It’s ya gal Samatha, coming at you LIVE and direct from her house! How YOU doin’?

I’m doing a quick blog post on the importance of travelling and seeing the world…

For me, I want to pack as many trips and memories into my life as possible, because, eventually, I’ll be too busy starting and maintaining a family to do all of that!

What is it they say? ‘Stamp that passport before the pitter-patter of tiny feet stamps your floor.

It’s also fair to mention the importance of travelling alone. Sometimes, you can even surprisingly find yourself… I plan on doing just that, as daunting as it sounds.

The ability to just get lost in a city, a country or a new surrounding? That’s an aphrodisiac and pure bliss for me.

Obviously, you’d want to do it in a place where there’s a strong 4G or 5G signal, so you can call an Uber to take you back, but… Just explore. Fall in love with the world and yourself all over again.

Note: I’ll be doing a series of posts soon highlighting the best places I’ve visited and pictures of what I’ve seen.

Also, following on from this, any and all trips I go on will be documented.

I’ve visited some places – such as Switzerland and America a few times, so I’ll only do one post for those. I also plan on going many more times, and seeing different parts that they have to offer – which I’ll no doubt post follow-ups.

Travelling is great.

Travelling is a chance for us to open our eyes to new perspectives, new ideas, new information and new heights…

A single trip can change your entire life. If anything, the more of the world we see, and understand of the great divide, the more grateful and thankful we become for the blessing of living in a first world country.

Do yourself a favour and book a trip. Be happy, plan it well (which I’ve never really done previously) and enjoy the much needed time for yourself to recharge your batteries and escape from your reality (albeit for a short space of time). You deserve it.

Disclaimer: you don’t need to go on an extravagant trip (or even across the world) to make it worthwhile… You could just see a different part of your country.

Just, visit new surroundings – or familiar surroundings in a different way. Your mature self will thank you later on.

When you look back on your life, it’d have been fulfilled and full of glorious memories of discovering all that the Earth has to offer. Life is beautiful, and so is our Earth. Earth is life. It’s the only one we have.

Love always!