story – which I’m sure it is – I don’t think it should be aired.

6) a majority of us have been bullied, so I wouldn’t watch it for fear that it’d bring back memories.¬†I also don’t think¬†watching others being bullied is something I’d find intriguing or interesting. It actually makes me sad, angry, hurt and annoyed.

7) the show itself is WAY too overrated!

8) I’m not interested in Netflix unless I’m watching it with someone (and I don’t – not because I can’t get someone to watch it with, just because¬†I’m selective and only have one in mind).

9) The genre of real-life, thriller dramas/documentaries doesn’t¬†appeal to me (with exception of Catfish and that isn’t even tragic or¬†mind-messy).

10) I can’t not get emotionally invested in such stories, so I avoid them when possible.

11) it’s not something I’d openly recommend anyone to watch*, so why would I watch it myself?

*other than a bully, in which case I’d show¬†them this as a means of explaining how their¬†words/actions are impacting/could impact on those who they’re¬†bullying.

12) I believe there are other ways of raising awareness for suicide¬†(which doesn’t¬†involve making documentaries).¬†If you want to make a difference, campaign, march, run a marathon, or set up a GoFundMe… Speak out. Do something.

You don’t need to watch a docu-series about the last moments of someone’s life, leading up to their death, to want to do something about it.

13) I just don’t want to.

Look, to give credit where it’s due, I’ve heard great things from friends. It’s also been well received by the wider Netflix community. Obviously if you’re interested in this type of show, watch it. I’m just not and I wanted to share my thoughts on it because it’s all over social-media…

A second season of it (if rumours are to be believed) just shows that it’s less about suicide awareness and more about bank balance. No¬†thanks.

If you’ve been affected by depression, anxiety or intrusive thoughts, seek help – speak to the Samaritans or Child Line (if you’re young). Alternatively, contact a mental health charity like Mind and/or speak to your GP, mentor, parent/s, someone you trust. Sometimes, even a stranger can help. Just, speak.