Here’s something you never thought you’d see on this blog… A haircare routine.

Ya gal Sacha is about to run you through her haircare routine!

Strap yourself in! Here we gooooo!

Kevin Murphy: Hydrate Me (‘mii) Shampoo

The Tina Turner of all shampoos, because it’s: Simply The Best. Let’s face (or in this case: hair follicle) it, I’ve never had the greatest hair, but with this – I’m well on my way. This has no parabens in it, so it’s 100% natural and doesn’t damage or strip the hair of its moisture/colour. It also smells like chocolate orange. So, my hair definitely smells good.

label m

Label.m Diamond Dust Conditioner

I’ve reviewed this bad boii before, #TBT or #FBF or #SBS to the brilliance. Still good, never better.

coco and eve

Coco & Eve: Virgin Hair Mask

I’m still a virgin, so this works, and is very apt. Thanks. #SUBS❤️

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil

A very recent post, but still golden. #TBT, #FBF, #SUBS!

If you’re wondering what #SUBS is: #SummonUpBackSaturday – won’t ever catch on, but it’s worth a try to my two (maximum) readers.

Hi, mum and bro!

Post-Wash Hair Treatment

1) Wet-brush with comb.

B) Dry with Microfibre towel. They’re better for hair than cotton towels. But, we all know that heated towels are the upper echelon of all towels. Those towels are HOT!

Si) Curl with Remington Heated Rollers (another cheeky #SUBS😍).

I’m forever calling them ‘tongs’ because: ‘songs’ with a lisp, apparently!