alpha hBonjour, MFs!

I wanted to begin this post by raising awareness for everyone’s favourite thing, the existence of Duty Free. Thanks for being ‘a thing’, DF! Let me not be the first to say that without you, we’d not have been met with a fraction of the bargains we have.

Back to the post, which is why you’re here? Okay.

Alpha H’s Liquid Gold is golden. It claims to lift, brighten and exfoliate, with visible results after just one use – and is dubbed the ‘overnight facial’.

Does it work?

In a word, ‘of course it does, I tried it last night for the first time, as my skin wasn’t at its best post-flight, and it felt amazing this morning’. < ummm, what a great word!

My skin is radiant, soft like a baby’s bottom! But, in a survey, we asked 100 parents: “who’s bottom is softer (and better)?”, 99% of parents said my bottom’s ‘softer (and better)’ than their own baby’s bottom. I don’t make the rules, they make ‘mii!