Our PROluxe Heated Rollers come as a 20-piece set containing heated clips that have been specially designed to leave your hair kink-free after styling. Each roller also features Grip Technology, allowing you to style without frustration. And the handy compact case not only makes the rollers easy to store, it also heats them up whilst inside. We’ve really left no curl unturned in our search for perfection.

Heated rollers are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they?

After almost 28 years of living, I’ve begun getting bored of not doing anything with my hair. I’m still lazy, tho. So, I won’t get a straightener or curler out… Instead, I’ll Remington it.

They heat up in 20 mins, to an adjustable temperature.

How it works:

Wrap your hair around the rollers and then clip in place. Once they cool down, take them out and work your fingers through to smoothen and loosen the curls. Perfect.

My favourite part about using these heated rollers is that I literally don’t have to do anything apart from insert them into my hair. They do all the work for me!

Do I think you should give them a go? Yes.


Because they’re less damaging than a GHD. The temperature of these Remington heated rollers don’t go up as high as GHDs, but they still do the job.

There you have it, I will be rocking the Curly Sue look for the foreseeable.