I realise that I very rarely focus on hair care products, so I thought I’d get this one out because I’ve been obsessed (the average and usual amount that’s allowed for hair masks, obvs) with it!

The only #MondayMotivation you’ll need is booking a spa weekend on impulse, counting down the days until you’re there, relaxing poolside with a prosecco in one hand and your phone open on Twitter, Insta or Facebook in the other as you “investigate” (synonyms: stalk) Bae. 🎱 🏊

However, not all of us can afford to take time off work or book a spa weekend away so soon… Instead – why not bring the spa to you? Choose: SEN SPA. Is SEN short for SENSATIONAL? Probably. We may never know…

So, like, am I really going to explain to you how it works? Yes. Strap yourself in and enjoy the still (and non-moving) ride… The only things that are going to move are your eyes and your fingertips as you scroll down, I hope. ‘Tis tiring business this reading thing! How’ll you cope? You may need a few jagers for Dutch (or wherever you are… in my case: ‘British’) courage.

You wash you hair. You shampoo it. You rinse the shampoo out. Well done, you’ve JUST washed your hair. Certified hairdresser, now! COME AT MY TRESSES! 💇🏻

It’s time for SEN SPA. Scoop up a handful, spread it evenly (but generously) across your hair, root to tip and remember to massage it into the scalp too. Leave it on for 5-10mins, then rinse out. Please bare in mind that this is an intensive clay mask, so usually, I wait until it starts to harden a little bit before washing up. Look, it’s not going to go rock hard! No, you’re not going to need a chisle to get it off! 😂 It’s just clay, so it hardens…

The ingredients are as follows: Abyssinian Oil (aka Oil found in the Abyss, it’s OK – Einstein knighted me with an IQE in 1935 so you don’t have to). Do I claim to know the other ingredients? No. Am I bothered to squint while trying to read the small print ingredients section for the purpose of this blog? Again, no. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s got Moroccan Lava Clay in it. The land of the tagines, couscous (the thing that Shaggy wants to bottle as a fragrance and gives to his girls in replacement of Oud). Fun fact: ‘Boombastic‘ was the song with the lyrics “Mr Lava Lava” and “cous-cous perfume”, so – I hazard a guess that the CEO of SEN SPA is crushing real hard on Ye Olde Shaggy and decided to use Moroccan Lava Clay in their masque in ode to him. Young love, eh?


Another “Gift Ideas for Mummy” post! LUSH have also announced a Daisy shaped bath bomb which I just had to get! It’s absolutely the cutest bath bomb I’ve seen LUSH make imo.

Have you ever smuggled your dirty laundry basket back into the house on a visit to mum, or not been allowed over the doorstep without first taking off your mud-drenched – “Oops a daisy” – socks? If so, this cheerful, grounding bath bomb is designed for you (and your mum).
It slowly dissipates beautiful essential oils – soothing rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil – for a fragrance as gently sunny as a Sunday afternoon.

What I found weird though is that it’s shaped like a daisy but smells like a rose – that’s bit strange, no? I’m not sure if daisies have a smell but even so; a rose smelling daisy? That’s not very good is it? Granted, daisies might not have a smell but – seeing as it’s yellow and blue in colour, it could smell like lemon and lime? I’d rather a lemon and lime smelling bath bomb in the shape of a daisy than a rose smelling one… Who’s with me? Am I being silly? Drop your comments below… Anyway, I ranted and forgot to mention that the exact ingredients are Rosewood Oil and Rose Absolute, these make up its main ingredients.

I haven’t seen this one in action – it smells AMAZING (kinda like Rosewater and Rose bush) and is shaped into an amazing daisy flower and the colours are beaut too! My favourite colour of them all, BLUE, makes an appearance.

All in all, the only OOPS (a Daisy) moment LUSH had when they made this was pairing a rose scent with a Daisy shaped and named bath bomb.

Love you more every Daisy


LUSH have announced their Mum bath bomb in time for Mother’s Day, and I got some for mine…

It might seem strange that ‘Ahh moment’ isn’t included in the ingredients list of this calming blushing bath bomb. You’ll certainly experience one when it touches the water. Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oils invite you to lie back with a smile. Rose softens the scent to create a light, fresh and floral experience that smells as satisfying as freshly laundered sheets. Close the door and take your time.

There are two kinds as far as I know – a teal and cream and a green and pink coloured bath melts to choose from, but I assume both have the same ingredients inside? I could be wrong though…

The one I picked up was the green and pink one, and it’s got Sweet Orange Oil, Sicilian Lemon and Rose Oils. When you put it in the bath, it melts to a rosy pink. It’s LUSH!

The shape of it is different and unique to the bath bombs that you usually find at LUSH, it kinda confused me because it was shaped like their massage bars. Alas, it was in the bath bomb section, it smelled like a bath bomb, and was a bath bomb.

I got them to test it out for me in store earlier  on in the week before I actually picked one up for my mum, just in case and I’m pretty sure she’ll love it. She’s also got a Special Edition Pink Tisty Tosty that she’s yet to use.

So, there you have it, what will you getting your Mum this Mother’s Day? Get involved in the comments section below! (or go to the Hut for Pizza and Chill), it’s entirely up to you!

Be tickled pink


Love is like pollution, it’s in the air! Kind of like Phil Collins – who’s still ‘In The Air Tonight’ – after that spellbinding and mesmerising drum solo… He’s closely followed by that Gorilla in the Cadbury’s advert, so approach with bananas (and plenty of warm hugs).

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of carbon emissions and pollution, but love Phil Collins and/or romance in general, then you’ll LOVE Lush’s Cupid bath thingy majiggy.

LUSH’s bath bombs are without a doubt my favourite things to include in my bath. They include the most natural ingredients, essential oils, salts and whatnot… It’s great! Why spend your money on buying separate essential oils and salts when you can get them combined in a cute shape and an array of colours?

This post is focussed particularly on LUSH’s ‘Cupid’. You know, the cute and chubby half-naked angel who strikes people using his bow-and-arrow? Yeah, that one!

Be still your beating heart with an opulent bathtime bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. This fantastically floral fizzer is full of uplifting bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolute, and its subtle sweetness is sure to melt your heart as it melts into your bathwater.

LUSH have gone for a minimalist pink heart shape with an arrow  piercing through it, #ShotInTheHeart #BonJoviIsJovialThisWeekend.

This bath melt smells sensational, like it should go viral online. The main fragrances which I could make out are lime, bergamot and a hint of rose. It’s just lovely. Again, like most of LUSH’s bath melts, the smell travels faster than light, allowing everyone on the floor of your bathroom to smell it and get jealous!

Try it with or without a bae, “todae” – or tomorrow when Lush stores reopen. Whenevs. 💘


It’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. In case you or I were wondering… I’ve got a date this year, let me introduce you to… February 14th. < My bae.

So, if you’re in a relationship, run a bath for you and your special someone… If you’re not, run a bath and imagine you’re with a special someone (or don’t because that’d be creepy lol 😂). What? It beats listening to ‘All by Myself’ on repeat as you cry into a used Kleenex and tuck into a Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup, doesn’t it? Be positive. 😍

Yes, Lovestruck. Think of the person who makes your pupils dialate and get lovestruck!

LUSH has released a Bubble Bar in the shape and colours of the lovestruck emoji, so enjoy the romance of single or coupledom.

Words can’t describe how much you love them, but emojis filled with lemon and geranium sure can.
If you heart bubbles, crumble under running water – you’re sure to Like the result. Warning: These refreshing citrusy suds may make you feel Emoji-nal!

This could, in essence, make for a great gift on Valentine’s Day too – sort of like a Valentine’s Day stocking filler… Just, don’t put it in your actual leg stockings because it may melt on your skin and get foamy (or leave yellow or red marks).

I personally love this bubble bar, and I’m not usually a fan of their bubble bars. The only reason why I don’t purchase bubble bars often is because they don’t stay looking pretty after the first use… When a chunk is missing from a Unicorn horn or a bright and beautiful swirly soap, it becomes less attractive. This one though, can be used in one go because it’s small – like the emojis which we send in text – but not actually that small because you’ve got to be able to get your money’s worth, right?

The smell? Citrus. The main ingredients used in it are Lemon Oil, Geranium and  Petitgrain Oil – the most prominent being the lemon. Everyone loves some LEMONADE! #Beyonce #Twinspiration #AllTheSingleLadiesFillYourBathsUp

This is a gift or a product for yourself that’ll ensure that all heart eyes on YOU! 😍