Stop checking up on people who don’t check on you…

I was complaining that I couldn’t forget someone until I realised I was checking their social-medias throughout the day, so of course I couldn’t… It made sense. Now, I don’t and I hope that this hack helps me forget – besides, all they remember is the idiot that they took me for.

I’m not an idiot, not anymore anyway… I’m worth a lot more. I’m deserving of a lot more. Never mistake naivety for stupidity or idiocy. Never confuse a softness with weakness. I choose to be soft – but inside I’m strong. I’ve been through much worse.

Yes, I’m vocal about my emotional and mental health struggles, but someone’s got to be. That’s a strength. In a world where people are ignorant and ruthless, where life can be so mundane and dreary – be naive and impressionable, dream of a better future.

The world has aged almost 2020 years… When are we going to accept that everyone struggles, everyone suffers, and everyone is battling with their own inner demons – without having to hide it from the world, for fear they’ll think we’re “CRAZY”? It is LIFE.

Speaking about it, using this platform, will show people that if they’re battling similar things offline, there’s someone online that can give them “hope”. Never lose ‘hope’, redirect it if you have to… Never, ever lose it.

Everyone has their own definition of “crazy”, mine doesn’t include mental-health sufferers who have bipolar mood swings that are out of their control. My definition of the word is someone who’s intentionally ‘cruel’, intentionally ‘ruthless’ and ‘vindictive’.

I, thankfully, am not those (above) things… I can speak for myself when I say those traits are taught, they don’t just naturally happen… We can all survive without developing such traits.

We have all been through stuff, but we should understand that there’s two routes we can take… One: where become the experience we’ve endured, let the challenges consume us and change us for the worse… Two: where we decide to use our experiences for to change ourselves for the better. Making sure we don’t make the same mistakes again, and we don’t let it define us. 

Remember: sometimes we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and others, cutting relationships that are toxic to/for our growth. That is not “cruel”, that’s life. What’s “cruel” is lying to yourself and others and prolonging a connection with someone that’s detriment to yours’ or both’s mental health. 

Dare to trust, dare to believe, dare to dream. Just, make sure that when you realise who should and shouldn’t be trusted, believed or dreamt about, you act accordingly. That’s the trick.  Don’t let negative experiences change you… Especially if that’s who you naturally are.