My best buys of 2O16 are as follows:

LUSH’s Celestial moisturiser:

I haven’t even written a full length post about this cream yet, but I decided to mention it in my best buys because it’s incredible. Although Lush market it at the dry-normal skin type, I’ve got combination to oily and have never faced any issues (good pun, huh?). I initially bought it to get rid of my dry patches on my nose and chin (together with a sample of Ultrabland) and I couldn’t get enough so I apply it all over every morning and night.

LUSH’s Magical Moringa primer:

I’ve already blogged about this before (featured in other posts)… But, I always need to mention it because it’s extremely special to me beauty wise. I’ll make it my mission in 2017 to write a dedicated post specifically for it. Earlier this year, Lush had to halt production proceedings – which lasted about 2 months (but felt like two years for me)… I now buy it in bulk and use it as a primer but I have also been known to wear it alone or as a moisturiser.

LUSH’s Ocean Salt:

One of my friends uses this on her face and body (which it is designed for) although plenty of bloggers have said that it’s too intense and rough to be used on both… Let me tell you, I followed in my friend’s footsteps and have not looked back. I take care when I apply it, but have found that my skin looks considerably more even, and there are no dry patches or dead skin. My makeup and moisturiser go on a lot smoother and my face looks a lot better in pictures. What’s more, I haven’t got a breakout once since using it… I love how soft it makes my skin feel (face AND body). I love it.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation:

Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum is the new Holy Grail of my makeup kit. This stuff is £40 well spent, I’ll tell you that… SPF 40? Check. Flawless application? Check. Perfect shade? Check. Smooth/second skin feel? Check.

I love this foundation so much. Everyone complains about the squeezy dropper… That’s not the issue for me. The issue is I don’t feel as though there’s anywhere near enough product in the bottle for the price. That being said, it’s amazing and I won’t change from using/wearing it. I’ve finally found a foundation to stick to… I use it every day and have never found any problems, in fact – I’d go as far as to say that it’s helped my skin.

Benefit Hoola:

Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh my, oh my, oh my word. This bronzer is without a doubt the best bronzer I have ever used. I’m very late to the party, I get that… Again, very little amount in packaging but well worth the £9.97 that I paid for it. I absolutely love how it matches my skin tone and makes me look like I’ve got expertly crafted contour. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s everything. I have found my bronzing calling… My only regret is not buying more than one from Boots when I saw them at the tills.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Dirty Peach:

This is another one of those make-up must haves for olive skinned make-up lovers like myself. I absolutely love it. I was extremely skeptical about buying it and having it not match my skin tone, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I blogged about it, and you can read my thoughts in detail here.

Marc Jacobs Daisy:

I don’t actually know the name of the exact one I’m referring to as there are so many with the same name and are all beautifully scented, but it’s the one in the black box with daisies around it. The Eau de Toilette one. I found it with a little help from Google. The scent is a mixture of patchouli, blood grapefruit, violet, strawberry, gardenia, jasmine, white woods, musk, and vanilla. It’s absolutely beautiful. I get complimented for wearing it everywhere I go.

My make-up routine has changed yet again… I told you it would, didn’t I? 😆

This post discusses my way of creating a festive, Christmas 🎄  look easier and simpler than most. This look took me half an hour to do. (Excuse the hair, coconut oil is my best friend and a brush is my worst enemy, God bless). ❤️

I’ve discovered that you do need more than three things in your make up bag to pull off an extremely flawless and photo ready face. So, I’ll walk you through my new routine. 💁🏻

My prepping and priming routine remains mostly the same – still using the Lush products such as Eau Roma Water and Magical Moringa but I’ve added Dark Angels to my routine because it’s a cleanser, mask and exfoliator in one – my face cannot exist with it, trust me, it has tried. I also now use Younique’s Instant Lifting Serum 10 mins before to smoothen out any* (all) laugh lines. 😂

I start by applying Anastasia Beverly HillsCream Contour Pallete (lightest shade first in a laid down triangle shape under my eyelids and stretched out to my temples). 💆🏻

Then I dab some more highlighter (ABH Cream Contour in lightest shade) under my cheek-bone, Cupid’s bow, bridge of nose, between your eyebrows and chin (under bottom lip). 👄

Once that’s done, I proceed to apply the contour on jawline, forehead/hair line and cheekbones. I use the darkest shade on the ABH Cream Contour pallette. When applying contour on your cheekbones, be wary that you don’t let it go past where your eye pupil is directly above (symmetry) as that’s where your cheekbones will naurally stop. The space between your cheekbone and sides of your nose should have a few small pea sized drops of your matched skin tone foundation – applied to separate the colours. The same goes for your highlighted areas (around the mouth area and sides of nose). This further defines the contour and highlight lines or points that you’ve laid down. Also, in case I didn’t mention it before (which I’m certain I didn’t) for foundation, I’m currently using Bobbi Brown’s Serum Foundation – it is perfection. 👌🏽

Finally, I bake* the triangles under my eyelids with Mac Studio Fix pressed powder (blotting it) and then applying it as usual onto the other highlighted areas. In terms of contour, I use Cargo‘s powder contour pallette, it’s wonderful. I then go over everything with a HUGE brush from Real Techniques. Thinking about it, all but the contouring / highlighting flat double-ended unbranded brush which I used to get this look were from Real Techniques.

*Baking your face is when you apply a huge and excessive amount of powder onto foundation/highlighter/concealer to heat up the temperature of the area – giving a flawless finish to any makeup once the excess is tapped off.

I finish by applying my mascara (Charlotte Tilbury‘s Full Fat Lash), eyeliner (Maybelline’s Master Kajal Liner) and lipstick (Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red).

As I said, this is my way of creating the perfect Christmas look – one that’ll make you stand out this party season. 💃🏻

I’m currently suffering from skin redness on my chin and nose. It’s winter season, so… That’s inevitable, isn’t it?

The situation of my skin sensitivity is getting slightly embarrassing. Not even makeup can cover it. 😩 Forget Rudolph, I’m the Red Chinned and Nose Human (and someone who resides in the North Pole via London).

I’ve got to admit that Lush’s skincare has yet again saved me. I cannot tell you how incredible their products are. I slid into their DMs (haha!) this morning asking them about what they’d recommend I try and they suggested Ultrabland, Celestial and the Rosy Cheeks (Chin & Nose in my case) face mask. I’ve got Eau Roma Water so – that’s just something I use anyway – redness or not.

I bought them all and tried them. I can say that the redness has settled and calmed, it doesn’t feel pain either. To compare what I looked like this morning to now (I won’t upload photos that are enough to put you off your food), my chin and nose were BAD! Now, they’re on the way to good thanks to Lush.

So, there you have it, if you’re going through a sensitive skin phase, do something about it. Turn to a good skincare brand. If Lush products aren’t your thing, Kiehl’s also done great skin soothing creams targetted at dry skin that are even suitable for babies with eczema. Banish that redness. Get your flawless complexion back you beauties! 😘

P.S. I’ve got to confess that I’ve also used Lush‘s Dark Angels on the sensitive areas (very gently WITHOUT the sugar granules), it was the best decision I ever made. The dry skin peeled off and is feeling less sore. So, be VERY gentle but try it if you dare. It’s surprisingly slightly soothing – if you follow the rest of the steps in this post that is…

Kylie Cosmetics: Dirty Peach

🍑 🍑 🍑

Dirty Peach is my favourite lip-stain right now! I have been wearing it for well over two months (and am sad to say that I’ve almost run out 😭).

The #KylieCosmetics Lip Kit is your secret weapon to create the perfect ‘Kylie Lip.’ Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner. Dirty Peach is a mid-tone yellow peach.


Eyelash Curler

How anyone can use the metal eyelash curlers I don’t know… That scares me. Legitimately terrifying. They look like a gruesome, medical/dentistry instrument that can be found in an operating theatre! 😱 #DrStrange

I can’t and won’t ever curl my lashes with them because the thought of putting my eyelids and eyelashes (or eyes in general) through that is a risk I never want to take.

Charlotte Tilbury: Full Fat Lashes

Instead, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes mascara, and it does the job perfectly (and safely). I love CT’s Full Fat Lash because it not only curls but lengthens, adds volume and looks good. Having said that, I do love a good Max Factor Masterpiece Max too.

Mind you, it’s probably got nothing to do with the mascara even, I truly believe it’s down to lash length, the wand and technique of applying.

I apply plenty of coats of mascara (with very little product) and curl my lashes by twisting the wand around them in upward strokes.

What do you think? Do you prefer eyelash curlers?  Get in touch, or don’t! 😉 X