Travel. I’ve seen these types of post kicking about, so I thought I’d join the bandwagon…

Well, what better way to post a travel blog than one specifically highlighting my bucket list?

I’ve lived in Africa, the UK and am from the Middle East. I’ve also seen parts of Europe and USA. But, there are still so many places I’d like to tick off my list…

1) China – Hong Kong*

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I’d love to go to China. I’ll be going there at the end of the year, I cannot wait.

2) Australia – Bondi Beach

A trip of a lifetime. I watch Home & Away in awe of that lifestyle. Finish work, head to the beach and chill. I can’t ever imagine being depressed when living that life. Sun, sea and sand… What’s not to love?

3) Japan – Ishigaki

For the sushi and the geishas. Also, for Kiki’s Delivery Service (and the aesthetics).

4) Greece – Santorini

A friend of mine just got back, and the photos she showed me were amazing. Those famous ‘white with blue roof’ houses are to LIVE for!

5) Caribbean (everything)

I just want to Island hop.

6) Kenya – Giraffe Manor*

I’m booking this for my 30th. This will be the way I’ll be celebrating my 30th. (I’m also not even 28 yet.) So, that is my long-term goal.

7) South Africa – Safari

Yep. This. I want to be surrounded by animals – specifically giraffedem.

8) Iceland – Igloo Hotel.

For the frostbite. I mean, they don’t call it Ice-land for nothing… You wouldn’t want to go there for heatstroke!

9) Monaco

Top of the list. But, number 9 on this one. (My day of birth.)

10) Orlando, Florida*

I’ve booked this for my 29th birthday already. I’ll be going with my family to Disney Resort. Reliving my childhood the year before I turn qwerty 30? The name’s Miamii, you should expect nothing less.