Face To Face

Wow. Very rarely am I speechless… Channel 4’s Face to Face has made me that way!

Katie Piper is (and’s always going to be) an inspiration! I love how confident, resilient and awesome she is… Where the haters in society would expect someone who’s been through what she has to cower away and be fearful, she is fearless (and flawless).

Her battles and ability to overcome them screams “strength” and “#GOALS”! She is someone we could all learn from…

Face To Face‘ highlights complex skin problems that some of us wrestle with every day, and proves that there are others out there with the same or similar skin imperfections, who rock it and are able to walk tall and be confident. The show sees Katie Piper (a survivor of an acid attack) giving girls a makeover to make them feel better about themselves, and it works.

It’s an incredible watch!

I guarantee that if you were lacking in confidence or self-esteem prior to watching it, the bravery of those who appear in it will make you feel otherwise…

What did I learn from ‘Face To Face’? I learned that we are all beautiful. I knew this already, but, it’s just nice to know that there are people out there who embrace their “flaws” (which I don’t believe they are) and feel body/face confident. This makes them seem and look even more so!

If you ask me, the only flaw someone can have is a low level of confidence or self-esteem… I understand that it’s unavoidable when pressure, bullying and discrimination surrounds us… But, I also know that someone who challenges these circumstances and accepts themselves as they are is attractive.

I, myself, have lacked confidence before… I know the feeling, and this is why I’m reaching out to you, to tell you that you’re perfect.

Flaws, to me, are just a trick of the mind… They make us think what we have is unacceptable when really – the only thing “unacceptable” is thinking that they’re not acceptable.

We all love makeup, don’t we? Some love it more than others…

Makeup is a tool that cannot only makeup our skin, but can make up our confidence.

There are also some of us who rely on it for confidence – and that’s okay too… The moral of ‘Face To Face’ as I understood it is to be happy in the skin you’re in whether you’re made up or not.

To conclude, yes – I think makeup can make a huge difference, and I’m so glad it exists; because it enables others to feel confident and beautiful. However, makeup is only skin deep, where confidence goes beyond that and goes right into soul. Remember that you’re MAJORLY beaut, and the right people know so.

Cargo Cosmetics HD

Seeing as it’s Easter soon, can I get an AMEN?! Cargo Cosmetics’ liquid foundation is life to my skin.

Funny story, like most things – I thought I lost this. Genuinely. It was only after going through endless amounts of bags after a move that I found it. Full. My baby (of the foundation variety) was FULL! I used it today, didn’t I? Of COURSE I did. Check out the video below. Please and thanks.

My Video <

Also, I’m well aware there’s no sound in the video. You’re just going to have to lipread, ’cause it’s not like you don’t mind read, is it? Thanks.

Anyway, enough about my video… Read what Cargo Cosmetics, themselves, have to say!

Oil-free foundation with medium to full coverage creates a smooth, and flawless complexion for on and off camera!
Formulated for high definition filming, foundation contains light diffusing pigments for an optical blurring effect. Silky formula glides on and blends seamlessly.

  • Infused with moisturizing agents and antioxidants to hydrate and protect the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Paraben free.

I always experiment with other foundations, but find myself back with this one… It’s the bae I don’t want to get awae… Maybe, just maybe, it’s because I don’t actually want it to? It will always have my heart (and my face).

Giving credit where credit’s due, my best friend introduced me to this foundation. She has majorly good taste in makeup (and just about everything else). She’s a keeper of a BFF!

What do I love about Cargo Cosmetics’ HD foundation? Probably that it’s a HD one that keeps my selfies/videos looking human and not zombie like; oh – and the shade is PERF! It suits my Lebanese Polarbearability to a T-BT. (not the Broadband, switch to Virgin, yeah?) Again, thanks.

In terms of wearage, I’m guessing it’s demi-matte? So, not completely, there’s still a glow in there – especially in hot weather. No, ladies that’s not PERSPIRATION, okay? We shower and use 96hour deodorants, don’t we? 🔥😉👊

Course we do! We don’t sweat, we glow…😘 Like Rudolph’s nose. Just, 365 days a year (and then some)…

How do I love to apply it? With a brush, obvs. But, I have been putting This Works’ In Transit underneath and WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU! FAM!

It’s a BEAUT of a coverage/application… Beyonce’s flawless be looking BTEC in comparison… Joking! Absolutely joking! She’s a QUEEN!!!!!!! Don’t tell her I said that, okay? Please. ‘Cause I’m SURE my FAKE NEWS would matter to a billionaire Goddess who rubs shoulders with the likes of Obama (and makes ‘Crazy in Love’ with Jay Z)… I LOVE HER‼️❤️


I’ve received an email to say my Glossybox of May 2017 has shipped! This means that I really need to post this before it arrives, so I’ll get to review the new stuff…

As you may have heard, last month’s box (April) was my first…

Firstly, I’ve got to say that I was very pleased with my goodies. I mean, I had something delivered which I’ve wanted to try for years but was too scared to (because it was around the time that I had sensitive, acne-prone skin)!

This Works: In Transit Camera Close Up

A handbag must have – it’s a mask, moisturiser and primer all-in-one, for a long-lasting perfect make-up finish.

This is the bae that I wanted to try years ago but couldn’t bring myself to… Victoria Beckham apparently swears by this, so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!

this high-performance Superblend features Bio Boost – our unique blend of anti-oxidant plant oils- to rebuild and protect the skin barrier, along with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine to rebalance and revitalise.

My verdict: I love this. I also love that it smells extremely floral. It honestly feels so luxurious on my face…

this portable pick-me-up will even, plump and brighten skin instantly, ensuring you’re always ready for that close-up

I’ll finish this product’s review by saying that a) you can purchase one for yourself here and b) this was my favourite of all products received this month. I’ll be purchasing this in full-size.

Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette – All Day Soiree

Earthy eyeshadow tones? Check. Coral-ly tones? Check. awesome blush tones? Check. Oh wow. I loved this one. My eyelids and blusher looked radiant and flawless thanks to Sleek.

Eye & Cheek Palette provides all of your colour essentials in one convenient compact, this versatile palette contains four eyeshadows and two blushers.

I don’t usually like eyeshadow, unless it’s an earthy tone – anything from brown, gold, and dark ones work really well with my eyes – so I tend to stick with them. Imagine my surprise when I found Glossybox’s recommendation.

All Day Soiree will refresh any beauty look, the combination of shimmering peach and beige hues create a delicate, feminine finish. The assortment of on-trend blush shades of creamy champagne and pastel pink provide a healthy flush to cheeks.

Yes, I know Glossybox customise the gifts based on my skin tone, eye and hair colour but – come on…

The fact that I know what suits my eye colour without having a degree/diploma in makeup artistry is shocking in itself! The only thing stopping me purchasing this in full-size is that I actually don’t usually wear eyeshadow.

oOlution – Eye Love

Eye Love oOution. It’s the sOlution to my eye (£10 per) bag/s! I do get my fair share of the odd eye bag or two. I know it’s because I spend most of my time smiling and laughing (mostly at my phone – after reading a funny tweet). So, I was very pleasantly surprised when Glossybox sent me this.

Eye love is a 100 % natural eye contour. It contains more than 65 botanical active ingredients (all organically grown) for a tailored action. Eye love reduces dark circles and bags thanks to its vasoconstrictive and detoxifying natural ingredients. With its moisturizing and draining efficacy, it minimizes the visible signs of fatigue in the eye contour area.

I have been using this every day since I received it, and I can tell you that it’s one of the best eye creams/gels that I’ve used. It absorbs super quick, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Also, I’ve noticed that it wakes my eyes up more, truthfully. I could look zombie-like ‘pon rising from my slumber, but once this goes on it’s like my eyes are energised. All the better to see bae’s (old and most recent) selfies with…  

I’ll definitely be purchasing.

Schwarzkopf Brazilnut Oil Pulp Treatment

The highly nourishing formula has superb moisturising benefits as well as anti-oxidative properties and added UV filters. Innovative Argan powder particles gently remove impurities for healthy-looking hair and brilliant shine.

This thing right here… Wow. It’s absolutely a sorcerer/sorceress to the scalp and hair, mid-ends. What is this magic that I’ve ONLY just diskopfered?


The smell of this is what one would call D-VINE! That “I heard it through the grapevine” kinda shizz… 😍

The steps are as follows: rinse your hair, apply shampoo as usual (’cause I did), then apply it on as a treatment (to replace your conditioner). Leave it on for 5-10 mins, wash off and do this once or twice a week.

It’s actually LUSH! I loved how soft, shiny and thick my hair felt after just one use…

Also, it helps that I’m nutty in life, doesn’t it? Not Brazilian though. Soz!

Figs & Rouge Hydra-Active Smart Nutrient Vital Moisturiser Day Cream

This one didn’t bode well on my skin. I think it’ll be great on others, it sadly wasn’t on me… I noticed whiteheads were forming after the first (and only) application. It’s supposed to be very good for the skin and really helpful with filling in fine lines… I’m sure it does, I just haven’t used it long enough because it kind-of broke me out.

An ultimate replenishing day cream complex that delivers instant & long lasting hydration to leave skin smooth & radiant. Formulated with moisturising ‘Smart Nutrient’ Technology & Nourishing Vitamin Complex A, C, E. Three hydrating, deeply penetrating & rejuvenating phases to balance skin tone & optimally moisturise the skin.

Dior Backstage

Wowzers. Dior Backstage’s No15 Powder Brush is probably bigger than my whole face! Honestly. If it was on my face longer than the length of time it takes me to apply my setting powder, you probably won’t be able to see me.

With the expertise of its Backstage Makeup Artists, Dior has created a professional line of brushes for perfect, simple makeup application.
The brush is made with high-quality, natural bristles for the application of powders and powder foundations in comfort, and retains its shape perfectly after each use. The brush head is flat and dense to crush pigments and polish the powder for more intense coverage, as well as a perfectly smooth and luminous finish.

I love this one though… It’s not the most expensive makeup brush that I own, at £44.50, but its results are up there with the most expensive. Also, if I carry on reviewing brushes, you’ll start noticing that I’m not busy enough to write about them, but am too busy to wash them cos I don’t really wash this one either… When my face starts looking less like skin and more like Pimple District, I’ll contemplate giving them a bath.

The skin is like a canvas, and makeup the medium, so it seemed only natural for Dior to join forces with Raphaël, the art brush master, to produce the finest brushes.
Since its creation in Paris in 1793, the House of Raphaël has employed a savoir-faire founded on traditional practices: from hair collection to combing, assembly and quality control, each brush is handcrafted, necessitating the expertise of some thirty people.

Makeup brushes

If my selfies are anything to go by, I have more makeup brushes than I do clothes… 🙈 Yeah, they’re a necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need makeup, I wear it because I choose to… However, makeup brushes do make me happy.

PRO TIP courtesy of Dior:

Dip brush into powder, deposit excess onto a tissue, then apply in a circular motion, starting in the center of the face and working outwards. Use the brush to blend makeup seamlessly with the skin.

Hahah! I love how Dior’s spiel on the brush is longer than the entirety of my blog post… LOLS, thanks for helping me reach the recommended limit for SEO, Dior!

I’ve ordered the unicorn ones also… So, watch this space. If anyone loves a unicorn horn, it’s me.

Famous last words: this brush is DIORBAEL (durable).

Jenny Patinkin, what a legend, an absolute legend… If you haven’t heard of this name, and you’re in the beauty blogging industry, get to know! This lady is a sorceress of make-up and the brushing kind. #TheLazyPerfection

Angled to fit the curves of the face and soft enough to sweep, dab, stipple or blend. Use with any complexion product for a fast, smooth application every time.

I’m not going to *type* here (can’t really sit on a blog, can I?) and tell you that it’s not expensive because for £59, you’ve got to wish it has minimal plastic surgery powers too, right? It may not have plastic-surgery powers, but it definitely has the power of flawless.

I love how flawless my liquid foundation goes on. You can use this soft but thick bristle brush to apply anything from cream to liquid foundations, concealers, highlight, blush and contour… I don’t think powders work well on this because it’s too small a brush to powder an entire segment with.

The dual fiber bristles and angled head of brush deliver a thin layer of beautifully blended product.

I purchased mine from Amazon, but you cab get one from her website too. I am very hygienic with my brushes (only if I drop them on the floor). Look, I lead a somewhat busy life, I don’t have time to wash umpteen brushes. I have that cleanser oil thing though… So, I guess I clean them more than I give myself credit for.

Yes, so, if after reading this post, you don’t order an All-Over Face brush from Jenny Patinkin, I really do need another hobby.


Use a small amount of product and then buff, swipe, blend or sweep as preferred.

Finally, my brush used to look white, now it looks somewhere between caramel and burnt toast. It is partial to stainage (not a word, but should be) – depending on the type of foundations you use…

Hakuna maTA-TA!