Dr Pepper Poke Cake

“Hey bakeries! Do you still make POKES?”

Dr. Pepper is LIFE! If you don’t know of my obsession with DP, it’s fine – I only just recently rediscovered it…

Dr. Pepper to me is like Vimto. I try not to have too much… If I have it once, I’ll get hooked on it and I’ll end up on insulin or just bleeding sugar.

So, anyway –  I recently discovered a Dr Pepper Poke cake (which I was literally gobsmacked about). I felt like someone smacked my gob virtually and imaginarily…

Honestly. It sounds so easy to make that I couldn’t actually believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier! Like, I don’t mean to toot my own patoot but I’m usually awesome at this stuff.

Say what you want about me, but I know how to cook and bake. If nothing else comes of me, I’ll just become a housewife or just a house. (preferably a wife one).

The ingredients of this ‘Poke Cake’ is Dr. Pepper (I know! It’s CRAZY to think that a Dr. Pepper Poke Cake would have Dr. Pepper in it, isn’t it?! 😝), and Chocolate Cake Mix. That’s literally it.

The frosting? Butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, maraschino cherry syrup/juice, and (yeah, I know this bit’s weird) a dash of salt.

Mix/Beat. Done.

Transfer into a cake tin, poke holes into it and bake in the oven for 25mins at 350 degrees.

After the cake has baked, you’ll have to (if you want to) ‘Assemble‘ the frosting ‘pon the cake like some Marvel Avengers series. Oh, and some maraschino cherries for decoration wouldn’t go amiss…

DISCLAIMER: the reason it’s called ‘Poke Cake’ is because it’s got holes in it. This is the Holiest cake I’ve ever seen. 🙏

It’s a taste sensation. This is my twist on a Black Forest. Trust me, it’s delicious and my favourite (since I discovered it). I love it. It’s so simple, so tasty and so good. Thank you Elle for bringing it to my attention. I’ve embedded the video so that you can check the recipe for yourself.

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