I feel like all I write about on my blog these days is skincare routines… Well, Global Warming means I cannot be writing about makeup, or else I’ll sweat or melt it off… Oooh! I might do a Lush bathbomb haul soon. I cannot wait to introduce (or re-introduce) you to my current favourites!

Anyway, back to skincare!

skincare routine

Step one: Cleanse

Back to the Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish (not the nationality, although – who’s to say Liz Earle is not actually Polish, apart from Wiki). I’m still using this because I’ve honestly never seen my face so clean and smooth.

skincare routine

Step two: Toner

Back to Kiehl’s I go… Their Blue Herbal toner is EVERYTHING if you have spots. It Sahara Deserts them.

skincare routine

Step three: Moisturiser

Again, fellow spot-havers unite, and surround yourselves around Kiehl’s Blemish Control Treatment Facial Moisturiser (which co-incidentally is the full name of my next child, because it’s THAT long and sounds royal). This one is the only moisturiser that works for my breakouts.

skincare routine


Get your phone and unblock that sun… Use Bare Minerals’ Tinted Moisturiser to give you that tinted glow, packed with SPF 30 – which I’ll be turning (like those chairs on The Voice) in two years from this October! (Keep that date in your diary, it’s a month/long public holiday for all who read this blog)

Thanks for reading the stuff I come out with and sticking around. You’re true non-electrical but very virtual fans.

This tinted moisturiser gives great coverage too! It’s kinda like foundation, but not.

Hello, hello!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Real’s back, tell your friends! 🎵

STARPOWA gummies are taking the ‘influencer’ world by storm!

Literally everyone who has access to a Holland & Barrett, and blogs/vlogs about the latest beauty/lifestyle trends is talking about it…

What is it?

It’s a supplement that maintains optimum health of hair, nails and skin.

According to reviews, those who took a two months supply noticed their skin was left glowing, their nails grew stronger and hair felt more hydrated, healthy and hair length increased by 2 inches!

Are they overselling it..?

My verdict:

First of all, I was really happy to hear that H&B were offering it on a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ which made getting a two months supply of the stuff easier than if there was no offer at all. Simply because, when we go to get something we’ve never tried before, it’s always good to get just one. However, if there’s an offer on, where you’re saving money for getting two, why not!? Especially if you’ve read that it takes up to that long to start seeing results.


Worth it for two but expensive on its own, with each one coming in at ÂŁ39.99.


The fact that it’s a vitamin for hair, nails and skin (and it’s a gummy) is the thing that sold it for me. The main reason I hardly ever take supplements is that I’d have to take so many different ones if I want to maintain good hair, skin and nails. This does it all.

Skin? It glowed. This, I’m sure of.

Then again, we’re at the peak of summer – could it be sweat? Probably. Having said that, my skin glowed even post-shower and towel dry… I’m adamant it’s STARPOWA.

Nails? Nailed it. I’ve always been blessed with nails that grow relatively quickly… But, with all the Shellac that I apply, they are quite brittle once the gel comes off. I did, however, notice that STARPOWA made them stronger.

Hair? My hair felt glossier for sure! To be honest with you, I haven’t noticed a change in hair length, simply because I’ve recently bleached the ends – which meant I had to cut most of it off.

Of course, once it’s cut, it hasn’t grown so… I’ll have to wait til’ it grows longer again before I can comment on that claim.

In order to give STARPOWA a fair trial, I’ll update you all in a month’s time. Check back then, or before, to see other posts!

Flavour? Strawberry. Nice. They’re quite soggy and soft, though.

Do I think you should give it a go?

It won’t hurt to give STARPOWA a try. Also, they’re gummies so… You can’t go wrong!

Aren’t a fan of gummies? You can get them in tablets and liquid form.

Our PROluxe Heated Rollers come as a 20-piece set containing heated clips that have been specially designed to leave your hair kink-free after styling. Each roller also features Grip Technology, allowing you to style without frustration. And the handy compact case not only makes the rollers easy to store, it also heats them up whilst inside. We’ve really left no curl unturned in our search for perfection.

Heated rollers are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they?

After almost 28 years of living, I’ve begun getting bored of not doing anything with my hair. I’m still lazy, tho. So, I won’t get a straightener or curler out… Instead, I’ll Remington it.

They heat up in 20 mins, to an adjustable temperature.

How it works:

Wrap your hair around the rollers and then clip in place. Once they cool down, take them out and work your fingers through to smoothen and loosen the curls. Perfect.

My favourite part about using these heated rollers is that I literally don’t have to do anything apart from insert them into my hair. They do all the work for me!

Do I think you should give them a go? Yes.


Because they’re less damaging than a GHD. The temperature of these Remington heated rollers don’t go up as high as GHDs, but they still do the job.

There you have it, I will be rocking the Curly Sue look for the foreseeable.

modelco matte creme
Photo Credit: ModelCO

Well, well, well… If it isn’t the ace of diamonds of lip crèmes: MODELCo.

So, if you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve been looking for a dupe of Kylie Jenner’s Dirty Peach.

This. Is. It.

I am so in love with this shade, and formula. It actually makes me look sun-kissed, suiting my skin tone perfectly!

Sometimes a peachy nude lipstick is all you need to bring an outfit together. Whether you’re flaunting a colourful, on-trend patterned dress, or you’re embracing a bold and bright eyeshadow, a pinky-nude lipstick is exactly what you need to compliment your look (we all know too much colour is a no-go!).

It’s afull coverage, long-lasting and highly-pigmentedlippy that glides on effortlessly to give your pout a rich, matte coverage.

The Matte Lip Crème boasts a creamy formula that dries instantly for a smooth finish. It’s got a great colour payoff too!

What did I think of it overall?

Amazing. I typically find that matte liquid lipsticks dry out my lips, this one does not.

It’s so creamy, dries instantly & smoothly, and the colour is beautifully high in pigment!

It’s just everything you’d look for in a lipstick. Oh, it lasts a long time too!

Buy it, now.

Alya Skin is the most talked about cosmetics brand right now. Straight from ‘Down Under’, this line of skincare has taken the beauty blogging world by storm. 

If you’re a beauty/lifestyle blogger, you’ll know it’s everywhere – even on Instagram…

What’s good about it? Well, it’s supposed to be the Holy Grail of acne cures!

I tried it and will be giving you a full, frank and honest review that’s not sponsored. 

Alya Skin Pomegranate Facial Exfoliator
  • To be used prior to the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask.
  • Safe for sensitive skin types.
  • Deeply exfoliates and cleanses your skin. 
  • Extracts pollutants and nasties from your skin
  • Assists in the removal of acne and pimples.

What do I love about this? That it isn’t abrasive. I didn’t find it harsh or irritable. Also, umm – pomegranates?! 

With acne, the battle is finding exfoliators that are effective at treating and preventing breakouts without leaving scars. This one does just that. It’s gentle on skin, but goes deep, clearing away the nasty impurities. 

Remember to always apply toner after you exfoliate or else your pores will remain open.


Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

Alya Skin Mask works to gently detoxify and brightens skin whilst tightening the pores. Alya skin is100% vegan, animal cruelty free and support PETA. Suitable for sensitive skin types with beneficial ingredients that help strengthen, detoxify and cleanse skin of pollutants and toxins to reveal clearer, beautiful skin. Kaolin clay removes toxins, pollutants and nasties from your skin. Helps to remove pigmentation clusters from your skin surface, as well as simulate regeneration of skin cells. DETOX. Reduces skin inflammation and assitin removing eczema and acne. Contains antioxidants that are amazing for your skin health. Tightens your pores and gives you smooth skin. CLEANSING. Provides anti aging like effect and tones the skin. Speeds up the healing of pimples. Detoxifies your skin from nasty pollutants that come in to contact with our skin, keeping it fresh and healthy.

Next up is the Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask, I’ve read online that people are comparing it to Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Mask. However, I can’t comment on that. What I can do. is give my opinion on Alya Skin’s version. 

As someone who suffers from acne, I’d heard that this really soothes the skin, moisturises it and keeps it fresh – getting rid of any/all impurities. I had to try it out.

Since then, I could definitely tell the difference between pre and post-application. For instance, my skin felt softer and more radiant afterward.


Alya Skin Australian Native Berries Moisturiser

A facial moisturiser, ideal for all skin types.

Developed with a revitalising complex of 3 antioxidant super-berries, the Australian Native Berries Moisturiser deeply replenishes and hydrates the skin. This nourishing cream absorbs quickly, infused with a blend of anti-aging vitamins, softening butters and oils to restore a super-soft, radiant complexion.

  • Pepperberry – Rich in antioxidants.
  • Riberry – Contains vitamin E to protect skin from external

This has to be my favourite moisturiser – potentially ever. It is absolutely amazing. It’s quick to dry but keeps the skin looking the right amount of hydrated.

What’s more, I absolutely love the thickness of the cream. It glides on well and creates a transparent almost-second skin.

This moisturiser smells amazing too thanks to its inclusion of berries… I’ve got to say it’s a great base for make-up too.

Absolute winner!  Also, for ÂŁ14.99 when purchased separately, you can’t go wrong – it’s money well spent.

The bundle might cost you ÂŁ51.00 but at least you’ll get a pink towel thrown in.

Finally, I could really tell that this brand is Australian because their line of products is…  KOALATY!