Bloom & Wild

Hi guys!

Yes, it’s only November… WHY am I posting about Christmas?

I talk about it every day… I even mentioned it in my job interview for my previous events management job… My interview fell on the month of June. You’re welcome. 

I am writing this blog post after putting up our first of two Christmas trees… Yeah, we go quantity & quality for baby Jesus #ILoveEveryPhaseJesus. 💚

This Christmas tree was decorated and put up by ‘Mii! I’m not even joking you, I spent all morning doing it. I kept taking it apart and putting it together again until I was finally happy with the way it looked.

Tree comes courtesy of Bloom & Wild!

I LOVE Bloom & Wild because they deliver letterbox Christmas trees (and bouquets)… Imagine that they deliver real pine LETTERBOX Christmas trees… Basically, it’s like if Tom Hanks was a botanical babe. #YouveGotMale

Anyway, take a peak at the images below!

What comes inside the box? The tree, soil, decorations, lights and the vase. Basically, everything you’ll need…

**Piñata,  bricks & windows [featured in first image], furnishing, and wall hanging + golden apple, and Instagram filter sold separately**

Bloom & Wild are offering £5 off to all new customers in and around the UK. I think there’s also a 15% off incentive to take advantage of when/if you download the app.

‘The Twinkle Tree’ costs £32, but I got it for £22 – ’cause I’m a boss.