Love is like pollution, it’s in the air! Kind of like Phil Collins – who’s still ‘In The Air Tonight’ – after that spellbinding and mesmerising drum solo… He’s closely followed by that Gorilla in the Cadbury’s advert, so approach with bananas (and plenty of warm hugs).

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of carbon emissions and pollution, but love Phil Collins and/or romance in general, then you’ll LOVE Lush’s Cupid bath thingy majiggy.

LUSH’s bath bombs are without a doubt my favourite things to include in my bath. They include the most natural ingredients, essential oils, salts and whatnot… It’s great! Why spend your money on buying separate essential oils and salts when you can get them combined in a cute shape and an array of colours?

This post is focussed particularly on LUSH’s ‘Cupid’. You know, the cute and chubby half-naked angel who strikes people using his bow-and-arrow? Yeah, that one!

Be still your beating heart with an opulent bathtime bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. This fantastically floral fizzer is full of uplifting bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolute, and its subtle sweetness is sure to melt your heart as it melts into your bathwater.

LUSH have gone for a minimalist pink heart shape with an arrow  piercing through it, #ShotInTheHeart #BonJoviIsJovialThisWeekend.

This bath melt smells sensational, like it should go viral online. The main fragrances which I could make out are lime, bergamot and a hint of rose. It’s just lovely. Again, like most of LUSH’s bath melts, the smell travels faster than light, allowing everyone on the floor of your bathroom to smell it and get jealous!

Try it with or without a bae, “todae” – or tomorrow when Lush stores reopen. Whenevs. 💘


It’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. In case you or I were wondering… I’ve got a date this year, let me introduce you to… February 14th. < My bae.

So, if you’re in a relationship, run a bath for you and your special someone… If you’re not, run a bath and imagine you’re with a special someone (or don’t because that’d be creepy lol 😂). What? It beats listening to ‘All by Myself’ on repeat as you cry into a used Kleenex and tuck into a Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup, doesn’t it? Be positive. 😍

Yes, Lovestruck. Think of the person who makes your pupils dialate and get lovestruck!

LUSH has released a Bubble Bar in the shape and colours of the lovestruck emoji, so enjoy the romance of single or coupledom.

Words can’t describe how much you love them, but emojis filled with lemon and geranium sure can.
If you heart bubbles, crumble under running water – you’re sure to Like the result. Warning: These refreshing citrusy suds may make you feel Emoji-nal!

This could, in essence, make for a great gift on Valentine’s Day too – sort of like a Valentine’s Day stocking filler… Just, don’t put it in your actual leg stockings because it may melt on your skin and get foamy (or leave yellow or red marks).

I personally love this bubble bar, and I’m not usually a fan of their bubble bars. The only reason why I don’t purchase bubble bars often is because they don’t stay looking pretty after the first use… When a chunk is missing from a Unicorn horn or a bright and beautiful swirly soap, it becomes less attractive. This one though, can be used in one go because it’s small – like the emojis which we send in text – but not actually that small because you’ve got to be able to get your money’s worth, right?

The smell? Citrus. The main ingredients used in it are Lemon Oil, Geranium and  Petitgrain Oil – the most prominent being the lemon. Everyone loves some LEMONADE! #Beyonce #Twinspiration #AllTheSingleLadiesFillYourBathsUp

This is a gift or a product for yourself that’ll ensure that all heart eyes on YOU! 😍

LUSH: Tisty Tosty

Another day, another Valentine’s Day special melting/fizzing bath melt to review…

This time it’s the turn of Tisty Tosty. Listen, I don’t know how many times I’ve got to break it to you… I have no idea as to how Lush come up with names for their products. I hazard a guess it’s just a case of choosing the weirdest and most unrealistic sounding words, and putting them together to sound like a tongue twister.

You never know… We may wake up tomorrow to find that they’ve released ‘How Much Wood Would a Wood Chuck Chuck if a Wood Chuck could Chuck Wood’ as a massage bar. Only the finest Oak and Elm oils used in that one… 😆

Anyway, so yes, onto Tisty Tosty. I have tried this one a couple of times before, I like it… If you love roses, you’ll love this! There are seven real dry rosebuds embedded in this heart shaped bath melt. I love this for many reasons, one of which is that it’s not shaped like their other melts – in the shape of a spheres. Lush have pulled it out of the bag with this one, it’s  LOVE(ly) and very fitting for Valentine’s Day.

He loves me, he loves me not – Tisty Tosty is based on a medieval love potion. Studded with seven real rosebuds, it is scented with a captivating combination of floral orris root powder, rose, and lemon. As this dissolves in the bath, you may fall in love with it as the scent of geranium, jasmine and rose create a spellbinding fragrance. Rose oil also gets to work soothing broken hearts – it’s used by aromatherapists to lift the spirits.

Now for the cool and interesting part… Apparently, rumour has it that there is a mystical love potion attached to this bath melt. Read it below:


You’re supposed to drop it into a hot bath filled with water (because what’s the use of dropping it in an empty one?) and then let the roses pull away from the salts. Then, place one rose at either side of the bath (in all four corners) and sit in the middle chanting some weird love spell (as seen in picture above) and then playing “They Love Me, They Love Me Not” with the remainder of the rosebuds’ petals.

Similarly to Lover Lamp, this one is white and makes the water a bland colour. Having said that, the scent and the rosebuds make it all the more worthwhile.

I like it. I like that it’s based on a medieval love potion and that it’s Valentine’s Day specific. I love love, I love this and I love Lush!

Lush: Lover Lamp

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! You know, the celebration where we remember the cute, half-naked baby who flew around stabbing people with a bow and arrow, making them fall in love? Yeah, that’s the one! #Cupid

LUSH celebrates this occasion a lot less painfully though – by enabling you to soak in a bath filled with soothing natural ingredients that aim to let you forget Cupid’s puncture actions for one day/night at least. I mean, with Lover Lamp in your bath, you’ll even be sure to forget all of your past relationships!

However your V Day pans out, you can rely on this amorous organic cocoa butter embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin. As vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil sweet nothings are whispered into your bathwater, cocoa butter hearts unfurl to envelop you in a romantic rendezvous – cleansing climax guaranteed.

Although Lush’s Lover Lamp isn’t the brightest bath melt to come out of the franchise, it’s definitely one of the most fragrant. It smells like Vanilla, Orange and Cocoa Butter (if they ever were to meet, mate, and conceive/reproduce).

What I love most about this bath sphere is the melting red jelly love hearts that melt away from the powder-salts and are released into the water as it dissolves. Stunning stuff!

Apparently, if you catch some and rub them on your skin, they’ll emit a chocolate orange-type scent! Oh and these hearts are packed with cocoa butter so, if you want to get hydrated, rub them on your body like Ed Sheeran would while serenading you with ‘Shape of You’… #TUNE #HaventGotOverIt #WontHaveGottenOverItCome2018

Sadly, when the fizzy sphere is no more, nothing changes in the water (colour-wise), but I heard there are three EDIBLE hearts that come up to the surface and float, ready for you to eat them… Before you ask, I didn’t even try this because I am not one to eat Love Hearts soaked in my own bath water. What do you take me for?!

I don’t know if you know this, but just ’cause I take Snapchat selfies, that doesn’t make me an animal!

Lastly before lastly, Lover Lamp surprised me because the powdery, vanilla-y, cocoa buttery smell stayed all BATH LONG… ALL BATH! #ALittleBitOfLionelRichieNeverHurtNobody

Finally (until I publish another post which will probably be dropped in the next 30 mins), it’s a LOVE-ly bath sphere to use around the time of Valentine’s Day. See what I did there? Ha! Yeah, okay. Nothing to see here… Bye! #PunIntended

Love and light,



LUSH: Over & Over, I cannot confirm nor deny that these are all at my house… 😜

I’m a very citrussy person. I love anything citrussy, which probably explains why my last name is Mansour (pronounced “Man-soor” but spelt like ManSOUR).

When I realised Lush had a limited-edition citrus bath bomb called ‘Over & Over‘ (which features my second and third favourite colours: Orange and Yellow), I had to buy it!

Launch this one into your bath to fall head over heels with its vivid, swirling ways. This energizing bomb with a creamy cocoa butter coating rocks and rolls around the tub, leaving behind a vibrant trail of pink, orange and gold colored streams. Lime and fennel wake up your senses, making this the perfect beginning to a big night out (or in!).

I actually bought it around Christmas time and forgot to post about it because I’ve been busy. It’s just when I popped into Lush just now (on lunch at the time of writing this) and picked another up that I remembered that I meant to write a post about it.

I just thought I’d post it now because I’m away this weekend, which means I won’t be blogging… Also, I’ve got a major toothache and have had it for over three days! 😭 So, writing this will cheer me up…

I love the smell of it, the feel of it, the colours of it, the energy of it – everything (LUSH’s ‘Over & Over’ btw, NOT MY TOOTHACHE)! 😩

When it first starts fizzing in the bath, it melts orange and yellow but then deep inside it lays some hot pink salts. It’s absolutely stunning! 😍 I wasn’t expecting it. It just looks unreal!

Over and Over is made up of Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Lemon Oil (with an infusion of lime and fennel). It’s very awakening to the senses but soothing to the skin. Not sure that makes sense, but just, don’t leave me… Please? 😂

It’s LUSH like its maker. Boom. Done. That’s all that you need to know until you try it.

Then?  Well, then can tell ‘Mii! 💋



P.S. For added effect, you can listen to Nelly’s Over & Over feat. Tim McGraw (while in the bath). Life’s too short for anything else… #YOLO!

I’ll see y’all on Monday. Have a great weekend, people. 😘❤