Valentine's Day

Tested Promoted Mode (ACCOUNT) on Twitter for a marketing research study, and realised it’s been promoting every. tweet. I. post.

People are sending me replies like: “why is this being promoted?” I didn’t mean to promote the tweets!

I was just testing the impact & reach of the feature in general, specifically choosing “account” so tweets wouldn’t be publicised. Well, at least we know it works…

I’ve tried pausing the campaign and cancelled the reoccurring plan, but my tweets are still being promoted somehow, which is beyond strange.

The length I’ve gone to, to stop looking deranged across the entire Twitterspehere? Read on.

Having to privatise my profile until Twitter get back to me (and properly cancel/pause my campaign) ain’t fun. But, I’d rather that than come across weird to the entire Twitter population – even those who don’t follow me.

So, yep, I won’t be sharing any of my tweets publicly until Twitter stops sharing my posts. It might take up to a month. Oh the joys!

Lesson? If you don’t want a particular tweet or tweets promoted, don’t use Twitter’s promotion mode at all. Account or not. They’ll promote literally everything you share.

Finally, this was purely a research project/experiment and it works. So, use it (if promotion is your purpose). But, also expect every tweet to be seen by those in your target location or interests selection. Bottom line, you have to be selective with everything you post.

I’ve had to delete the types of tweets that my current following are used to and would like (enough to drop one like on average), but others just stumbling across would think are odd!

Once I publish my ‘The Impact of Twitter Promotion’ study, I’ll share it with you all, just so we can all get peace of mind. Although, I’ve pretty much covered it in this post.

The worst part? I could’ve spent that £90+ on new trainers. I feel robbed.

Finally, if you’re not losing Twitter followers due to the amount of tweets you post per day, you’re doing it not not right.