Woah! This is the first post on here which appeals to both ladies AND gents! 😍

Can all the gentlemen reading this (or not) get a major BIG UP, please?

You boys might drive us round the bend at times but we honestly cannot exist, live on or procreate without you… Steady on, though, don’t get too high and righteous now that we’re massaging your egos! 😂

No, but truly, you’re legends. You rock. We love you – even if some of us pretend not to. If, for whatever reason, we don’t – it’s probably because you’ve done something silly and are yet to say sorry or visa-versa and we’re just too pig headed to mention it.

We’re the Sisterhood. Y’all call carry on with your Bromances, but we got a Sismance of our own brewing… It just hasn’t taken off yet! 😉


Guys and dolls,

Beauty Bae has an extremely exciting and absolutely amazing announcement! I’m proud to reveal that this blog will soon be sponsored by Harmony Life. Get the party-poppers out, lovers!  🎉

That lovely lot over at Harmony Life are sending me products to try in exchange for an honest review! 😍

Harmony Life chose to sponsor Beauty Bae because it’s “interesting” and “has a large following”. They’ll be featuring my blog posts on their Instagram and Facebook pages to over 40,000 followers, whilst keeping me in their Bloggers Circle! 😭â˜șïžđŸ‘đŸ‘

This is the moment I thank all of you for reading, for commenting, for LIKING and interacting. You’re all LEGENDS! You’re all FAMILY (until we do a DNA test and find out otherwise). 💔 We’ll still be sisters/brothers, regardless!

However, my first post as a sponsoree (if that’s even a word) of Harmony Life will be published in a few months because it’ll focus on ‘Hair Jazz‘ (a lengthening  haircare line). According to the website, we should allow three months of continuous and consistent use before seeing maximum results – so I’m going to do as they say.

I’m so excited to try Hair Jazz because, as you may know, I’ve started 2017 somewhat bald (and broke) after my hairdresser trimmed* 65% of my hair off because it had gotten damaged by bleach.


At the moment, my hair is up to my shoulders in length but it was halfway down my back prior to getting it cut after Christmas… So, now is the time we put those party-poppers away and get those violins out, sweethearts… Let’s all play our best renditions of FĂŒr Elise as we mourn the loss of my luscious albeit spilt-ended locks! đŸŽ»đŸ˜­

Love & light,

Miamii xxx


Boots Max1Shave

This is an appreciation post for razors that actually work. You know, the ones which actually remove the hairs that you’re wanting rid of… 🙄

I usually pick pretty good ones. My go-to ones are made by Bic. I absolutely love them because they’ve never cut my legs or underarms and I’ve found that hairs grow back finer (especially after laser hair removal).

Sadly, they were sold out when I went to stock up last weekend so I had to make do with purchasing Boots’ branded Max1Shave razors instead.

Now, either I have some bionic stubborn hairs that are invincible (only to be removed by Bic) OR these razors didn’t work. I’m hoping it’s the latter ’cause I’ll get inundated with requests by apes, chimps and gorillas  🩍 who’ll mistake me as one of their mates otherwise. đŸ˜±đŸ˜­

Luckily for me, I followed up with a Veet razor which I forgot I had (for backup) and the stubborn hairs were no more.

Yeah, so, in my opinion, these are not a great purchase unless you’re willing to spend 60p on a multi-pack of razors that don’t remove any hair, in which case – go right ahead!

img_3511I’ve entered 2017 as somewhat of a broke bottomed female pooch. Let’s not beat around the nonexistent and imaginary bush (if you’ve a warped imagination, I cannot and will not help you).

All I’m saying is: “roll on end of January (or February)!”