Are you ready for a SAXXYđŸŽ· JAZZ-y review about haircare products that I had delivered to me YONKS ago courtesy of ‘Harmony Life‘?

Harmony Life are sponsors of Beauty Bae. They regularly send me stuff to try out in return for an honest review.

If you’ve followed me since the beginning of the year, you’ll remember that I posted about them, mentioning that I’ll be trying Hair Jazz out and tell ya’ll how I’m finding it months later. Well, umm, here I am telling you about it.

Strap yourself in, enjoy the wonderful journey where you won’t be moving anywhere – just – umm – move your eyes and fingertips at least or else you’ll miss it…

Although I have been using Olaplex and regularly cutting my hair (because bleach really damaged it), I can actually say that Hair Jazz is a saving Grace (Kelly – #MIKA).

Honestly, my hair looks so much less homeless since I’ve been using it, and it’s actually started growing faster. I have been getting it trimmed regularly though (every 8-10 weeks). I’m trying to regain my hair’s optimum health, but my hair grows considerably in that time – due to Hair Jazz.

I’ve used Biotin supplements in the past, and I’ve raved about SugarBearHair too, but I do think that these work better imo – simply because there is no risk of them affecting your moods, bodily hair growth and/or hormones.


Normally, hair grows up to 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. Active ingredients in HAIR JAZZ shampoo and conditioner helps to increase the rate of hair growth such that hair grows up to to 3-4.5 centimeters per month. You will see the first results after just two months


  1. HAIR JAZZ makes your hair stronger;
  2. Your hair will become softer and shinier;
  3. Proven efficiency on all hair types;
  4. A visible reduction in hair loss;
  5. Your hair will grow up to 3 times faster.

The price, like Atomic Kitten’s tide is: HIGH! I mean, ÂŁ56 for a shampoo and conditioner is a little ‘burn-a hole in your pocket and Natwest bank card so you’ll have no option but to call the Fire Brigade’-esque, but alas – it was FREE so I trialled it.

When the products arrived, I was happy that they were BIG and full-sized. So, although you’re paying ÂŁ56,  you’re getting lots of product. In the box, I found two 250m bottles of conditioner and shampoo with an added bonus of a hair mask tub.

Prior to trying it, I read that people who suffered from hair loss used it and were happy with the results – but complained about the price (which I agree with) and the scent.

To be honest, I don’t care about how something smells… Smell isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of life. Of course, if it smelled really off putting, I wouldn’t go near it – but what’s a chemically/medicinal smell going to do? I’m not going to apply it and walk out with it reeking am I?

It’s not fragrant, but it’s certainly not pungent. I love a good punning gent đŸ˜‰đŸ’–đŸ”„đŸŠ„đŸŠ (#MyABSOLUTEFavourite), but I’m not a fan of PUNGENT smells.

Anyway, I’ve yet to suffer from hair loss so I can’t really comment… But, those that did or have, who’ve also tried it, said it helps. So, yeah – that’s a good sign.

My verdict? I like the amount of product in the packaging, I also like that I don’t have to use a lot of the product. For example, I usually have to wash my hair every couple of days, but with this one, I can go three days without washing it. This is so much better for the hair because over-washing causes hair loss and thinning in the long run (unless you’re Usaine Bolt, then – short sprint).

I’ll tell you what I wasn’t quinoad on… The retail price and conditioner. The conditioner didn’t apply easily. Honestly, it was very thick and hard to blend evenly root-to-tip. Also, the fact that the bottle suggests you should only apply the shampoo on your scalp is a bit weird… Like, who do they think I am, Phil Mitchell?! How’s the rest of my hair going to get cleaned?

Things I didn’t really care about: the smell.

Differences that I noticed or didn’t notice: my hair was easier to style, but then again, it could just be because I’ve been taking a lot more care in my hair recently… Olaplex, less hair styling and regular trims definitely seem to be working. I do think that Hair Jazz has added to that though. Also, I did notice, as I said, my hair grew about an inch longer than usual – which in itself is good.

Overall, this was a pretty good product. I just don’t think the cost is effective and I don’t think the results are worth that high of a price; only because I’m sure there’ll be something cheaper that works in the same way.

Having said that, it is good and I didn’t encounter any problems… For instance, I didn’t go bald, get an allergic reaction or anything crazy like that.

It did help, just not ÂŁ56 worth of ‘help’.








I’m excited. I’ve just signed up to a monthly subscription of GLOSSYBOX!

I covered it in a previous blog post, expressed interest but didn’t know if I was going to go through with it because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like all of the products that they send over every month. However, I just decided to go through with it and place an order, I’m sure I’ll enjoy what I get sent, and will be sure to blog about the products afterwards.

I’ve seen a few of you ladies have a subscription with GLOSSYBOX, how are you finding the samples? I know everybody’s different and each box is customised, but you must know if you like the stuff that’s getting sent to you each month, no?

Also, I’m guessing they send out special gift boxes on our birthdays because why else would they ask for it, right? What sort of stuff have they put in yours previously?

In other news, my long awaited Hair Jazz post is coming next week. I will be doing a TeaMi tea one as well soon, I’ve just been too busy to give it a go – but I’m working on it…

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 13.02.07.png

Française? France SAYS: “YES!” more like! 👀💖

Garnier’s Sleek Restorer is a shampoo and conditioner combo that I cannot get enough of. I love coconuts, I love cocoa butter, and I love exotic things that remind you of a Caribbean island or somewhere in paradise!

This one in particular is one taken from their Ultimate Blends collection. It’s also my favourite.

Discover two of nature’s smoothest operators. Enriched with pure Coconut Oil and nourishing Cocoa Butter from the Ivory Coast blended with love in a deliciously-scented, velvety formula to tame and nourish dry flyaway hair. C’est sleek.

I remember purchasing this years ago and thinking that it’s one of those shampoos that really agrees with my hair. Believe it or not, it’s very hard for me to find a shampoo that does this. I’ve tried Herbal Essence, which greased the heck out of my hair! I’ve tried Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH – and – on the face* of it – it was okay, but when I paid my hairdressers a visit, they told me it (together with the excessive use of bleach) had been the cause of my dry patches at the time.

REMEMBER: shampoos with sulphate in are bad for the hair, they dry your strands out BIG TIME! So, if you regularly bleach your hair – use sulphate free shampoos!


Obviously, if I had to choose a hair shampoo that I love more than life, I’d choose label.m’s Diamond Dust. However, my second favourite is this one, closely followed by Head & Shoulders (Knees and Toes). About that, I thought I’d written about the apple one? Â đŸ€”Maybe not. I’ll write up a review of it next week though… ✍

Why do I love Garnier’s Sleek Restorer? I love it because it tames my kinky follicles. I find my hair looks shinier and stronger too. Garnier (itself) is a pretty good brand for it uses the purest ingredients to make up its products.

The ingredients of the Sleek Restorer are Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, because I’m “butters”, apparently. Ask my brother (who shares the same DNA as me) for more details. 😆

Roses smell like poooooo-ooooooh-oooooooh! đŸŽ¶

Outkast are out here kasting judgements on flowers before they’ve even had a sniff!

If your local florist smells like a toilet, they need a visit from botanical’s answer to the Food Standards Agency, ’cause there may be something not *quite* right. đŸ€”

I happened to have come across these manure-less scented bath roses and thought: “I want to run a bath, pop these in to prove Outkast wrong”.

Look at how pretty they are?! Could you tell me that if you saw these in a store, you wouldn’t be like: “OMG! What’s BAE doing here?”

La Vie en RosĂ©? 😍đŸŒč💖

The first one, in pink packaging, are bath roses. You place them in the bath (no flies on me, just the odd ladybird 🐞) for the added “je ne sais quoi” to any old bathroom experience. The second one (the B is for BLUE and BEAUTIFUL) one are bath soaps in the shape of roses (again: the ladybirds have migrated and made way for 🩋🩋 ).

There’s a word on every street, it spells your name but to everyone else who reads it, it says genius. 💖


I realise that I very rarely focus on hair care products, so I thought I’d get this one out because I’ve been obsessed (the average and usual amount that’s allowed for hair masks, obvs) with it!

The only #MondayMotivation you’ll need is booking a spa weekend on impulse, counting down the days until you’re there, relaxing poolside with a prosecco in one hand and your phone open on Twitter, Insta or Facebook in the other as you “investigate” (synonyms: stalk) Bae. đŸŽ± 🏊

However, not all of us can afford to take time off work or book a spa weekend away so soon… Instead – why not bring the spa to you? Choose: SEN SPA. Is SEN short for SENSATIONAL? Probably. We may never know…

So, like, am I really going to explain to you how it works? Yes. Strap yourself in and enjoy the still (and non-moving) ride… The only things that are going to move are your eyes and your fingertips as you scroll down, I hope. ‘Tis tiring business this reading thing! How’ll you cope? You may need a few jagers for Dutch (or wherever you are… in my case: ‘British’) courage.

You wash you hair. You shampoo it. You rinse the shampoo out. Well done, you’ve JUST washed your hair. Certified hairdresser, now! COME AT MY TRESSES! đŸ’‡đŸ»

It’s time for SEN SPA. Scoop up a handful, spread it evenly (but generously) across your hair, root to tip and remember to massage it into the scalp too. Leave it on for 5-10mins, then rinse out. Please bare in mind that this is an intensive clay mask, so usually, I wait until it starts to harden a little bit before washing up. Look, it’s not going to go rock hard! No, you’re not going to need a chisle to get it off! 😂 It’s just clay, so it hardens…

The ingredients are as follows: Abyssinian Oil (aka Oil found in the Abyss, it’s OK – Einstein knighted me with an IQE in 1935 so you don’t have to). Do I claim to know the other ingredients? No. Am I bothered to squint while trying to read the small print ingredients section for the purpose of this blog? Again, no. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s got Moroccan Lava Clay in it. The land of the tagines, couscous (the thing that Shaggy wants to bottle as a fragrance and gives to his girls in replacement of Oud). Fun fact: ‘Boombastic‘ was the song with the lyrics “Mr Lava Lava” and “cous-cous perfume”, so – I hazard a guess that the CEO of SEN SPA is crushing real hard on Ye Olde Shaggy and decided to use Moroccan Lava Clay in their masque in ode to him. Young love, eh?