Ask me all the questions, and I will get them answered. Also, little known fact about me, I used to hate questions… Now? I love them!

  • Things you might not know about me:

I’m a know-it-all.

  • What I can’t live without:

My crystals. There’s one for every mood.

  • What I typically do in a day:

Work, sleep, rave, repeat.

  • What I learned from my family:

Balance. Work:life balance.

  • 10 things that I’m grateful for:

My family and friends

My health

My career

My life

My home

My skills, gifts and talents

My faith

My blessings

Living to see today

  • My top travel destinations:

China. I’ll be going there at the end of this year. My ultimate holiday destination would have to be Switzerland though. 

  • My updated bucket list:

Swim with dolphins

  • What’s my secret?

Your secret.

  • How I overcome challenges:

I just keep the faith and remain hopeful for better days.

  • My most memorable birthday:

Renting out City Limits Bowling for my 11th birthday.

  • What inspires me?

People who continue their education right to Doctrate level. Then again, hard workers whether in academic or experience. It all counts.

  • Where I see myself in 10 years:

I’m living for today, if I make it to 37, that’s a blessing.

  • A letter to my future self:

“What’s it like where you are?”

  • My biggest accomplishment so far:

Being the youngest youth worker in the UK, being an established journalist at the age of 24… Being nominated for a SHORTY award…

  • My top 10 favorite movies of all time:


9 Months


The Terminal

Mrs Doubtfire

Bridge To Terabithia

Princess Diaries

A Cinderella Story

Meet the Fockers

Night at the Museum 

  • My idea of a perfect day:


  • What makes me happy?

Dogs. Cats. Love.

  • What’s in my bag?

Read this.

  • How I met my significant other:

Yeah, exactly. Correct!

  • What I’m looking for in a partner:

A pulse.

  • My life goals:

Get myself on the mortgage ladder.

  • My favorite quote of all time:

“Phoebe for a girl. Phoebo for a boy.”

  • Who would play me in a movie:

Renee Zelwegger.

  • 10 things I would bring to a deserted island:

A survival kit

9 other things

  • How to stay positive when things aren’t going your way:

Remind myself of my blood group. B+ (which, I’m not even sure if that actually my blood group).

  • My biggest pet peeves:

My pooch called Jeeves.

  • What you do to overcome writer’s block:

Get myself unblocked by the writer.

  • Your favorite Netflix shows:


Jane the Virgin

Girl Boss

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Peppa Pig (you’re lying if you don’t like this)

  • How my blog has changed my life:

Still ‘mii, but better.

  • Thoughts of the day:

Carpe diem.

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

Hang in there. You’ll love life when you get to where I am now. 

  • My perfect weekend:

Napping. Snuggling. Netflixing.

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

More of a morning person. Although, I’m still up now… It’s 11pm, which is way past my bedtime.

  • My music playlist:

Love Island’s mixtape.

  • Childhood memories:

Getting my first period. It was bizarre for all involved.