L’Oréal’s Paris Unlimited Mascara is a game changer. It’s the best lash-lengthening mascara on the market right now.

Our game-changing mascara innovation 

Bendable mascara wand for precise application 

Reaches every last lash, from corner to corner 

Lengthens, volumises, defines and separates lashes 

Intense black finish for high-impact lashes 

Longwear formula

What’s great about it?

Its bendable wand makes it easy to reach every lash, even the shortest and finest ones.

Oh, and it’s apparently “long-lasting”. I won’t test this because I won’t sleep with mascara on. I don’t want an eye-infection.

How does it work?

Bend the bristle brush wand and put on a slick of mascara to lengthen, volumise, define and separate your lashes.

So, if you’re looking for a mascara that defines, lengthens and adds volume to all lashes (even the clumpy ones in the corner), this is a good one to try.


Super soft mermaid foundation brush made of quality natural and synthetic fibre for lasting performance. Features include pink shimmer handle, with brush uniquely designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products.

Poisson visage, lovers! 🐠

The secret to Kim Kardashian’s contour probably isn’t this, but it’s pretty darn close.

Basically, I bought this mermaid brush and ever since I’ve been using it, the rest of my makeup looks are history.

I absolutely love how soft the synthetic bristles are. I have quite allergy-prone skin, so brushes that are made of animal hairs break me out. I accidentally used a makeup brush made from animal-hair once (without realising, obviously) when I bought a starter kit Bare Minerals, and it was the worst purchase of my life. I stupidly thought that the breakouts were down to the powder, and blamed my skin for being sensitive – until I found out it was the brush.

Ever since then, it’s been a case of cruelty-free and sanitary-full, always.

Back to Danielle Creation’s brush, it’s cute, Insta-friendly and the detail of the fins on it is exquisite.

Might duck about and buy another to bathe with, just so I can say I’ve swam with mermaids.

Finally, personally – I use it with powder contour pallets only. I’ve not tried liquids but I can’t imagine it’d blend as well.

I’m a sucker for a beauty blender these days… Apart from beauty blenders, I’ve found that hands (after being washed 91 times) work just as well.

Lipstick Queen

Introducing my favourite lipstick of the moment – Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince.

A “RIBBIT” so regal it attracts a King*.

Get heads turning with Frog Prince, a remarkable emerald green lipstick that transforms into magical rosebud upon contact with the lips. Don’t be fooled by the deep green hue of this semi-sheer lipstick – the green reacts with the warmth of your lips turning them an intense, fairy tale rose. No two pairs of lips will look the same as it adapts according to your pH and natural coloring, appearing entirely different yet beautifully flattering on everyone. Vitamin E and Shea Butter keep lips soft, hydrated and deliciously kissable. And just like true love itself, this enchanting shade was made to last. Lips remain their blissful pink all day long from just one lingering, magical Frog Prince kiss.

  • Moisturizing Shea Butter and anti-oxidant VItamin E soothe and protect 

  • Glossy, wet formula wears into a gentle, flattering and long-lasting pink tint 

  • Unique to you – Frog Prince adapts according to your pH and skin tone to create your most flattering shade of pink

Yes, the stick is green but (as above in the quote section), it magically turns into a shade of pink that’s unique to each person. Mystical!

What do I think? It’s got to be the best lipstick I own, to be frank.I really like the colour it transforms into. I also like how sheer it looks.

True to form, it moisturises to the n’th degree. #Masters

Also, the packaging is an A+/First Class Honours too. Pink all over with bold green branding. I never thought pink and green could go so well together, but they do! It works.

Long live Duty Free (where I got it from). But, I’m sure it’s available in department stores and online.

There’s a Mornin’ Sunshine version that I’ll be purchasing soon too. That one’s yellow in colour but turns into a peachy coral.

In a few weeks it’s gonna be… Maybe I’m born with it, maybe it’s Master Kajal!

My eyes have been looking PHOAR even without glasses… It’s all thanks to Maybelline!

Maximise the look of your eyes with Maybelline’s Master Kajal‘ Eyeliner in ‘Pitch Black’, a cream-stick liner that instantly defines the eyes in one easy stroke.  

Infused with oriental oils, the easy glide, creamy eyeliner holds a high concentration of pigments for intense, dramatic results, and can be easily blended to create a sultry, smokey effect.

As someone who hasn’t got Parkinson’s disease, I find a way to develop the symptoms when I have to apply liquid eyeliner. I go from looking like myself to a racoon in two seconds thereafter. So, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered the Master Kajal!

It’s aptly called Master Kajal because I’ve begun to creates some eye mastery.

What’s the best thing about it, apart from the fact that it create some sick eye art? It’s strikingly dark, allowing you to make your eyes pop out of their sockets. *shouts “WATT?” like Thom Eds*

Laura Mercier

High pigment, high performance, oil-free foundation creates a flawless canvas that lasts up to 12 hours. Makeup artists love how it feels comfortable on skin while hiding even hard-to-cover imperfections. Designed for normal to oily skin. Smooths skin texture and visibly evens skin tone. Color-true pigments virtually disappear on skin for smooth, even application and blending.

Introducing my current favourite foundation, Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Oil Free. I ‘found’ that this ‘dation’ left my face looking flawless. It left a glow in all the right places, and matted up all the wrong.

Surprisingly, one of its 16 shades matched my skin-tone to a t-shirt. Yes, I accidentally ended up wearing it on my shirt a few times. Luckily, I have a washing machine.

I also have a camera, and have noticed this makes my photos look LIKE-worthy. I serve LUKES now (not the name). 😜

It’s my favourite foundation since Cargo HD.