If you’re out and about in London this August and are looking for something to do, check out Disney’s Aladdin (before it closes its curtains in London’s West End, at the end of this month).

It’s a great show. I went to see it last year, and it was thrilling. A real, magic carpet ride.

If you’re looking for a whole new world, you’ll find it in the West End.

It’s crystal clear that the show comes to an end this month, so catch it while you can. You by no means have to, but do it regardless because: FOMO’s rhythm’s going to get you!

Aladdin’s the Disney classic everyone needs to see and sing along to… I mean, that’s the reason they turned it into a stage show after all!

If the directors had three wishes, I bet all three would revolve around you going to see it.

Okay, great – I’m off to rub a lamp and write a musical that will begin showing in September. But first, let me sleep for 40 days and 40 nights.

Interested in Aladdin? Good. Read more.

Where is Disney’s Aladdin showing? The Prince Edward Theatre, in London.

What’s the story of Aladdin? Balamory.