My faith: spiritual figurines

I have a Virgin Mary statue that I hold when I’m at my most depressed. I’m convinced it has healing powers. She and the Holy Family do, but there’s just something about holding the compact statue that makes me feel like I’m being held by her. It makes me feel so much better. I cry the most and the deepest I’ve ever cried whilst holding it though, but afterwards my mind (and heart) is very, very calm – the most at peace I’ve ever felt.

My phone:

I’m addicted to my cell-phone. I’ve never been arrested and had to call anyone while doing time but ‘cell-phone’.

My plants:

Before getting a pet, get a plant collection. I have like 5 plants… Bonnie the Bonsai, Sebastian the Aloe Vera and Santa the Cactus. I also have two others that were a gift which I’ve affectionately called ‘Nicki & Miamii’. The next step is a pet (although I look after my neighbours’ cats from time to time, when they pay our garden a visit) before the real test of responsibility… Kids.

My teddy bear:

I know it sounds absolutely crazy and nuts, but I have a teddy bear that I’ve had since I was young called Moon (pictured above) and he’s just the cutest. I wish Toy Story and/or Ted the Movie were real, so we could talk.

My healing crystals:

I have quite the crystals collection and they all are unique and do different things… They have their uses. I’m actually studying an online course – learning all about ‘crystal healing’. It works for me and fascinates me, so I’m learning more about it. If I had to choose my favourite stone it would have to be Jade. I very recently got a necklace from China, on a recent trip. I’ve learned not to post photos of my travels anymore as they’ll only get a maximum of 2 likes. More importantly though, memories are there to be had privately, not shared with the world.

Anyway, these are the materialistic things that I can’t live without, but they’re also priceless. I absolutely love them. Everyone has stuff they can’t live without, and it’d be awesome to hear about yours!