Jenny Patinkin, what a legend, an absolute legend… If you haven’t heard of this name, and you’re in the beauty blogging industry, get to know! This lady is a sorceress of make-up and the brushing kind. #TheLazyPerfection

Angled to fit the curves of the face and soft enough to sweep, dab, stipple or blend. Use with any complexion product for a fast, smooth application every time.

I’m not going to *type* here (can’t really sit on a blog, can I?) and tell you that it’s not expensive because for £59, you’ve got to wish it has minimal plastic surgery powers too, right? It may not have plastic-surgery powers, but it definitely has the power of flawless.

I love how flawless my liquid foundation goes on. You can use this soft but thick bristle brush to apply anything from cream to liquid foundations, concealers, highlight, blush and contour… I don’t think powders work well on this because it’s too small a brush to powder an entire segment with.

The dual fiber bristles and angled head of brush deliver a thin layer of beautifully blended product.

I purchased mine from Amazon, but you cab get one from her website too. I am very hygienic with my brushes (only if I drop them on the floor). Look, I lead a somewhat busy life, I don’t have time to wash umpteen brushes. I have that cleanser oil thing though… So, I guess I clean them more than I give myself credit for.

Yes, so, if after reading this post, you don’t order an All-Over Face brush from Jenny Patinkin, I really do need another hobby.


Use a small amount of product and then buff, swipe, blend or sweep as preferred.

Finally, my brush used to look white, now it looks somewhere between caramel and burnt toast. It is partial to stainage (not a word, but should be) – depending on the type of foundations you use…

Hakuna maTA-TA!

Miamii Mansour, Beauty Bae

Today, my face was made up of 99% L’Oréal.

The primer? Infallible.

The foundation? Infallible.

The highlighter, contour and blusher pallet was the only thing not from L’Oréal… It was a sample from my Glossybox, I’ll be blogging about it (and the other products I got) soon.

The lipstick? Colour Riche.

The setting/fixing spray? Infallible. (I’ll put a blog out on this, soon).

The mascara? Fiber.

Yeah, some might say it’s an obsession… I’m putting it down to an exceedingly high level of admiration and respect for a brand that actually does wonderful things for my facial follicles, pores, skin cells, all whilst enhancing the look of my exterior front-facing head.

If L’Oréal released a clothing line, I’d have bought a few garms from the collection and worn them too!

I actually have to say that my skin has never, ever felt so good… Honestly, my makeup looks extremely flawless when I apply the Infallible collection. The finish of this combo gives my skin a really healthy glow and a matte look and feel.

Thanks, L’Orèal.




No falsies. No extensions. Just fibres. Our most x-treme false lash look ever. have these on offer at 3-for-2. You’re welcome!

L’Oréal & co. ain’t messing about, are they?! Wow. I am besotted, in the face, by WELL FIT… LASHES!

LASHINGS OF LASHES. LASHTASTIC. LASH-BASHING-IN-LASHGOS! (I also haven’t got the foggiest as to what the last sentence meant 🤣).

Lash time I wrote about a mascara was when I introduced myself to Benefit’s They’re Real. Can you LASHIEVE that?! It’s been too long (lashes)…

Fibers are the game changer of the Lashing(ton) industry. Younique have a fiber mascara that’s supposedly incredible, but I’ve yet to try it, because I found that there are like seven unopened mascaras waiting to be used.

This is what happens when you’re in the middle of a Spring clean/clear out, you find things you didn’t even know you had… For all I know, I could turn into the Australian comedian-blogger who shot to viral-sensation fame after applying several years old mascara to her eyes and couldn’t see for the duration of her tutorial… 🙈

Seriously though, I got this one after chucking out the seven unopened ones that I found and haven’t looked back…

Listen, before you start talking to me about makeup waste, I don’t fancy visiting the opticians so… I actually value my sight and health – contrary to what this blog might tell you about me! 😆

Introducing new False Lash X-Fiber Mascara, for our ultimate false lash look without the hassle of false lashes or eyelash extensions. Extreme length, extreme volume, extreme buildability.

I have apparently what could be described as: ‘longer than the average person’s lashes’. My teacher in sixth form used to joke that my lashes arrived before I did… 🤣 No lie, she used to gently tug at them to see if they were real.

I have never, ever, applied falsies… I just have a what-I-assume ‘different way of applying mascara’. I think it’s down to the fact that I’m obviously using a different technique? I know this because they don’t look as long as they do with mascara than they do without.

Well, if all else fails, I’ll just be a lashes-only makeup artist. Just, don’t trust me with the rest of your face, I’d probably turn you into Ronald McDonald and The Dark Knight’s lovechild.

So, yeah, I have long-ish lashes so I wanted to see how this mascara was going to make them look because false-lash mascaras don’t always work well on longer lashes. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ll remember to take a photo and post-it like a note on your wall or computer screen later.

It’s honestly awesome. I like that it doesn’t clump my lashes either. It’s very similar to ‘They’re Real’ by Benefit, it’s just cheaper (WINNING) and in my opinion – nicer – in terms of results (and packaging too). Benefit’s one reminds me of something a mechanic would use. The space grey colour together with the weird shape… It’s just strange. Different, but still strange.

Last word/s on the subject: this mascara is… umm… worth it. BADUM TCH(IBO)! 😉

If these were kisses, I’d give them XXXXX. #XRated.


I realise that I haven’t actually done a separate blog post for Kylie Cosmetics’ Dolce K, so I’m doing it now…

Although I’m not a fan of watching the Kardashian Klan, I do think they’re entrepreneurial in their own right… Yes, they probably wouldn’t be this successful if Kim K didn’t *ahem*, but Kylie Jenner (in particular)’s business acumen is admirable. I sound like I should be on ‘The Apprentice’ right now, don’t I? Sugar, I’ll see you now!

I know there’s been talk of Kylie copycatting other people’s products and stuff, I don’t agree with that, but I do think she’s undeniably successful for her age and to have started out young, she needs commending…

Her lip kits above all are the most recognised of her cosmetics ranges, only because there was a massive hoo-ha about whether she’d had her lips done aged 16.

I’ve discussed this topic previously, I do think she shouldn’t have got her lips done so young, that’s really, really a bad move… But, I don’t care about the fact that people – in general – get their lips done. I think “do what makes you comfortable”, but know the risks and know when enough’s enough.

So, anyway, I’ve mentioned her lip kits on here a few times before… Dirty Peach was the last one I covered. I’m planning to do another one on Apricot soon, so next time UK Shipping is FREE, I’ll definitely be purchasing!

Shipping from America is a myth, I’d rather make my own lip kits out of food colouring FFS!

Dolce K turns my lips into a dark-browny shade when worn, but I really like it, especially since dying my hair jet black. I like black hair and dark browny lip combo on me – it looks exotic, but then again, to others it may look emo. 😂 I’m not an emo, and have nothing against them, I just ain’t one.

Like Dirty Peach (or as I like to call it ‘Dirrrrty PISCH!’) the application is smooth, and formula is good. The application doe-foot wand is excellent too so that’s another positive. I did find that it lasts a while longer than Dirty Peach did.

PRO TIP: only apply one layer though because it’ll start to peel off and look unnatractive.

My current Dolce K is running out and I’m going to have to find a dupe… As I said and’ll continue to, I don’t want to spend money on shipping costs – ain’t nobody got time for that…

Yes, Amazon do Dolce K and other shades but they’re fakes/knock-offs (and sandy :S) (not like Grease, although – speaking of it – ‘You’re The One That I Want’. 💖


I’d like to start by mentioning that I don’t know how I have the audacity to call myself a beauty blogger when I didn’t even know Nip + Fab have a makeup range…

Now that that’s off my chest (not that I have much on my chest anyway… #AABatteriesHaveMoreFuel).

So, they have a makeup line. I tried it and – umm – it reminded me a lot of Smashbox and LA Girl. I’m not a fan of those makeup brands particularly, but I suppose, for everyday wear, at a relatively affordable price, they do the job…

Nip + Fab’s makeup range has a good contour and blusher shade range, even the eyeshadow palettes look lush. However, the application does look a tad tacky. Also, the forumla doesn’t agree with me…

What’s more, I don’t like the shades of their highlighters at all! Like, unless you’re Casper or Homer Simpson, then go right ahead… I know I call myself a “Lebanese polar bear” but come on… I’m not a corpse. 😂

Their foundations also need mixing… The pigments are too dark or light, and the consistency is too thick. I’m someone who doesn’t like having to buy two foundation products just to for one overall result, it’s too time consuming and costly.

I would say that Nip + Fab’s skincare is much better than their range of makeup; that’s my honest feedback – if you want it…

However, my opinion could be down to the fact that I’m used to applying brands like L’Orèal and Dior – which I’ve seen a considerably difference. Even MAC grates on my from time to time… I think the best makeup MAC has to offer me is their Studio Fix.

In other news, I’ve actually stopped wearing makeup to work for a few days because I want to let my skin breathe. I think it’s important that we’re comfortable in our own skin and don’t get dependent on makeup.

I don’t use makeup because I need it, I use it because I enjoy it. Trust me, there’s nothing I love more than sleep in the morning…

So, I don’t get up extra early because I need to do something, I’d only do it because I actually want to. I want to go to work, if I want to wear makeup, I’d wake up earlier.

I don’t know how this post’s gone from a review of Nip + Fab and turned into a life coaching session about self love and being comfortable in the skin you’re in but… I’m going to Nip this in the bud now, you’re beautiful.

Rock what you got. Be confident, be proud and try your best to feel happy in yourself, ’cause no one else can.

Finally, Nip + Fab‘s makeup disappointed me, only because I had high hopes, and I based this high estimation on the success and awesomeness of their skincare ranges. All in all, I’ve got to say though, their colour pigments are BEAUT… I just didn’t like the finish.

What are your thoughts on the range? Send me your comments and we’ll chat.