This weekend, I found some photos of sleepovers I was part of/hosted growing up… It got me thinking, “why do those memories stop?” Surely, as adults, we need those girly nights in more than we did when we were pubescent teenagers?

The purpose of this post is to encourage you (ladies) and you girlfriends to get together for a night, recreating the magic. I’ll be sharing my ideas of a great sleepover perfect for those post-teenage years.


I love nothing more than applying a mask and settling down to watch something on the sofa with a mocktail in hand. This is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Although I prefer to buy mine, you can try making your own with your girlfriends and applying them on each other. It’ll feel so good!

To be honest, this is something we did on sleepovers in our teen years, well – I did anyway.


Here’s another thing I used to do at sleepovers growing up, but believe should be continued into adulthood.

Ask your girlfriends to bring their makeup/hair kits along and then try out each others’ products on one another, trying out different looks.

Cocktail Making

This is definitely something you shouldn’t have done as a teen (unless you were 16 or over).

This is fun, you can create cocktails based on your favourite colours, flavours etc.


A girly night in is never complete without a boxset/movie binge.

Have Everyone Wear a Oneise

If it isn’t my favourite attire, ever. Onesies. I live in jumpsuits most days, and those are the outdoors’ answer to a onesie.

Your sleepover can even be themed, for instance – spirit animals. This’ll mean everyone will come dressed in an animal onesie that represents their spirit. Mine would obviously be a sloth.

Play Board Games / Mad-Libs

This is the perfect excuse for me to get Jenga out, to whoop everybody’s asses. Other board games available. If Mad-Libs is your thing, there’s an app available.


Prepare a piñata with some goodies in and get together to smash it up.


Bring the party inside to your house, with an intimate selection of your favourite tracks growing up.

Can’t beat a Slumber Party playlist, so give one a listen, or – better still – make your own! You and your girls can create a playlist on Spotify to play on the night.

Get those hairbrushes at the ready, because there’s going to be treated to some serious vo-cals! 🎶

Build a Fort

My favourite one of all! Bring together your entire collection of pillows (I sleep with four), blankets and duvets and get building, laughing and enjoying. The snugger, the better.

Yes, a lot of these were things we used to do as teenagers, but it’s important t not lose the memories and the zest for life.