‪We assume our parents’ lives will mirror ours. If our parents split up when we were young, we’d split up with whoever we are with later in life… Wrong.‬

‪There are parents out there who’s love stood the test of time, but ended up giving birth to children who ended up getting a divorce. Love is a personal experience, it isn’t hereditary.‬

‪Love sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. In the same way that ‘not all love works’, not all love doesn’t not work (in other words: ‘works’).

‪The right kind of love is invincible and lasts the test of time. You just have to find the person worth putting up with. ‬

‪I’ve learned not to expect to be the person who is being put up with (because not many people can put up with me), but to actually be the person who puts up with it. Since adopting this mindset, I haven’t been disappointed.‬